Another Weechester story, this came to me the other night when it was too hot to sleep, not too sure how long it will be or where it is going, so let's just say it is a work in progress...

Disclaimer: Aint mine, now or ever but I do like playing with little Dean and little Sammy, they are just too cute!!

Chapter five

Bobby walked warily down the partial path, his senses all up and on alert, Dean, even at the tender age of seven knows how to hide unseen, how to hide his tracks and how to look after his brother.

'Dean, Dean it's me Bobby.' He called out periodically, 'it's safe now.' Stopping to take a sip from his canteen Bobby looked up at the early evening sky, he had to find the boys before dark. They had been out in the elements for too long already.

A glistening droplet on a leaf caught the hunter's eye and he studied it for a second before checking the ground around it. With innate care he moved following the minute clues to the boys' position.

'Dean? Boy it's Bobby you're safe now.' He called out again standing near an old hollowed out tree. He could hear sniffling and took a deep breath, 'Dean, Sam? boys it's uncle Bobby.'

'Uncle Bobby?' Dean called out softly, 'I can't wake Sammy up.'

Bobby moved around the log to find the boys huddled together inside the tree. 'Hey Dean.'

'Hey uncle Bobby, why won't Sammy wake up?' Dean asked tearfully, he was tired and sore and so scared, but he wanted to be strong for Sammy and he had to hide his fears and tears.

'Let's have a look okay?' Bobby carefully extricated Sam from Dean's arms and gently probed the little boy for any serious injuries. 'I think he's just exhausted Dean, and scared.' He announced finally.

'He-he's gonna be okay?' Dean whispered not daring to look at Bobby's face he stared down at Sammy.

'Yeah little guy, he's just asleep really deeply. His little body just needs to rest.'

'Wh-when Dad cut us, I thought that ... Sammy's gonna be okay?'

'Yeah the cut needs to be cleaned and seen to just like yours, but you're both gonna be okay.'

'What about the bad man?'

'He's gone Dean, your daddy's gonna be okay.'

'He won't hurt me or Sammy?' Dean glared suspiciously at the man not sure of what to think.

'Nope but he's not too good at the moment and he sure is sorry for what he did to you and Sammy.' Bobby picked both boys up balancing Sam on one shoulder and hooking his arm around Dean had him on his hip on the other side.

Dean thought about what Bobby said, and then looked over at Sam's pale face, 'okay uncle Bobby.' He said lying his head on Bobby's shoulder, he let the man carry him and his brother back hopefully to safety. 'Uncle Bobby?'

'Yeah dude?'

'What about the bad boys?' Dean asked his gaze fixed on Sam, 'what if they come back?'

'They won't Dean, they're at rest now, and the monster is gone.'

'Oh okay.' Dean sighed and continued watching his brother. 'Uncle Bobby?'

'Yeah Dean?'

'Does Dad remember what he did?'

'Yeah he does, but he's really sorry for it. It was the ghost in him that made him do it.'

'Oh okay,' Dean chewed his lower lip trying to decide something when he lifted his head and looked up at Bobby, 'uncle Bobby?'

'Yeah Dean?'

'Sammy said it wasn't Dad, that there was a bad man in Dad.'

'Did he?' Bobby lowered his gaze at Dean and turned his head to look at the tiny boy in his other arm, 'he's a pretty special kid isn't he.'

'Yeah guess so.' Dean yawned and winced when his head started to hurt again. 'm'tired.'

'Not far to go now, Dean?'

'Yeah uncle Bobby?'

'You did good protecting Sammy.'

'Thanks I guess.' Dean mumbled as he fell asleep with his head resting on Bobby's shoulder again.


Sammy's nose twitched first, then a chubby little hand came up out of the blankets to scratch it. Then a loud sigh came next, and he rolled over onto his side and scratched his nose again.

Dean grinned and little tickled Sammy's nose with a feather again, watching as his little brother kept trying to scratch the itch away. 'Come on Sammy wake up, I'm bored.' Seven year old Dean moaned dramatically, upping the feather tickling.

'Go way.' Sammy mumbled swiping blindly at the intrusion to his sleep.

'Sammee I got chocolate.' Dean announced, 'come on or miss out.'

'Go way.' Sammy grumbled and rolled over away from the annoying voice and tickling.

'Geeze Sammy wakey, wakey.' Dean tried again. Allowed to sleep in after a restless night of screaming nightmares plaguing both boys, Dean was now wide awake and wanted Sam to wake up too.

'Deanie?' Sammy sniffled his green eyes peeping over the edge of his blanket, 'where Deanie?'

'Where safe back at Pastor Jim's Sammy.' Dean grinned, making his bruises look like warpaint.


'He's okay Sammy, he's gonna be okay.'

'We at pastie Jim's?' Sammy asked again, with a thoughtful look on his small face, his eyes so dark they look black rather than their normal bright green.

