List of Resident Evil survivors and important people:

RE 0

Rebecca Chambers

Billy Coen


Chris Redfield

Jill Valentine

Barry Burton

Rebecca Chambers

Brad Vickers


Albert Wesker


Leon S. Kennedy

Claire Redfield

Sherry Birkin


Ada Wong


RE 3

Jill Valentine

Carlos Olivera

Barry Burton (Cameo)


Nicholai Ginovaef

RE Survivor

Ark Thompson

Lott Klein

Lily Klein

RE Gaiden

Barry Burton

Leon S. Kennedy


RE Code Veronica

Chris Redfield

Claire Redfield


Albert Wesker

Steve Burnside

RE Dead Aim

Bruce McGivern


RE Outbreak 1 and File #2

Kevin Ryman

Mark Wilkins

George Hamilton

Cindy Lennox

Alyssa Ashcroft

David King

Jim Chapman

Yoko Suzuki


Leon S. Kennedy

Ashley Graham

Ada Wong

Ingrid Hunnigan (Important)

Albert Wesker (Important)

HUNK (Important)



Just to let you know. Under the dotted line means that the person was thought to be dead, or no one knows what happened to them.

Oh. And I wont be using the people from the outbreak games. And I wont use Lucia from Gaiden. Or from Umbrella chronicles seeing on how those are the survivors of the other games. All there was new was Talos, the Ivan's, Red Queen and Sergei Vladimir. It was a great game and I have all "s" rank on all the levels, but I don't need to incorporate them into this. I will mention them, but that's about it. Sorry, but that's my prerogative (It's the way that I wanna live). I like the games but... I'M LAZY. And I normally write in the middle of the night, so I'm tired too.

Resident Evil: The Darkness Continues.

Written by: Hobohunter

Chapter 1

It has been about one awkward hour since Leon last talked to Hunnigan on the communicator. Leon was still sitting on the jet ski that saved Ashley and his lives. They sat there not talking ever since Ashley tried to "ask him out". Leon had the communicator in his hand. He couldn't talk to anyone because it was sending out a beacon to the helicopter that would pick them up. Leon was playing with the little "cute" bear that was on the keychain. Finally Ashley got the courage to talk.

"Umm. Leon?" Ashley asked in a low voice.

"Yeah?" Leon asked while staring out in the ocean.

"When will the helicopter come to pick us up?"

"Should be here any minute now." At least that's what Leon hoped.

Then they heard the sound of the chopper. The communicator turned back on and Hunnigan talked to Leon.

"Leon, the helicopter spots you and the subject. It will send out a rope ladder. Have Miss Graham go first." Hunnigan said in a serious tone.

"Of course she goes first. I am a gentleman after all." Leon said with a slight smirk.

The helicopter was directly above them and they let out a rope ladder. Leon carefully made sure she was up on the ladder safely. Then she started to climb up. Then Leon did the same thing. Abandoning the jet ski in the middle of the ocean.

There was a medic on the plane and was checking out Leon and Ashley's wounds. The medic pulled out a large first-aid box and took out some gauze and some rubbing alcohol. She place some latex medical gloves on her hands and started applying the alcohol to Ashley's legs. Leon hadn't noticed how torn up they had become during their little "adventure". He would have treated them if her had knew, but Ashley should have told him in the first place. Ashley noticed him looking at her legs and clamped then together and looked out the window. Leon's pocket started beeping so he placed his hand inside it and pulled out the 'ol trusty communicator. He turned it on and once again saw the face which belonged to Ingrid Hunnigan.

"Leon, were going to have you two on a private jet back to the US. The agent on the plane will inform you about what will happen from there. You should be there with in the hour"

"Ok. That should be fun." Leon said with an annoyed look on his face.

Leon and Ashley sat in silence the whole entire time. Neither felt like talking at the moment. Then they landed and was transfered to the jet. Which both of them seemed to enjoy more. Ashley sat far away from Leon and looked out of a window. Leon barely sat down before someone came out of the cockpit and took a seat next to Leon. Then man slapped Leon on the back and then gave him a hug and was pretending to cuddle with him. Ashley watched and questioned the actions between the two men.

"Oh Leon! I don't know what I would do without you! Oh the stories I heard. I thought that you were a goner for sure!" The man exclaimed pretending to cry. Leon shoved him off and replied.

"Oh you know I'd never do that. Who else would you go drinking with after work?"

"I can always drink with Mr. Redfield, but I still think he doesn't like me too much after that last time." The man said with the sly smile. Ashley was out of the loop with this one. Both of the men noticed this and the mysterious man got up and introduced himself.

