This is my fifth fanfic. I amaze myself. Too much free time perhaps? Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors. (Twoshot)


Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto / Naruto x Sasuke

Summary: Sinah Private Boarding School and two reluctant guys. Do roommates become something more if given the opportunity? The ultimate question is; how do you want your love served? (SasuNaru, twoshot, rated M for SEX and language)

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or what so ever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

Shaken Not Stirred

Sasuke's POV

Welcome to Sinah Private Boarding School. I am standing in the lobby my bags full of stuff I do not think I need. I do not have the foggiest idea why I am here. It was my father's wish I would attend this prestigious school in order to acquire the best education. The hell with it.

I had constant fights in my previous schools and I think he felt it was partly his fault. He was never home and when he was, his mind was somewhere else. He is a hard working business man, even a workaholic you might say. We are rich but even all the money in the world cannot fill the emptiness.

When I hit my puberty I went out of control. The fact that my so called father was never home offered me the perfect opportunity to test the boundaries. I started to drink alcohol and use stuff, whose name I do not still know.

My life as a delinquent was blooming until my father happened to found me lying on the living room carpet almost choking to my own barf. I had not anticipated his coming and I was way too drunk to understand anything. I was brought to the hospital and symptomised as an over dozer.

Not like I did that on purpose though, and it did not help that my body was all bruised because of the fights I had with guys from my school. Let us just say my so called father was angry as hell and crying over the fact that I had became the devil itself.

I was locked in a hospital room until the doctors came back with my father. I was going to be sent to a rehab and from there to a boarding school near Konoha. My mouth felt dry as the realization hit me - I was being sent away. Just like trashes are swept into a dumpster with a broom.

Naruto's POV

Private boarding school! I yell at my father. I did not do anything. Okay, maybe he found me naked on top of this way too old woman on HIS bed. Well, boys have urges you know. The girls of my age are whiners and not up for the job. Besides, this woman knew what she was doing, good lord she knew.

My ears burn as I shout my lungs off. I cannot understand what he is saying anymore because of the blood rush that plugs my ears. I can only see his mouth moving and spitting the words right at me. It seems that I do not have a choice concerning this matter.

My eyes are red and I feel betrayed. I do not consider my doing being outrageous. Little did I know that in that second my father had seen himself in me and was afraid. So now I am standing outside the main doors of Sinah. Now that I am here I might as well use that time for my advantage - I bet I can find beautiful girls here to comfort me.

Sasuke's POV

Roommate. I am going to have a roommate. I do not want to share my space with a bloke I do not know. I step into my room which is not practically mine alone. The other guy is not here so I decide to choose my bed first. He can take the upper bunk; it would be too bothersome to try to climb the stairs every night.

I unpack my clothes and put them in my closet. I organize everything so the room would look more comfortable. Not that it does but I like to think I make a difference. The door slams open and I can hear swearing. A guy with messy blond hair walks in.

His hair is in a loose pony tail and he wears ripped blue jeans with a tight T-shirt that shows off his muscular abdomen. What a show-off. He stops at the door as he sees me. He mutters something and comes closer. The guy offers his hand and introduces himself as Naruto Uzumaki. I grunt and tell him my name. I see that he has lots of earrings covering both of his ears. I bet he wants me to think he is a bad boy.

Naruto's POV

When I opened the door to my room I saw someone there. Now the guy is standing before my eyes watching me carefully as if measuring me. His eyes are piercing and black as the midnight sky. He has black straight trousers and a black dress shirt. The dude looks like a Yakuza for crying out loud.

I am not having the best of days but considering the fact that we have to spend our time here together in this tiny room, an introduction would be a requirement. I hold my hand to him and introduce myself. I hear him grunt yet he still enlightens me by telling his name. Sasuke Uchiha.

I taste the name in my mouth and come to a conclusion that it fits him perfectly. He is not too talkative it seems as he turns his back on me and starts to organize his things. I just throw my stuff on the floor and I can see he is not too pleased. Seems he is a prickly bastard but I let it slide.

I climb to my bed and lie down for a brief nap. I can hear his phone ringing and him answering to it. His voice tenses up and at the same time it is subtle and remote. His voice is quieting down and I am lingering to sleep.