'What's up Sammy?'

'The bad boys?'

'They went to heaven Sammy, not gonna hurt anyone anymore.'

'Owkay.' Sammy nodded but still had the stormy look on his face, 'don' like the bad boys.'

'Same here Sammy but they're gone and aint gonna hurt Dad again.'


'Yeah Sammy?'

'Daddy not bad anymore?'

'Nope squirt he's gonna be okay.'

'Where's daddy?' Sammy asked peering around the room.

'He's in his room.'

'Can ... see daddy?'

'Yeah sure squirt.' Dean helped Sammy down from the bed, still worried when he saw how unsteady Sammy was on his feet. 'You okay there Sammy.'

'M'tired Deanie.'

'Want a piggy-back?'

'Yep puhleaze.' Sammy nodded and climbed onto his brother's back and gave a small giggle as Dean took off careening out of their room and down the hallway to their father's.

'Boys?' John's rumbling voice came from the bed and immediately Sammy stopped giggling and clung to his brother instead.

'Hi Dad.' Dean said soberly letting Sammy down he kept the small boy behind him as they came closer to the bed. John laid resting in the bed, still reeling from the possession and what he did to his sons, and also what he was going to do. He had come so close to sacrificing them, he didn't know if he had it in him to keep going. Until he turned to face the small faces peering at him, one blond boy half-hidden behind another.

'Come on in boys.' John said as soft as possible not wanting to scare the boys anymore. 'Dean? Sammy?'

'You okay there Dad?' Dean asked keeping a protective hand on Sammy's shoulder.

'I'm alright Dean I promise.' John choked back a sob, how could he fix this now?

'Daddy?' Sammy called out from his place behind Dean, 'you kay?'

'Hey Sammy, I'm not going to hurt you or you brother I promise.'

'Bad man gone from daddy.' Sammy announced moving slightly away from Dean to stand next to him, 'don' see bad man no more.'

'You-you saw the bad man?' John asked incredulously.

'Uhhuh Daddee kay now.' Sammy said nodding he looked up at Dean with a small smile on his face, 'daddy kay now.' Sammy's face broke into a large smile and he ran up to jump on the bed, 'miss you daddy.'

'Ah baby daddy misses you too.' John weeps openly as he gathered his small son in his arms, glancing over at his other boy he notices the frown, 'Dean you okay dude?'

'Yeah I guess.' Dean said, 'you sure that?'

'I'm sure Dean.' At that Dean lets out a small cry and jumps up on the bed to join his father and brother in the family hug.

'Wondered what all the fuss was about.' Jim said appearing in the doorway, 'you boys not bothering your Dad?'

'Nope they're not Jim, they're where they are meant to be.' John said smiling through his tears.


The next day Bobby, Jim and John all sat on Jim's veranda watching the boys playing in the afternoon sunlight, the three men all enjoying each other's company and the antics of the small brothers.

'They're good boys John.' Jim said sipping from his own beer.

'That they are Jim.' John nodded thoughtfully, 'I honestly don't know what I would do if I lost them.'

'Well ya dang eedjit don't lose em.' Bobby groused.

'Maybe they should stay here.' John mused, 'Sammy seems happier.'

'Sammy is happier coz he's got you back John and he's with his brother.' Jim said turning to look at his friend, 'look I am sorry I don't want to ... don't get me wrong John I love those boys dearly but they need one person now and that is their Dad, they've had too many changes and losses already John.'

Dean and Sam giggled as they chased each other through the trees, when Sam stopped and stared into space his head tipped to one side. Dean came to a stop and looked down at his little brother. 'Hey little dude you okay?'

'They're back Dean, they wanna say bye.' Sam said his lower lip trembling, 'I don't want em here Deanie.'

'Tell em bye and to go back.' Dean said placing a steadying hand on Sam's shoulder.

'Deanie says I should say bye, but I want ya to go an' not come back.' Sam pouted and yelled the words angrily at the spirits only he could see.

'Did that make them go Sammy?'

'Nuhhuh they says bye but they wanna stay here.' Sammy looked up at Dean, his little face white with black smudges under his larger than normal eyes, 'make em go way Deanie.'

'Come on Sammy we gotta go back to Dad.' Dean lifted his brother into his arms and carried him away from the spirits.

'Boys what's wrong?' John called instantly worried when he saw Dean running towards them clutching Sammy tightly to him.

'Sammy just saw those boys again.' Dean panted, 'he said that they wanna stay here.'

'Make em go way Daddee.' Sammy cried out from where he had his face squashed against Dean's shoulder. 'Make Sammee feel funny.' He cried out falling limp in Dean's arms.

'Dad!' Dean cried out in fright.

John rushed to his boys and gathered Sam's limp body in his arms, 'Sammy, come on son open your eyes for daddy.'

