Another Weechester story, this came to me the other night when it was too hot to sleep, not too sure how long it will be or where it is going, so let's just say it is a work in progress...

Disclaimer: Aint mine, now or ever but I do like playing with little Dean and little Sammy, they are just too cute!!

Chapter One

'Wake up daddy!' the little boy cried again, 'why won't my daddy wake up?' His plaintive cries filled the eerie silence. The man remained sitting but his eyes wide and unseeing, his skin waxy and grey in colour. The boy shook his father's shoulder again, 'please daddy wake up.'

The room filled with a chilled air and smelled of death the oppressive silence suddenly filled with the buzzing of flies. 'Daddy!'

Loud crashing sounds made the boy jump and scream in fear, his eyes wider than ever as he clutched the body's arm and trembled trying to be brave for his daddy but failing badly.

John looked in the rear vision mirror and watched Dean and Sam sleeping, huddled together in the back of the impala. Sighing heavily he turned the car off and got out stiffly he shuffled into the office of yet another faceless and generic motel. Thankfully, it was the off-season and he managed to get a two bedroom room complete with a kitchenette and full bathroom.

Stifling another yawn John drove the car slowly down the driveway to pull into the park in front of their room, as per usual the one furtherest from the office and roadway.

'Come on boys.' He muttered picking up Dean with one hand and slinging him over his shoulder and then he wrapped his free arm around the baby and cradled him close to his chest. Juggling his two children and the key, he finally managed to unlock the door and stumble inside.

'Daddy?' Dean mumbled sleepily.

'Sh Sweetheart go back to sleep.' John soothed him as he laid Dean in one of the single beds and then placed Sammy between the wall and Dean. The two small boys twisting around each other instinctively as they settled back into their deep sleeps.

Wearily he unloaded the car, set the salt lines and other wards before pouring himself a glass of whiskey, and meandered back to the boy's bedroom. Sitting down on the empty single bed, he watched his babies sleep.

'They are so precious Mary, how can I do this? How can I keep them safe?' Taking another sip of his drink John swallowed the bitter tears and slowly let himself relax enough to lie down on the bed never taking his eyes from Dean and Sam. He dropped the now empty glass on the floor as he fell into a restless slumber.

'Daddy wake up.' Dean shook his father's shoulder again, John called out 'Mary' again and tossed his arm across his body connecting with a small face.


'Dean?' John tried to shake off the effects of his nightmare to stare down at his son sprawled on the floor, 'oh God Dean I am so sorry.'

'It's okay Dad, didn't hurt me.' Dean grinned and pulled himself up to sit on the bed next to his father and regarded the man with solemn green eyes. 'Bad dream?'

'Yeah dude but I'm fine so how about you hop back in bed with Sammy?'

'Daddee?' A sleepy little voice came from the other bed, 'Deanie?'

'Sh Sammy it's okay,' John went to the bleary eyed toddler 'He brushed a kiss on his three year old's head, 'it's okay baby.'

'Daddy why were you crying?' Dean stare up at his father, 'you got hurt?'

'No son just tired.'

'Dad you can tell me it's alright.' Dean said his small face solemn as he stared up at his father, too old for a seven year old to be.

'Dean it's okay, just too tired that's all, so how about you snuggle back up with Sammy and get some sleep we have a busy day tomorrow.'

A little hand tugged John's pant leg, looking down the single father stared at the wide-eyed toddler grasping the denim tightly, 'Daddee... nigh, nigh?'

'Ah Sammy you boys wanna sleep with daddy?'

'Nigh, nigh, Daddee.' Sammy nodded, 'wanna 'leep Daddee.'

'Yeah okay if the squirt wants to.' Dean sniffled as he looked at his Dad expectantly a red mark already forming on his fine cheekbone. With a wave of remorse flooding through him John picked his two sons up and carried them into the main bedroom and popped them onto the bigger bed, tucking them under the comforter he kissed both of them on the forehead and turned the light off, stalking through the darkened rooms, moving like a silent shadow John checked the salt lines and charms on all of the windows and the door, dragged his jeans off and dropped them on the floor on the way to the bedroom. Sliding effortlessly into the bed he covered his children with a protective arm and fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Tiny hands patted his eyes and pulled at his nose, followed by high pitched giggles, 'nnn gggnn.' He mumbled and went to turn his face away when he felt the weight plop onto his chest and tiny fingers made their way into his mouth and continued their assault on his nose.

