Mathilda didn't really care about her family's death. The only one who was ever good to her had survived, so why should she care? She may have thought this way, but her little brother, Matthew, wanted revenge. He loved his parents and oldest sister. They had never done anything wrong to him. When Leon took him and his sister in, he realized Leon was a hit-man.

"We can't ask him that, Matthew," Mathilda said. "Why do we need revenge anyways? They were never good to me."

"But do this for me," he said. "They were good to me. Please, if you love me, help."

"No way in hell!"

"Pweese Tildie?" he asked in a sweet baby voice.

"Have you ever practiced that look in the mirror?"

"No, with mom and dad!"


A couple hours later, Leon still hadn't come home and the orphans were starting to wonder where he was. When he finally came through the door, he was carrying an extra briefcase with him.

"Hey, Leon," Matthew asked, "what is in that other briefcase?"

"Well, I heard you talking with your sister earlier and I thought you might need this," he said while pulling out two little hand guns and two large paint ball guns.

"Are you crazy?" Mathilda asked outraged at this. "He's just an eight year old boy!"

"He will learn," Leon said.

It was twenty years later, and Matthew, or as he now was known as "The Professional," stealthily crept along the top of an apartment building in the middle of New York City. He had lost everything ten years ago. Leon had finally been killed on an assassination attempt. It turns out that he was set up on a fake mission by whoever had wanted him assassinated. A year later, his sister, Mathilda, had been shot and killed by a person who never got their chance for revenge on Leon. Now, Matthew was alone. He had nothing left in the world except for his job. The sweet little boy that had once been in him was gone, consumed by revenge.

He was coming up on his prey. He had finally found out who his sister's killer was, and he was hell-bent on getting revenge. The man was walking down the street with his family, laughing and holding hands with his wife while carrying his son and daughter. When Matthew saw this, he made sure he grabbed something heavy enough to knock somebody out cold without completely hurting them. He knocked three of the group out, and then looked at his frightened victim.

"Are you going to kill me?" asked the man. "Are you going to kill my family?"

Matthew looked at the man with pure hatred. He stared directly into the man's eyes, burning a hole through him with his icy glare. Then, Matthew said the last thing the man would ever hear on the face of the Earth.

"No women, no children."

The sound of sirens and a single gunshot were all that was to be heard on that night.