Sasuke's POV

I hate orientation and the fact that the blond guy is able to sleep so peacefully although the noise from the corridors gives me a headache. I hear an announcement concerning the lectures and class. We should be heading for the main hall.

I sigh and ponder whether to wake up the idiot. I bet he would sleep through the whole event if I did not wake him. It is not my job but I still decide to do it. Call it "being a good roommate" instinct or what ever the fuck you like.

I climb so that I am standing on my bed frame. I would be facing him now if his back was not against me. I try to shake him with my other hand but nothing happens. I am getting pissed off now and I poke him the best I can from that angle.

Suddenly he rolls over so his face is only few inches away from mine and our gazes meet. He smiles sheepishly and says that my eyes are two dark pools in which he could drown. I snort and hit him in the head. I know I am blushing like hell and I snort that we should be heading for the hall now. He jumps from the bed and lands behind me. He walks past me and I can smell his shampoo. Fresh fruits.

Naruto's POV

I know I said I would start looking for cute girls to fuck but I must say my roommate is REALLY hot. Not that I like guys in that way. It is just a manly admiration. If he was not a guy I would definitely fuck him and hard. Too bad he is not a girl. Way too bad.

Today as I woke up I felt the unbearable urge to shatter Sasuke's world. He seems so pure and virginal. I like that about him. It was nice to play with him and he is very cute when he blushes. Guys can be cute too and it does not make me gay for saying it.

Yet, I would like to see how he looks naked. I bet he has a nice body. Not muscular but athletic. Okay, I am jealous because everyone who owns eyes can see that the Uchiha is every girls' wet dream.

I am quite sure he is wise too, since I happened to see some of his scores on the blackboard. We were ranked on that list and I found myself near the bottom. Depressing. My own fault for not doing anything but harassing the girls.

It seems that Sasuke and I are not here because we want to. I can tell that from the look on his face. Maybe I should ask him why he did or did not choose this school and yet is still here. I think I will ask a lot of questions since he is the only one I know around here. I am stuck here for the next four years so I may have to make friends and my roommate is the perfect starting point. Perhaps he has a gorgeous cousin or sister here too and I would be able to do her, heh.

Sasuke's POV

That Naruto guy is snickering to himself. What a weird guy. I am possible sure he will start to pester me. They all do. Maybe I should try to be a little nicer since I am stuck with him for the next four years.

He is a dumb shit; I can tell it even without looking at him. The mere sound that emits from him tells that. The other reason I know this, is the ranking list they have made of us. You might wonder why I am at the top although I am or was a delinquent. I have the talent to learn and remember things easily. I do not have to work really hard which gives me extra time for other activities. I am naturally talented. Lucky me.

Hopefully the idiot does not ask for my help. I am lying to myself. Of course he asks me. They give us our schedules and with a little peek I notice mine and Naruto's are similar. Do I have to spend every second here with him?!? Naruto giggles. What the fuck, a dude giggles like a sappy teenage girl?

Suddenly he leans too close to me and whispers to me that we are bound to each other, destiny. I almost choke as his lips brush accidentally against my ear. I turn and give him a malice look. He laughs a bit awkwardly and starts to take notes. God I hate how familiar he is with me and we have only known each other for a day.

Naruto's POV

The whole introduction part is over and we can head back to our dorms. We got homework already although it is mainly filling applications -but real work also. I hate math and I am a dumb shit what comes to it. I know Sasuke is smart but I am not sure whether he wants to help me or not. He always looks like I am pestering him or something.

Maybe I should try to make a conversation with him tonight or something since I know he is not going to do it. After all -we are roommates. Oh shit, I almost forgot - I have to ask whether he knows hot girls from this school. I may sound like a horny bastard and maybe I am; I just like to have fun and enjoy life. Anything wrong with that? I thought so.

We are walking back into the room and I dare not to open my mouth. He reaches for the door and steps inside first and I come second closing the door. He stops and without turning around and says to me that if I want, he can help me with math. My jaw fells open as I realize that he really offers his help.

There must be a catch but I am too happy to ponder that so I run to him and hug him from behind. I accidentally nuzzle my head into the crook of his neck because I am so over enjoyed. He struggles free his face red as a tomato. I had almost choked him and the only thing I can do is to grin like a maniac.