'Dad-Dad-Dad-Daddee.' Sammy chanted happily trying to wake his father up. Dean was already up and watching cartoons, not interested in playing with his little brother just yet so he sent him back to wake Dad up.


'Daddee wake up, wan' beakfas' Sammy leaned over and gave his father a sloppy kiss, 'Deanie meanie.' He added with a pout.

'Oh he is, is he?' John laughed picking up the toddler he carried him out to join his brother in front of the television. 'So why are you a meanie Dean?'

'Me? Dad I'm shocked I tell ya!' Dean smirked without taking his eyes off the television, 'transformers Dad.'

'Ah okay well keep an eye on your brother while I get breakfast and then I want some quiet to do some research.'

'Okkies Dad.' Dean nodded his head distractedly until Sam walked up behind him and pulled his ears hard.

'Ride De, ride.' Sammy's sloppy kiss ended with dribble running down the back of Dean's neck.

'Eww Sammy!' Dean pulled his brother off him and proceeded to pin the little boy to the floor, 'so gross Sammy.'

'De funnee.' Sammy squealed.

'Boys keep it down to a dull roar.' John called from the kitchenette as he poured his coffee, 'cereal ready.'

'Charms.' Sammy declared wriggling free from Dean's tight grip he ran to the kitchen, 'charms.'

'Yep kiddo charms.' John piled up a few of his larger books for Sam to sit up at the table easier and waited for Dean to pull himself away from the television long enough to eat.

'So Dad what we chasin' now?'

'I am chasing a spirit you are chasing or rather looking after your brother.'


'No Dad me Dean, you know the rules you're just too young to come on a hunt yet.'

'But Dad...'

'No buts now we're gonna stay here another night for me to finish my research then we're going on to Pastor Jim's, he's going to take care of the two of you while I get the hunt done.'

'But Dad ... Pastor Jim?'

'No backchat Dean, now finish up your breakfast and get your brother cleaned up we have a busy day today.'

'Yes Sir.' Dean sighed taking his empty cereal bowl to the sink he went back to help Sammy, wiping down his milk and sugar face before lifting him down to the floor, 'bath time Sam.'

'Sammeee.' Sammy said pouting, 'not Sam.'

'Okay, geeze Sammy come on you're all stinky.'

'Am not.'

'Am too an' you're gross.'

'Am not.'

'Am too.'


'Yes Sir.' Dean sighed again taking Sam by the hand he led him towards the bathroom grumbling under his breath.

Leaving the boys in the children's section of the library John settled himself at a microfiche intent on finding out about the mysterious deaths of fathers of young boys over the last two hundred years. Every twenty-seven years without fail, young fathers have died suddenly of no apparent causes, leaving behind young sons.

'Deanie read.' Sammy plopped a book on Dean's knee and looked at him expectantly, Dean looked down and read the title, 'no way Sammy, I aint reading you Cinderella.'

'Please Deanie?' Sammy pouted slightly his expressive eyes pleading but Dean shook his head firmly and said no.

'Go find something more for boys Sammy.'

'Owkay De.' Sammy picked up his discarded book and went to leave, 'you okkies De?'

'Yeah Sammy.'

'I love you De.' Sammy said emphasising his words with his new actions, pointing to his eyes for I, a heart shape with his puggy fingers and then pointed to Dean for you.

'love you too Sammy now go find a good book.'

'Okkies.' Sam went off humming softly, coming back with a book calledDino the Dinosaur.

'That's better Sammy.' Dean grinned making room for Sam on the big beanbag, his little brother's enthusiasm catching and before Dean knew it he was reading a pile of books until Sam nodded off his head leaning against Dean's side and thumb in his mouth.

Dean's stomach rumbled and he realised that it was way past lunch, 'Sammy wake up.' He nudged his brother standing up he gathered his long brother in his arms and went in search for their father. 'Dad?' Dean called out when he saw his father's seat empty, 'Dad?'

'Sh little boy what's wrong?' An elderly lady glared down at him, her half-lens glasses perched on the end of her nose and beady brown eyes that showed no emotions, 'what's wrong with you that you have to make so much noise?'

