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Yvaine knew that tonight was an important night. It had been whispered about, spoken about, and the focus of almost every conversation among the stars for days, years even, as they wondered which it would be. Yes, tonight the new king of Stormhold would be chosen, out of the remaining sons of the current king. It was a VERY important night to be shining, because they knew that this choice, this one night would effect the future of the kingdom for years and years, possibly forever.

Despite knowing its importance, Yvaine couldn't focus on the king and his sons, or even Stormhold. Her gaze wandered, until it finally held on not one important decision but, as she would later find out, another important decision.

There he was. The one she had stopped and looked down at quite a bit lately. Stars didn't hear the people, only gazed, so she didn't know his name, but he was somewhat an object of interest to her. Yvaine didn't know why, but there was just something special about him, she just had a feeling that there was something about him.

Tonight was like most nights- he was trying to woo the girl in the village, the pretty one. Yvaine felt slightly annoyed; why didn't he give up? This girl obviously didn't love him, she was more interested in her other suitor. He was so determined, coming night after night, and she suspected during the day as well, just trying to win her heart. Why didn't he see that the girl wasn't anything great? She's toying with him! She's obviously not good enough for him. He's far too good for her!

She started at that revelation. Maybe that's why she was so fascinated with him; his determination, passion, misguided love for the person who didn't love him back. He was a true romantic, a truly good man; a rare sight to see, even for a star who sees all. Yvaine just wished that his interests weren't so limited; he shouldn't be confined to living in that provincial village. Someone like him was meant for much greater things.

"Yvaine? Are you going to watch the decision?"

"Just a moment, Talia."

Yvaine tried to look on the king and his sons, but this didn't work, and so she went back to watching him.

'I wish I could somehow see him, and knock some sense into that head of his.' she thought to herself, not expecting for a pendant that the other stars knew about to knock her out of the sky.