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Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto / Naruto x Sasuke

Summary[New story! Sinah Private Boarding School and two reluctant guys. Do roommates become something more if given the opportunity? The ultimate question is; how do you want your love served[SasuNaru, twoshot, rated M for SEX and language

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or what so ever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

Sasuke's POV

My roommate offered sex last night. What the fuck was that!?! This is the first time a dude offers me sex. No wait, there was that guy…oh, and that one too. Well, you get my point. Roommates do not shag each other or do they? I bet he was joking his arse off. I hope he does not mention it again. One time was awkward enough.

I am so full of school and that dumb fuck is sleeping over his desk. I might as well kick him. The teacher asks whether we could stay behind as others leave for lunch. I am so hungry. What could possibly be so important that we have to skip our free period?

This is not happening, the hell I will be his tutor! It is not my problem if the guy is an idiot. Naruto smiles sheepishly and pokes my ribs. I try to calm down and the fact that the said guy is clinging to me does not help. I am no babysitter for fuck sake's.

The teacher gives us extra tasks in which I should drown Naruto's brain. I fry his dumb ass brains. I start to drag my feet to the door grunting the whole way. He laughs and says that it is not that bad a thing. We are roommates, so it is enough if I help him when I have the time and we are both in our room.

I grunt and keep walking. He rushes to my side, crabs my wrist so I have to turn to him. He presses his body against mine and hushes into my ear that it gives more INTIMATE time for us. He snickers and lets me loose. The guy just smiles and takes off as I keep standing in a stupor.

Hopefully no one saw us. So much for the hope that he had forgotten last night. Why cannot he understand that I am not really interested? Well, maybe a little - but only a little.

Naruto's POV

It seems I cannot control myself. The second day and my pants are on fire and the cause for it is a GUY. I am not gay which makes this a bit complicated. I like seeing Sasuke's flushed face when I tease him. It kind of keeps me going in this stupid school. I think I will keep bugging him and see how he reacts.

Time seems to fly away. From time to time we, me and Sasuke, chat and share our inner worlds. It is nice to have someone to talk. He is antisocial but with me in our room he is quite the opposite. I think he is my best friend. Never had those before. Refreshing I might say.

Everywhere we go I can see girls drooling over him, raping him with their eyes. I kind of feel sorry for him. I am amazed to see how he turns down those girls -and boys- who flicker over him. I wonder; how many girlfriends has he had?

I have not had any, but then again, I am a bee flying from flower to flower. I am not a man-whore either…I like sex but I have not had so many partners. Never really met the right person, I guess.

We have been here already three months. I am glad that the time has been painless. I am grateful to Sasuke for tutoring me. Without him I could not pass the math courses.

When we sit on the floor doing our homework, I can smell his cologne and it makes me dizzy - in a very good way. I have always thought that his skin looks like cream. Maybe I am weird but if he would agree to my offer, I would gladly make it reality. Although I was joking…kind of.

I see him chatting with Sakura and Ino. They are girls from our class and the pink haired girl is a

major turn on. I would so do her…if she was not so into Sasuke. Yet, I do not know whether I am jealous over him or her.

Sasuke is laughing. His smile is amazing and those black cobalt eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I want him to smile only for me. I know that I am staring but I cannot help it.

Sasuke's POV

I try to keep my composure as Sakura and Ino are babbling their heads off. How utterly boring. From the corners of my eyes I can see a familiar blond hair. I know he is staring. He has been doing that for some time now.

I want to make him squirm. I smile at the girls and laugh with them. I know he is watching and I see his expression darkening. He is my best friend. Yet, I do not know whether he is jealous over the girls or me. I hope the latter. I wonder why…

Suddenly I notice that he is closing the distance between us. He walks to us and gives us the brightest smile. He lays his hand over my shoulder and squeezes me tightly against him. Shivers run down my spine. He runs his hand over my body to my lower back and leaves it there. My cheeks burn.

The bell rings and I start walking towards our class room. He just stands there, in the same place looking kind of puzzled. I do not know what he wants with me. He asks me whether I know any girls and then he keeps acting like a jealous boyfriend. I am nobody's property.

He has been weird for the past month now. I wish he would get laid so he would not pester me. I need a one too, maybe that overeager Sakura girl? Dating? Hell no. Easy relief? Hell yes.