Sasuke's POV

He is an arse. He acts like a girl hugging and stuff, making me wonder whether he is gay or something. Not that I really mind - I just do not want to be his target.

We sit on the ground and he is chewing his pencil. I watch him from the corners of my eyes and in a weird way I find his doing kind of erotic. I think I need to get laid or something. A girl with big breasts and not a boy like Naruto. Especially not a boy like Naruto.

Not that I have anything against gay people - the heck, I might even be a little gayish myself. I am perfectly aware that I find some guys attractive and I am not afraid of the fact neither trying to hide it. I am not sure whether I would like to have a sexual relationship with a guy but perhaps occasional sex would not be so bad. Well, I am off the topic now.

Let us just say teaching Naruto is hell. Even the smallest things make him squirm and complain. Thank God we did not get that many tasks. It is late and I decide to change my clothes. We have to wake up early the next day. I put on my pyjama pants and take off my shirt.

Suddenly I hear a gasp and sounds of amazement. Oh, I had forgotten that. Naruto comes closer to me and puts his hand on my bare back. He trails his fingers on my skin and gapingly says that it is amazing. I had forgotten that my back is covered fully by a tattoo that depicts a black dragon.

I have always been fond of mystical creatures and tales. I took it because I wanted to shatter my father's world and then I kind of grew fond of it. I can feel Naruto's soft but chilly fingers on my back and I shiver a little. He snickers that I look like a Yakuza and I just grunt and put my pyjama shirt on me.

He asks whether I want to see his and I can only think of naughty things - of course he means a tattoo but still. I am loosing my grip. He takes off his shirt and proudly presents the tattoo on his abdomen. It is a sun like swirl with ancient text written on it. He takes my hand and sets it on his abdomen. Feel me, he orders and I slide my hand over his skin.

I sit on my bed as he is ramming around in his bed. Then suddenly he pops his head from across the pole and stares at me with half littered eyes. I feel like an idiot gazing him upwards. He asks whether I date anyone at the moment. Somehow I do not feel like lying so I tell him the truth; no, I do not date anyone now.

He smiles and says that neither does he. He asks how I ended up in here because I seem quite reluctant. I do not usually babble but I tell him my story and he tells his. I was kind of amazed to hear that he is such a player. Somehow he seems so sweet and innocent that it gives me the creeps to think that he has banged half the ladies in his home town.

Naruto's POV

Well, I thought I sensed angst in the guy but I never imagined that he is or was -what ever- an addict of some sort. Choking on to your own vomit…he could have died. Somehow my worries do not seem so severe compared to that.

I want to know more about him. He is very interesting and exciting. Not like other guys I have met who just brag about their shags or something. He is quite similar to his tattoo - a complete mystery.

Today when we walked in the hallway I saw how girls looked at him. I know I do not look bad but this guy is gorgeous. He is as beautiful and delicate as a princess, yet, he is not feminine at all. He is subtle and well formed.

I could only gape when he removed his pants and shirt. How could that kind of a piece of arse be single!??! Even I am jealous! Maybe he has some kind of mental issues or something because he is too perfect. Way too perfect to exist.

Okay, maybe I am too sleepy or maybe just blinded by his beautiful looks because I find myself jumping from the bed to the floor. He is lying on the mattress and looks at me with a weird expression. He says not to startle him like that and I can only watch his rosy moving lips.

I am moving fast and I climb on top of him. I can see he is surprised and does not know what to do; throw me off or see what happens if he does not do that. I use the opportunity to straddle him and bend down a little.

His eyes are widening as I close the distance between us. With pure amazement he asks what the hell I am doing. I just grin and snicker as I slightly grind my lower region against his. I earn a gasp and a little purr from him. I tie his hand with mine and I say that if he wants to taste something real and exciting I would be ready for it.

Basically I am offering him sex if he ever feels like exploring an unknown territory. He just gazes me curiously and asks whether I am offering myself to him. Maybe, I say and I smile. I step off of him and start to climb my stairs. I use my last powers to ask him if he also happens to know any nice girls for me. I hear him grunt before we both linger to sleep.