You Lie

You Steal

You Cheat

And Yet…

I Love You.

You Push

You Shove

You Get Your Way

No Matter What.

And Yet…

I Love You.

You Whine

You Complain


You Seek Attention

Like No One I Have Ever Known

And Yet…

I Love You.

Now Here's The Part

Where I Tell You

Why I Love You.

You Lie…

To Everyone About How You Feel About Me


If Anyone Were To Know About Us

You Would Be Killed.


Even Though You Don't Say It

I Know You Love Me Too.

You Steal…

Me Away

From Everyone

In Order To Just Talk

In Order

To Just Get To Know Me.


You Cheat…

Your Way Into Detention

Because You Know

That Snape Will Find Someway

To Get Me Into Detention.

And It Doesn't Seem To Matter To You

Where We Are

Just As Long

As I Am There With You.

I Love You.

You Push…

Me Into Classroom's When No One Is Looking

Just To Kiss Me.

To Feel

My Lips Move Against Yours

Like Whatever

All Knowning Being

Has Created Us

Made Our Lips For Eachother's.

(Made Us For Eachother.)

You Shove…

Your Body Against Mine

And Moan

Until My fingers Brush Your Bare Skin

And Even Then You Want More.

You Get Your Way

No Matter What…

"Meet Me At Midnight"

You Say


And Everyday

I Give You The Same Response

"I Can't."

And Then You Look At Me

Your Eyes Smiling

Because You Know

I Will Meet You At Midnight.

I Love You.

You Whine…

When I Pull Out Of You

A Low Whimpering

In The Back Of Your Throat

That Makes Me Groan

Everytime I Hear It.

You Complain…

When We Have To Leave

When We Have To Go Out Again

Into The Harsh World

And Pretend We Don't Love Eachother

(even though you won't say it)

You Seek Attention…

From Me

You Have Always Been One For Attention

But Not Attention

Of Such Silence

When I'm With You

I Don't Have To Say A Single Word

And You Are Completely Content

With My Silent Attention.

I Love You.

So When You Ask Me Why I Love You…

And Need To Know

Why I Do.

Here Are You Answers

So Now

You Know Why…

Because You Lie

Because You Steal

Because You Cheat

I Love You.

Because You Push

Because You Shove

Because You Get Your Way

No Matter What.

I Love You.

Because You Whine

Because You Complain


Because You Seek Attention

Like No One I Have Ever Known




For Every



Of Your