I go to her and act nice. I pull her close and whisper sweet words into her ear. Can it be easier than this? I bet no. She giggles lightly and I know she is hooked. I stroke her back and she is blushing - it is kind of cute how dumb they can get.

Suddenly Naruto walks by and pushes me angrily as he enters the class room. Jealousy - what a wicked little disease. It bet he is boiling because I stole the most popular girl in our school.

Naruto's POV

This is not happening…Sasuke is really talking to Sakura and Ino. He fucking flirts with them! His hand is sliding over Sakura's back and he sees I am watching and does it still. What a bastard.

I feel anger raising its head in me. This is not something I want to see. He leans to her, makes her blush. Touches her everywhere while still keeping his eyes locked with mine. He does this purposely. I know it.

I stand as if in a coma and watch his hands. I am so jealous right now. I want to rip those two apart. His hand is on her abdomen. I cannot take it anymore so I rush past him and push him out off my way. I am acting childishly -yet, I cannot do anything about it. Mental victory for him, I can see.

Our teacher is late again so I keep watching the perfectly blue sky. I almost lie on my desk and wish the bastard would not come here. My killer aura is a warning now. Yet, he comes and I hear the girls whispering and the only thing I can do is snort. He comes to sit next to me grinning a little.

He comes so very close to me. I can feel his hot breath against my neck. Shivers run down my spine and I can feel myself a bit turned on by the situation. He shushes and whispers that I am too slow. It is rude to stare, he says. He continues that I should keep out of our room tonight as he might have some fun.

He laughs a little and says that if I pay enough, I can watch and maybe learn something. What the fuck is he saying!??! I will not take this bullshit and especially not from him! His tone is so mean that it drips venom. I can hear him mocking me. It hurts. Really it does, betrayal hurts.

I stand up and shout at him that I hate him. I take off and leave him sitting there - serves him right. I do not know why I am so pissed off. I just am. I am going nuts. I have a constant urge to see him, talk to him or touch him. I want him to look only at me. I have never liked sharing my things…I cannot own a person. I need to get out.

Sasuke's POV

I do not know why I was so mean to him. I just wanted to shatter him…wanted to make him…jealous. What the fuck am I thinking, wanting to make him jealous? But I so do.

He is a pretty boy and likes to be the centre of everybody's attention. It pisses me off. Really, it does. I hate how he leads me on and then backs off. Yeah, I saw the fucking hurt in his eyes. I feel so lousy now. Friends do not treat each other that way.

I stand up and apologise to our teacher. I say I need to go to the nurse's. He believes me, how naïve. After I have closed the door I start running. Where the fuck did he go? Our room, I bet he is there. I am out off breath as I reach our door. I crab the door knob and enter the room.

He is sulking on his bed his back against mine. I close the door quietly, yet he shouts me to go to hell. I start climbing the stairs and he tucks the blanket over his head. I sit on the frame of the bed and say I am sorry. I did not mean what I said and not in that way either. He just grunts.

I know I am his first friend and that people despise him for reasons I do not understand. He is a nice bloke, honest and sincere. I start to stroke his back as he is lying there. He feels so soft under my touch. I raise myself so I am above him in a dog like manner. He is still under his blanket.

I move the blanket with my hand so I could see his face. He looks like an angel lying there. He slowly gazes at me with his sorrowful eyes. I feel so bad. I shush him and I stroke his hair. I am so sorry; I never wanted to hurt you.

Without me noticing it, I start to lean closer to him. His scent is making me dizzy, making me want to nuzzle against him. I want to kiss him. Taste those beautiful full lips, devour his entire being.

I stare at him, lick my lips and bend down hoping he would not kick me off. He puts his hand behind my neck and pulls me into a kiss. Our lips crash on to each other. His lips are so soft, moist and amazing. I slid my tongue inside his mouth, tasting every bit I can. I want to drown in him.

His hands caress my neck and slowly move downwards. My whole body shivers as he slides his hand inside my shirt. I gasp and sink my teeth into his shoulder leaving hickeys everywhere.