"Thompson. Ark Thompson. Nice to meet you Miss Graham." He lent out his hand. Ashley shook it briefly. He went back to his seat.

"He's my friend. That's all. Nothing else." said Leon

"Leon. Baby. How could you say that? I thought we were more that friends!" Ark exclaimed with a grin on his face.

"Fine. Best friends. That's all."

"That's my buddy. Hey... Have you called Claire yet? I bet she's worried." Ark said in a serious tone.

"Not yet. I haven't been by a phone yet." Leon said with a worried look.

"Oh, she's gonna kill you. I think I will wear my best suit."

"What? Suit? What are you talking about?" Leon asked. Ashley was listening in on the conversation too and was wondering the same thing.

"I will wear my best suit to your funeral. I want to look good while I try to hook up with the deceased's widow." Ark said menacingly while wiggling his eyebrows. Leon shoved him and heard a yell.

"What? Your married! I didn't know that." Ashley yelled after she put two and two together.

"Yeah. He is. It's not like you asked -" Ark was silenced by the horrified look on Ashley's face.

"No she didn't! Oh my god, ah ha ha ha ha! No way! Oh crap!" Ark screamed with tears in his eyes. He was laughing way too hard.

"Shut up" Said Leon and Ashley in unison. That's all they needed, a man laughing about a girl barely out of her teens asking out a man that was near his thirties.

"Didn't you see his ring on his finger?" Ark said while wiping his tears.

"I had on my gloves. She couldn't have know. Plus Ada was running around everywhere I went." Leon said with his head leaning on the window.

"Wait. Ada. You mean Ada wong right? The older woman from Raccoon City? I thought you told me she was dead. She got like shot by a crazed bitch and then fell off a bridge or got beaten by a tyrant or something. Ahh I can't remember I swear you change the ending every time." Ark said with an eyebrow raised.

"I thought so too... Hey I don't change the ending at all! But apparently she was rescued before it was blown up. Probably by Wesker." Leon said in an irritated tone. Ark noticed this and pulled a phone out of his pocket and looked at Ashley and gestured her the phone. She grabbed it and walked away ti the back of the jet and dialed her parents phone number. While she was talking, Ark asked Leon some questions.

"What was Ada doing there Leon?" Ark asked in barely a whisper.

"She was working for Wesker to retrieve a sample." Leon replied.

"What? Wesker. Shit that means t-" Ark was cut off by Leon

"Yeah, he's reviving Umbrella. We knew this might happen." Leon said hastily. After Leon said it Ashley turned off the phone and gave it to Ark. Ashley knew they were talking about something.

"What were you guys talking about while I was on the phone?" asked Ashley.

"Man stuff." Ark answered quickly. Ashley rolled her eyes and went back to her seat. Leon gave Ark a death glare and then to break the ice, Ark gestured Leon the phone.

"You know you wanna call her. You haven't talked to her in ages now. She's worried about you." Said Ark in a serious yet mocking manner. Leon grabbed the phone and dialed the familiar number. The phone rang for two rings and was answered.

"Hello?" Said the warm and inviting voice of Claire.

"Hi there." Leon said with a beaming smile.

"Oh my god! Leon! Oh I was so worried." Leon could hear his wife almost crying over the phone.

"Don't cry. I'm fine. I'll be home in about a week because of debriefing and they have to do some tests. I'll be home before you know it." Leon said assuringly.

"HI CLAIRE!" Ark screamed into the phone. He whispered something into Leon's ear. And he repeated it to Claire.

"Ark wants to know how Lily and Lott are doing." said Leon in a annoyed fashion.

"Tell him that they are doing fine. And tell him "Hi" too."

"Claire says "Hi" and that they are fine." Leon said hastily towards Ark.

"Leon? Are you sure you're ok? I'm just worried you know." Claire said in her concerned tone.

"I'm fine. Really. I have to go now, we'll be landing soon.".

"Ok. Leon. I love you, take care now. I'll see you soon!"

"I know, I love you too. Bye." Leon closed the phone and handed it to Ark. Ark took it and pretended to cry into Leon's shoulder.

"Oh Leon. That was beautiful. I have to find me a decent woman. But she can never become between you and me!" Ark cried.

"You really do need one. I fell so sorry for Lilly and Lott. I can't believe that they let you adopt them. And I also cant believe that the adoption agency let you too." said Leon smiling.

"You know it!" Ark screamed. Then the pilot told them to fasten their seat belts because they were going to land soon.