bubble gum

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The Real Meaning Of Bubble Gum

By: Butterfly

One day Kitty had some craving for some gum. So she got her

wallet and walked downstairs to go buy some. As she was just about to leave, she saw Kurt jumping up and down on his tail.

"Hey, Kurt," she called out. "Wanna go buy some gum with me?"

"Sure!" Kurt replied.

Then the two teens went to the store. They bought the gum and walked out.

Kitty turned around to tell Kurt how good it tasted but to her surprise she saw Kurt filling up with air, like a balloon. Soon he lifted off the ground and flew off into the sky.

Uh oh.... thought Kitty. Then she filled up with air too and flew into the sky.

On the way up they both hit a plane and exploded into thousands of tiny pieces. They were never seen again.

And that's why, my friends, you should never eat bubble gum again. It's evil.