Domestic Life

Elazul was about to say more before he caught her expression. He paused, mouth open, before quirking a brow down at her. Alethia said nothing, and merely continued to stare oddly at him.

Finally, Elazul laughed. "What?" he asked. A slow grin broke out on her face then, mischievous and…hungry.

Elazul understood. "I see…" he murmured. He stepped forward to take hold of her waist, drawing her slim body against his own. She relented readily with a giggle and reached up to wind her arms around his neck.

They kissed, softly at first, and just as she began to nip playfully at his bottom lip they heard a peculiar sound from behind them: gagging.

The couple broke apart and turned. Bud was looking at them with unabashed disgust, arms occupied by a full basket of vegetables. Lisa stood beside him, appearing much the opposite with sparkly eyes and pink cheeks. She tittered at them girlishly.

Bud, however, shook his shaggy head, eying the lovers before him with a comical sort of disdain. "Gross!" he spat. "Get a room!"

Lisa punched him hard in the shoulder, which nearly caused the basket he held to spill violently out of his arms; as the twins began to bicker, and Alethia blew out a good-natured sigh against his neck, Elazul couldn't help but laugh.