'John?' Bobby picked Dean up and touched his friend's shoulder, 'let's get the boys inside.'

'Go John ... I think it is time we laid these two boys to rest.' Jim said, 'we can handle it John.'

'I'll take Dean in and come and join you Preacher.' Bobby said solemnly as he hurried after John. Moments later he had deposited Dean on the bed next to his brother, gave John another encouragement and then disappeared outside to help with Jim to go and find the bones of the young Frost brothers, to salt and burn them.

John ran his hand over Sammy's face and tried to rouse him when Dean touched his father's arm and pointed silently to the furtherest corner from them. 'Dad that's em.'

'We want to stay, we want you to be our daddy.' Sebastian called turning his grotesque face towards the Winchesters, 'Donny and me we can be your sons better than them, they don' deserve ya.'

'What did you do to Sammy?' Dean snarled ready to attack the ghosts.

'He's gonna come here with us, an' then Donny can be with ya'll.' Sebastian said smiling wickedly, 'an when Dean comes then I can be with ya'll.'

'Dad ... Sammy ...he's not ...' Dean called to his father tugging at his arm, 'daddy.'

'Oh Gods Sammy.' John checked Sam's breathing and pulse, 'come on damn it Bobby and Jim what the hell you two doing?'

'Come on Sammy you belong here now.' Sebastian called holding his hand out, 'Donny he's all yours.'

'No you don't! You leave my brother alone.' Dean cried out throwing himself over Sammy's lifeless body. 'Ya can't have him.'

John's hand felt for the shotgun next to the bed and pulled it out, keeping himself between his boys and the Frost brothers he took aim, hating to have to aim at a child he looked at the twisted face of the eldest one and then his hesitation was gone and his finger squeezed the trigger. Before anyone could register what happened he had it reloaded and aimed shooting the smaller one.

'Come on boys that's not gonna keep em at bay.' John said gathering Sam into his arms, he grabbed the gun and pushed Dean ahead of him. 'Dean I want you to take your brother and go outside.'

'Dad?' Dean's panicked face took on a whole different shade of white as the same words came back to haunt him. 'No Dad.'

'Do as I say son, take your brother and run outside, don't look back.' John pushed Sammy into Dean's arms, 'please Dean I'll be right behind you.'

Dean looked down at Sammy and then at his father and felt the need to protect his baby brother settle deeper in him. 'Sure Dad.' He turned and ran as fast as he could outside, dropping to his knees he watched the door intently for any sign of his Dad.

Sammy started to whimper in his arms and Dean held him tighter, whispering nonsensical things to keep him calm.

He flinched when he heard the shotgun firing again and then he saw his Dad stagger towards the door, 'Daddy!' he called, 'look out.'

Spinning around wearily John faced the two ghost brothers both wearing horrific and twisted masks on their faces, fire started to engulf them as they rushed towards John.

Minutes later the boys were gone, leaving only a scorch mark on the floor, John skidded to a halt in front of Dean and Sammy and gathered his sons in his arms, ignoring the burns on his hands.

'Daddy? Deanie?' Sammy moaned softly and called out for his family, 'Daddee!'

'Right here Sammy.' John laughed through his tears as he sat the little boy up, 'you okay Sammy?'


'Right here squirt.' Dean grinned, 'Dad got rid of em.'

'Oh okkies.' Sammy blinked up at his father, 'kay Daddee?'

'Yes son daddy's okay.'

'Okkies.' Sam frowned and wriggled around until he looked at his father, he regarded him with a solemn look on his face, and then he lifted his hands and cupped his father's face, 'love you Daddee.'

'Love you too baby.' John said thickly.

'Hey squirt what about me?'

'Love you too Deanie.' Sammy grinned launching himself at his brother.

'Sammy you okay?' John asked pulling his sons up onto his knee, 'you tell daddy if you're not feeling okay.'

'Sammee good daddy,' Sammy grinned, 'want a puppy.'

'No puppy Sammy.' John said finally relaxing enough to start laughing at the antics of his youngest, 'and no pouting and pulling that look Sammy I mean it.'

Jim and Bobby joined the small family sitting on the veranda, giving them smiles when they saw how happy and safe they were. 'So the boys are finally at rest.' Jim said.

'Yeah Preacher man did alright.' Bobby laughed, 'he even got the salting right.'

'May I remind you Robert that I was salting and burning when you were still hanging onto your mama's skirts.'

'Daddy can I get a puppy?' Sammy asked again looking at the adults with a glare when they all started to laugh, 'don't not funny.' Sammy pursed his lips and pouted at them, crossing his arms. 'Not funny.'

'Ah Sam yes you are.' Bobby laughed.

'Uncle Bobby!' Sam exclaimed stamping his foot, 'my name is Sammee not Sam.'