Naruto's POV

I want him like I have never wanted anyone before. I need him like I have never needed anyone before. I am sinfully enjoying my best friend's caresses, him feeling me up. I love his tender lips ravishing me, taking me. His whole body is trembling like mine and I want to be his. I think I have wanted for a long time now.

I trace the tattoo on his beautiful back and I let him suck my soul out. Every ounce of me wants to satisfy him and be satisfied by him. He moves his hands to the hemline of my trousers and I copy his moves. His pale but soft hand slides inside my pants and I can only huff.

The mere thought of him makes my arousal painful as it pokes in my pants wanting to get free. I keep my hand on his hemline as he starts to pull and push in rhythm. My legs cramp and my toes curl up as he jerks me off. I gather enough strength to slide my hand inside his trousers and I stroke his lower abdomen.

He hisses as I move my hand and find the thing I am looking for. Yet again, I follow his movements and start to jerk him off too. He huffs and his eyes glint as I fasten my pace. He does the same thing and we are both panting loud.

I love his touch all around my manhood; shivers of lust and desire fill me up like never before. I have done this with others and yet, it has never felt this good. This amazing. This mind-blowing. I stammer and I am about to cum.

I pull him close and whisper that I want more, everything he can offer even if it is just this day. He halters his movements huffing and starts to rip off my clothes with ferocity. This turns me on even more, I want him to use me; I want him to dominate me entirely. Fuck me; I want it more than anything. Passionately he moves to the perfect angle. I am now lying on my stomach raising my hips a little in order to ease his passage. He bends down and slides his tongue inside my hole.

My legs almost give up on me as it feels so amazing. It tingles and at the same time gives the utmost pleasure. It is hard to breath now and when he removes his tongue I can only whimper. I watch him from the corners of my eyes and I can see him concentrating fully. He puts his finger inside me.

It feels a bit weird and good. So good it could kill. He adds another finger and another. I do not mind the pain since it tangles with the pleasure creating perfect harmony. I want pain and pleasure; I want to be ripped apart by this man. I want you in, I say. I need you in. Now.

He places himself carefully so that his member is right at the entrance. He pushes his organ inside me carefully and groans when doing so. He moves little by little as not to hurt me. I adjust myself and push my body hard against his. A signal for him to fuck my brains out. He does the job well. Very well.

He slams his body against mine pushing deep inside me. He finds my love spot and hits it with passion - all I can see is white. My whole body shakes and I cramp all over. Every bit and piece of my body tingles as I get the most powerful orgasm in my life.

I can sense my muscles tightening, his sweat on my back. He comes with a hoarse groan. He empties himself inside my and his seed feels warm. He rides his orgasm and falls on top of me panting hard. He is sticky and warm and I wish I could stop the time. Yeah, I am like a sappy girl after loosing her (arse) virginity. I think I might be gay after all. But only for this guy.

Sasuke's POV

My mind is completely blank. I was supposed to suck his soul and it seems he sucked mine. He is so soft and warm underneath me. I hug him closely; bury my head in the nape of his neck. I wish we could stay like this. I am so tired.

I stroke him with the tips of my fingers. He rolls around so that my chest is on top of his. I lay my hand on his face and kiss him sweetly. Can we stay like this, he whispers. I smile gently and brush his lips with mine. Just like that we linger to sleep.

I wake after a few hours feeling a bit sore and sticky. I bet he feels sorer than I do. A blond ball is curled in my arms and inhales steadily. Kind of funny, how he looks like a rebel and in my arms like an angel.

I kiss his forehead. He opens his eyes; they are blurry and ocean blue. He just gazes me and gives me a soft smile. We lie there enjoying each other's company.

Suddenly someone knocks on the door. Before we can do anything, the door swings open and Sakura walks in. Her smile falters away as she sees us. Naked. Together. In Bed.

Her mouth twitches. Her eyes get wet and she sniffles. She shouts that I am a bastard and runs away crying. I jump from the bed and put my trousers on. I hurry to the door. Naruto panics a little and asks like a broken record whether I am going to go to her.

I give him the brightest smile and say that she needs to know I am already dating someone and that I think I might love that someone. His eyes flicker with happiness and something more. He chuckles that maybe I should hurry before she tries something desperate.

Before I run through the doorway, he shouts that he loves me too. My heart pounds with warm liquid inside. Love - shaken not stirred, I say.