Chapter 30- Last chapter

-One year later-

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

"Ahh Leon man, when are you gonna get to the party?!" whined Ark over his cellphone.

Leon removed the phone by his head and sighed. He the placed it back up to his ear and spoke. "After I pick up Claire from the airport. She's coming home from a business trip."

"Well why didn't you go with her?" chirped Ark

"I had to babysit Ashley."

"Couldn't Carlos have done that?"

"I had to babysit BOTH."

"Haaha well don't be late or Elza will be mad at you guys."

"I'm sure she wont get that mad. It's not my fault that Claire's plane was delayed. She should be coming out of the terminal right now" Leon glanced around the airport. He saw a man dressed in a black suit with black shades. He was carrying a duralinium case in his left hand.

"Well that's suspicious." mumbled Leon as he watched him.

"What, what's suspicious?" yelled Ark from the other line. Leon flipped his phone closed and watch the man closely.

The man stopped abruptly and took in his surroundings. Leon quickly placed his hand under his jacket and held onto the Blacktail handgun that resided in his holster.

"What the fuck does he have in that damn case?" whispered Leon as he approached closer. He was a few feet away when somebody yelled to get down. Leon ducked instantly and saw the man before him get pummeled with hundreds of bullets.

The case in the man's hand flew open and a single vial fell to the ground in front of his feet. Leon walked up behind the man and heard him whisper a single name.

"...Spencer." Leon covered his face and quickly retreated from the man. The S.W.A.T. group walked up to the fallen man and made preparations for the removal.

"What was in the case?" asked the captain.

"It looks like a vial."

"A vial?" he questioned

He got a bit closer to man and looked at his face.

"Why does his eyes have white film over them?" he took off his gas mask to take a better look.

"Sir look at this!" screamed a man behind. The Captain walked away from the dead body.

"What is it?"

"Claire? CLAIRE?!" screamed Leon as he ran to the terminal that she was supposed to get off at.

Claire had just came into view when she stopped dead in her tracks. Leon turned around and saw the Captain of the S.W.A.T. team get bitten on the face by the man that had just died.

After biting the Captain, the man with quick speed, lunged at passers by and sunk his teeth into them.

Pandemonium occurred as the rest of the S.W.A.T. had opened fired on him. The bullets ripped at his body, yet he still continued to eat the people that were near him.

Leon upholstered his Blacktail and took a single shot at the head. The man fell to the ground and didn't move again. Leon grabbed Claire by the hand and quickly tired to escape the nightmare that was developing too quickly.


Redfield Residence

"Come on Jill, let's have you sit down." said Rebecca as she helped Jill.

"Yeah it might be a good idea." Jill sat down and patted her stomach. ELza walked in a handed Jill a drink. Jill then turned on the t.v. and started to watch.

"Jill, your baby shower is going to be perfect!" squealed Elza.

Ark sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Of course it is honey. You did practically plan the whole thing out for her. I mean since Claire had a business trip and Rebecca was always at the hospital..."

Elza looked at her boyfriend and squinted.

"Are you saying that I was last in line to do it?"

"No, I would say that Ashley would be. Oh I mean Monkey Face." replied Ark.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" a stuffed animal flew out of nowhere and hit Ark in the face. "I told you not to call her that!!" screamed Carols with rage.

"Ahhh come on Carlos, have a sense of humor!!" laughed Ark

"Hey Dad, Lucia doesn't feel good." said Lott as he helped Lucia in the room.

"What's wrong Lucy?" asked Ark.

"My name is Lucia and something is wrong." she said in an annoyed voice,

Barry walked in the room and saw Lucia.

"What;s wrong Lucia?"

"Something is wrong. I think Leon is in trouble."

"Do be silly L-"

"BREAKING NEWS." said the voice from the t.v.

They stopped talking and started to watch the t.v.


Government Facility

"B.S.A.A.?" asked Chris to the man that stood in front os him.

"Yes Mr. Redfield, we're trying to stop all types of terrorism. And that includes the biological weapons that you've dealt with in the past."

Chris scoffed and popped his neck. "I think that you want my brother-in-law, I'm gettin' too old for this shit." he got up from his seat and walked for the door.

"Do you really want your future family to be killed by the monsters that killed your past teammates?" asked the man in a serious tone.

"Get someone else. Tr-"

"Mr. Kennedy already refused the position. He said to try you instead."

"So you asked the Rookie first huh? Then I'm out for sure." Chris gripped the handle and and sighed.

"What information do you have?"

"We just found out about a viral outbreak that has happened a few hours ago at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport."

Chris spun around. "The Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, that's wh-"

"Your sister Claire Kennedy and her husband Leon are at. We got a transmission form your brother about an hour ago. It seems that they are alright."


"He said the man that was first infected said 'Spencer' before he initially died. Does that mean anything to you?"

"Spencer? Son of a bitch."

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