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Title: Underhanded

Summary: Nothing is ever black and white. It started when Robin kept pairing them up, "Raven, you're coming with me." … She never knew anything about their deal, "Sure, but what's in it for me?" … She never saw it coming, "Raven, meet Red X."

Pairing: Red X/Raven

Rating: T

I know I shouldn't have done it. It was wrong, but I was stupid. I was obsessed.

It took a long time for me to admit that.

Unfortunately, my stupidity didn't end there. I went ahead and did something even stupider.

And now...

All right, I'm an idiot. I know it. But no matter how many times I say it, it's not going to change anything.

It wasn't going to bring her back…

Raven's eyes shot open as the alarm sounded over her head. She rolled her eyes as she saw the time; 4:57. A villain couldn't wait 2 more hours? It was basically morning anyway…

Rubbing her eyes, she kicked the covers off her body, leaving it to lie in a messy pile at the end of her bed. She outstretched her hand, and using her powers, she grabbed her cape, it being encased in black and white magic, and soon left the room, knowing she wouldn't be the last one there.

When the door hissed open, Raven entered, walking in quick steps. Looking up, she saw that Robin's hands were curled up into fists as he saw the screen, notifying him of whoever was out there.

"X..." Robin growled out, leaving concern to rise up on Starfire's face. The look on Robin's face spoke of obsession…

The same kind of obsession Robin felt when he was chasing Slade…

"Titans, move out!" Robin ordered, and Beast Boy, who was just entering the room with his eyes still shut, groaned in response.

Raven flew down to the ground and looked up at the warehouse looming in front of her. The area was empty, save for the few abandoned warehouses that had lost its usefulness.

She hovered forward, keeping in mind that walking would make too much noise. She glanced around, trying to find any signed of the mask criminal they were looking for.

Of course, she didn't find any sign of Robin either…

"Robin?" she called out, wondering where her teammate had run off to.

No answer.

Raven sighed. There didn't seem to be anyone here, and it looked as if Robin ditched her. Her mind flashbacked to Robin's orders.

"Titans, split up. Starfire, you fly up ahead north, Beast Boy, fly south. Cyborg, go west. Raven, you and I are going east. Titans, go!"

Apparently, Robin didn't understand the meaning of "pairing up". That did not mean he should leave her alone in an abandoned warehouse district without a clue as to where he disappeared off to.

And what was with Robin pairing them up in the first place? He usually wandered off alone, especially when it was a criminal he was obsessed with…


Raven's head swerved to the right, looking for any sign of whoever had thrown the bomb. The cloud of smoke was to her side, and she flew over to it, trying to find the reason for the explosion, when something slammed her body into the ground. Groaning, Raven blinked only to find the mask of Red X staring back at her.

"Hey there", X said in what she could tell was a cocky tone.

Raven didn't give him any warning, but quietly said her mantra and shot him in the chest, pushing his body off hers. She quickly stood up, knowing he was going to respond to her attack with one of his own. X retaliated by throwing X-shaped shuriken at her face, but Raven dodged it by leaning her head to her left.

The two moved closer, throwing kicks and punches as fast as they could, trying to bring the other one down.

X jumped up and threw another bomb down towards her, but she flew out of the way before any damage could happen to her.

'Where the hell is Robin?' she thought, furious at her comrade for ditching her.

The minute she became distracted by thinking of Robin, X decided to plant the sticky X on her mouth, and pushed her down onto the ground.

Only Raven decided to move away before he could trap her.

She made it look like she was going to punch him, but instead she kicked him in the chest unexpectedly, leaving him to fly towards another wall.

She looked around quickly, trying to find any sign of her teammate who had abandoned her. Never mind, she could take X, she thought with a scowl.

X chose this moment to push her onto the ground, trapping her in his clutches.

"Mind if I ask a question?" X asked, and Raven turned her face upwards to glare at him.


He asked anyway. The arrogant little—

"I thought Robin was supposed to be with you. What kind of team leader abandons his teammate in a time of need?"

Scowling Raven brushed her left hand against waist before lifting her legs up, seeing as X was straddling her waist. "I don't need Robin to do this!" She bent her legs backwards to grab X's head and then she threw him far away from her.

A groan was emitted from X's mouth, but her kick didn't stop him from speaking, "Why do you care for the guy who doesn't care about you?"

'Excuse me?'

Knowing this was not the time to be distracted, Raven wrapped a large wooden crate with her powers and threw it at X, but he teleported away just as the box hit the warehouse wall behind him.

Raven looked around for any sign of him, but found none. She glanced around again for good measure, and when she deemed it as safe, she took out her communicator, intent on giving Robin a piece of her mind. She wouldn't say that she couldn't take care of herself, but honestly, where was Robin?

"Raven, did you find X?" he asked when his face appeared on the screen. Raven raised an eyebrow at his ignorance.

"And where were you?" she asked scornfully. She had every right to be angry with the guy who was supposed to be with her, fighting X! "X came and I managed to grab the jewelry he stole, no thanks to you."

"Sorry…" Robin said sheepishly. No, sorry wasn't going to cut it. "Where are you? I'll meet up with you."

"You shouldn't need to meet up with me Robin!" Raven scolded, "If you're going to split up, warn me next time, will you?"

"Will do. Where are you?"

"Warehouse 14", she said reluctantly. It wouldn't do them any good to argue when they were supposed to be looking for X.

"I'll be right there." Raven shut her communicator and put it away, but X's words came haunting back in her mind.

"What kind of team leader abandons his teammate in a time of need?

'Good question.' She thought before turning around to find Robin.

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