'I want my Dad.' Dean glared back at the woman, 'and you aint him.'

'Why you...'

'Sorry Ma'am these two are mine,' John said hurrying towards them, 'I just had to copy a few things Dean what's wrong?'

'We're hungry Dad.' Dean scowled angry with both adults, 'an' Sammy's tired.'

'Okay come on we'll go and get some burgers for lunch.' John hurried to pack up his bag and take a sleepy Sam from Dean's arms, 'sorry Ma'am.'

'Well no harm I suppose.' She grumbled heading back towards the book shelves.

'Ol' witch.' Dean turned his scowl up at his father, 'what?'

'Come on kiddo let's get out of here.' John shook his head and tried not to smile too much at his cranky son.

Putting Sam down for his afternoon nap and let Dean settle in front of the cartoons with the Justice League on, John tackled his research once again, sure that he was on to something important.

Ringing Jim Murphy's phone he waited impatiently jiggling his knee and chewing the end of a pencil. 'Jim?'

'John what is it?'

'Change of plans I need to stay here.' John said and then held his breath waiting for the storm to break.

'What did you say John?'

'I need to stay here.'

'What about the boys?'

'They'll be fine...'

'Jonathon Winchester, I cannot believe you just said that.'

'They'll be fine, Dean's got a good head on his shoulders.'

'John he is seven years old, Sammy is only three, you get them in that car of yours and get them here.'

'Look Jim I just wanted to let you know...'

'No John not letting me know nothing, I am not accepting it you are bringing those boys here or I will personally come to you and faithfully kick your ass all the way back to Blue Earth.'

'Pastor Jim Murphy? I am talking to the Pastor aren't I?'

'Don't you sass me John and don't you dare leave those boys in that motel room.'

'Jim what else can I do?'

'Bring them here.'

'And if someone dies while I am wasting time?'

'What kind of time waste will it be if Child Services take them from you?'


'Listen to me John please they are too young ...'

'Alright we'll leave now and be at the rectory in the morning.' John finally caved, he had a close call with the government trying to take the boys from him not long after Mary's death he was not going to put them through that again.

'Thank you John it'll be for the best.'

John hung up and glanced over at his sons, Sammy curled into a tight ball, his thumb firmly placed in his mouth his other hand twisted in the hem of Dean's shirt. His oldest sitting in front of the television, fixed on the show, his green eyes bright and so much like his mother's. They both resembled their mother in different ways, Dean with his fiery temper and undying loyalty, the love of life and the spray of freckles across his nose. Sammy with his paler green eyes and dimples and her sensitivity. His son a very old soul in a young body.

Shivering slightly he ran his hand through his hair and visibly shook himself, he felt so lethargic, he could easily curl up with Sam and sleep. 'Come on boys we're going.'

'Where Dad?'

'Heading off to Pastor Jim's now, a bit earlier than planned.'

'Okay.' Dean nodded his head and accepted his father's plans without question, he gently shook Sammy awake and then took him into the bedroom to pack.

John shook his head again a headache forming made him feel even tireder if that was possible. Perhaps it was a good idea that he was taking the boys to Jim's earlier, he needs all of his energy to focus on the hunt.

With practiced ease the small family was soon packed and heading down the highway towards Blue Earth Minnesota. Sam dozed lightly in his booster seat, with Dean next to him playing his video game. John stifled another yawn and winced as the headache pounded against the backs of his eyes, making them tear up and sting.

'Dad you okay?' Dean called from the back seat as John's head dropped forward and the car swerved. 'Dad?'

'Huh?' John blinked and managed to right the car before slamming into a tree, shaking he pulled the impala to a stop and rested his aching head against the steering wheel. 'Dean?'

'Yes Sir?'

'You alright? Sammy?'

'We're okay Sir.'

'Good, good we'll get going again soon, not far to go.' John said not knowing whether he was trying to make his son feel better or himself.

An hour out of Blue Earth, John felt worse than ever before, pulling the car over to the side he managed to open his door before he vomited violently. His retches making his body shake with the effort.

'Daddy?' Dean blinked awake and cried out in horror when he saw his unstoppable and unbreakable father throwing up onto the side of the road.

'I'm ... okay ... son.' John swigged from his bottle of water and spat it out, 'you guys alright?'


