I do not own Bleach or the lyrics to this song.

It's my first song fic. The song is from Natasha Bedingfield with Sean Kingston - Love Like This. I love this song and have it on repeat. The centered text thats underlined is the song lyrics. The italicized text is Ichigo and the Bold is Orihime. This is going to be after the Hueco Mundo arc and I made up the fact that they kissed by accident. O well and yea in my songfic Ichigo ended up saving Orihime. I don't where the manga or the anime is right now so. Here goes nothing

We go back so far,

swingin in your back yard,

all the things that we used to do

We were cool back in high school

ooh I really liked you,

must have been your attitude

I've known her forever. Ever since we were kids. The first time we met-I guess was when her brother died. O she was a mess that day. I hope I did enough to comfort her.We weren't close but still. We met again in high school. Wow how she's changed physically but she's still...vibrant soft and loving. A bit crazy but still ..

That's why you keep on runninin and out of my mind.

As the years they'll roll by,Baby, now I know why

I keep comin back to you.

He was there to help me with nii-sama's death. I've always liked him. I always think about him. Just because I am weak he risks himself to save me...

...she's always here for me. When I'm in trouble,when I got my Shinigami powers, when we lost Rukia to Soul Society. Everytime. She's always there to help me to heal me...

You're the only one that knows me,

love it when you hold me,

never find a love like this.

Let me hear you say,now I'll never be lonely,

look at what you've shown me,

never find a love like this

...I keep relying on him.I love it when he protects me. But I wish I could help him. Protect him. I know because of me he keeps getting hurt...

...she's the only one who can make me smile when I'm down.No matter if I think I've gotten over her. She keeps calling me back to her. I've always been protective of her. I know that she'll be safe in my heart, cuz no matter what happens to me I'll make sure she's alright...

All the guys tried to take me,

you're the one who saved me,

I feel like I owe you my life.

And as strange as it may seem,

I'll go if you take me

I'm willing to sacrifice.

...I feel like I owe him my life. He protected me from so much. He got hurt so much for useless me. Left all of Soul Society to come rescue me from Hueco Mundo. But no matter how much I try to protect him I always end up hurting him. I wish that sometimes I could be worth his love...

...She's sacrificed so much to try to protect us. She went quietly to a place that was near to hell. She's lived a life with fake smiles and cheers. I wish I could make her feel safe and happy for real. I wish I could tell her that Rukia's just a friend. And...

...I wish he would love me...

...I wish I could tell her why I am so protective of her. I wish I could be worth her sacrifices...

May never find a love, love, love a love like this,

that still make me think about my middle school kiss.

I sit here in this chair and I wish

for you not to leave me now.

When she left for Hueco Mundo. I nearly lost myself. My heart and life left. I had to leave everything behind so I could have her back. Sitting here so near her in school makes me think of my future. One day maybe my future will be with you as mine...

My friends they always told menot to make you my wife

man they was putting you down.

And now they see we rollin,me and you,

we strollin,they don't wanna come around.

...Man, everytime I see her I remember the time we kissed. Her smooth lips all over mine. It was an accident but still I'd love for those accidents to happen everyday. That stupid Keigo is always trying to keep us apart. He doesn't know how I feel about her. That boy is gonna get his butt whipped if he tries to flirt with her again...

...Even if it was by accident. But it felt so good. I ran with a blush and shock. O how I wish I could do that again and again. Tatsuki was mad, she doesn't know how I feel about him. He's the only one I want but still Keigo is always trying to get me...

When this life tries to keep us apart,

you keep callin me back to your heart.

Let me hear you say,I'm so glad you found me,

wrap you all around me,

never find a love like this

...I'm so glad he found me in Hueco Mundo. I know I left to protect him but they were so mean to me. I missed his smile and strength. He's always found me. My strength and laughter comes from him...

I'll never find a girl like her. If I lost her in Hueco Mundo, then I would have a hole in my heart. She's mine. I need to tell her...

...No matter how much the world tries to keep us apart...We will always find our way back...

Oh … never find a love like this…

When this life tried to keep us apart,

you keep callin me back to your heart,

Let me hear you say,

Oh … never find a love like this.

Oh … never find a love like this

I'll never find a love like her.

I'll never love anyone other than him.

Ichigo and Orihime were the last in the classroom after it was dismissed. Ichigo turned to Orihime looked her in the eye and said "don't you dare ever leave me. Don't you dare ever break me so bad. Don't you know that your my life. The only one that can turn my frowns into laughter. The only one I love?"

Shocked but happy Orihime let him wrap his arms around her and simply said "I love you."

So how was that? Should I leave it as a oneshot or should I continue it? I have an idea but Idk...feedback- good or bad would be helpful!