He rode his motorcycle in anger, racing through the streets of Jump City, cursing at Red X within his mind.

How dare he!

Betrayed by HIM, of all people!

It may have been his fault that Raven was gone, but she wouldn't have hated him if it weren't for X!

He will pay.

He'd make sure X would regret the mistake he made. He would make sure that X would be on his knees, begging for forgiveness, something he would never give him.

No... you'll never be forgiven. I'm going to hurt you in such a way, you won't even want to be forgiven.

I'm going to kill you.

He stopped in front of a hotel, parking his motorcycle and walking inside. He was in disguise, wanting no one to recognize him, and made sure no one would. He had swapped motorcycles just to be sure, because the last thing he wanted was for Raven to figure out what he was up to.

She'll pay as well.

She had betrayed him. Never mind that he betrayed her first, but THAT'S not what she was supposed to know! It was all going to be blamed on her! On X! And in the end, Raven would coming running to him, and X would be forgotten. Not only would his teammates see how sorry he was for making Red X, but Raven would be with him.

Killing two birds with one stone.

You're mine Raven, MINE!

Red X had stolen her from him, and Robin hated it when people stole from him.

You belong to NO ONE ELSE! ONLY to ME!

She was his and his alone.

Robin never did like sharing, something no one ever knew about.

I'm going to find you Raven...

He looked around the lobby of the extravagent hotel, smirking when he found his man.

And when I do...

The two shook hands, sitting down in a corner where no one could hear them.

You'll definitely be running back to me...

Reaching into his pocket inside his jacket, Robin took out a couple of photographs, showing them to the man. The unknown man took them, stared at them, and nodded towards Robin, who gave him an envelope full of cash.

Just because Red X won't be there for you.

Meet Henry Adlam, a rich bachelor who spent his evenings doing something no one else knew about, something he would never be allowed to tell a soul, simply because if he did, he would end up dead.

His occupation was one known to many, yet not many were willing to do it themselves. When he was young, he had accidentally killed his mother, but the police couldn't stand to find him, a little boy of only eight years, guilty of the crime.

He was freed, unpunished, free to do whatever he wished.

Those policemen would regret the day they let him out.

Being only eight years old, he needed cash, seeing as his father only drank and never worked. He sought out jobs, but no one was willing to break the law and hire an eight year old, even though he was very intellgent for his age.

So, he decided to do what he did best.


After proving he was sucessful, (mostly because he was young and no one could ever suspect a child), many hired him just because his disguise was a good one.

A child.

No one suspected him, and he killed and killed and in return, all the cash he would ever need.

In the last few months he had decided, why not retire? He would never need any more money, (and that little fact made him very proud), and if he was ever caught he would be killed and he wasn't lookinig forward to dying at thirty. He was going to do so...

Until this young man called him. He knew of his reputation of being sucessful, and Henry decided, what's one more kill?

He took the pictures from the young man's hand, giving them a look over.

One was a teenager on the verge of adulthood, probably nineteen, with dark brown spiky hair and blue-gray eyes. A handsome fellow, and Henry couldn't see what this man did wrong to deserve such a fate.

Looks were always deceiving.

The other picture was a young girl, purple hair and eyes and a grayish complexion. Raven from the Teen Titans, he recognized, and he was wondering what did she do to deserved to be killed? (Other than locking criminals up, possible criminals that would probably want revenge, but that was far from the point.)

"You will capture her and bring her to me. Bring her alive."

"I'm not a delivery boy." Henry said, getting a little angry. He was a contract killer, not a mailman.

The young man put extra cash on the table.

Henry smirked. "Alive it is."

Raven... Robin thought with a crazy smirk on his face. You'll regret the day you left me.

I refuse to lose you again. You are mine, and it'll always stay that way.

No matter what you do, no matter where you hide.

You'll always be mine.


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