'Okay then let's get going.' John forced himself to focus on the road ahead and kept telling himself that it was only an hour to go.

Sammy and Dean started crying when their Dad slumped forward onto the steering wheel, terrified they clutched at each other as the car skidded uncontrollably down the road. 'Daddy!' Dean cried as the car seemed to drive itself straight towards a large tree, instinctively he pulled himself out of his seat belt and covered his little brother with his body just as the car impacted with the tree.

Dean lifted his head and tried to focus on where he was, he could feel Sammy squirming under him, 'Sammy?'

'De got hurt?'

'Ah I'm okay how about you Sammy?'

'Sammeee okay.'

'Dad?' Dean shook his head and looked over at the unmoving form of his father slumped against the steering wheel. 'Dad!'

Scrambling over the seat Dean carefully slipped his little hand under his father's chin and lifted until John's head rested against the back of the seat. 'Daddy?'

'Boys? John?' A familiar voice filtered towards Dean, as he shook his father's arm and kept trying to wake him up.

'Dean? Dean son it's Pastor Jim.' Jim's bearded face appeared on the other side of his Dad giving Dean an overwhelming feeling of relief albeit a short one.

'Wake up Daddy.' Dean cried, 'why won't he wake up?'

'Dean son are you and Sammy okay?'

'Yeah Pastor Jim, but Dad won't wake up.' Dean tried to act strong like his Dad taught him but the sight of his Dad so still and pale, made it so hard for him to be anything.

Sam's sobbing filled the air he wanted his daddy, he wanted to feel safe in his Dad's arms and he was stuck in the seat without anyone holding him. 'De, De, De, want De, want Daddy!'

'Wake up Daddy please.' Dean shook his father's arm again, 'wake up please.'

'Help is on the way Dean.' Pastor Jim tried to reassure the distraught child, moving around the car he carefully opened the back door and unclipped Sam pulling him into his arms. The small child fought the arms holding him at first until he realised who was holding him then he clutched at the cleric and started sobbing again.

'Dean can you climb out?'

'No Sir.'

'Are you hurt? Stuck?'

'No Sir, I'm not leaving my Dad.'

'Oh Dean.'

'No Sir, gotta stay with him, don't leave a man behind Sir.'

'Dean your Dad's gonna be fine.'

'Yes Sir but I'm still not leaving him alone.' Dean turned his head and looked at his father again, gently stroking his face, 'not leaving you daddy.' He whispered, 'please wake up.'

'Help is nearly here Dean.' Jim called to him when he saw the emergency vehicles speeding towards them.

'Daddy you hear that? Help is here.' Dean said patting his father's arm.

'Son? You alright to get out?' A man dressed as a fireman appeared in Dean's line of vision, 'what's your name son?'

'My name's Dean,' Dean stared at the man suspiciously, 'my Dad's name is John.'

'Okay, can you climb out so we can help you Dad?'

'Why won't he wake up?' Dean refused to move and kept his eye contact with the fireman, 'why won't my Dad wake up?'

'Not sure kiddo but we'll find out for you.'

'Wake up daddy please.' Dean whispered, 'the fireman's here.'

Dean felt strong hands grab him from behind and he started to fight and squirm wanting to stay with his father, 'no, no I gotta stay with my Dad.'

'Dean, Sammy needs you.'

Dean stopped struggling and looked over at his little brother's white face and the large tears falling down unheeded. 'Sammy.' He pulled away from the fireman and ran to his baby brother still secure in the Pastor's arms.

'Deanie,' Sammy sobbed, he didn't understand what was happening, daddy was hurt, and the car was hurt and Dean was upset.

'Sh Sammy it's okay, they're gonna get Dad out and he'll be fine.' Dean said taking his brother into his arms, tears shone in his eyes but he refused to shed them, Sammy needs him to be strong.

Both of the boys jumped in fright when they heard the crunching of metal as they pulled the door free and accessed their father, Jim's face paled and he inhaled sharply when he saw them pull John free. The man's skin looked like wax and was a strange grey colour. 'Dad!' Dean cried clutching Sammy to his chest as he lunged forward to be at his father's side. 'Please Dad wake up.' Dean felt the tears fall and didn't care anymore, 'wake up daddy.'