So...we meet again. Here I am, day off, deciding to take another crazy spell and write all my recollections from this year and put them onto paper. Do you know, I had a blister for three days after the last story? You do now!

Anyways, some of you may know...some of you may not; I'm Allie Moore. 27 years old and completely in love with Greg Sanders. We've been going out for two years. I live with him and everything's great...well, except that underlying thought at the back of my mind that something's going to happen to him when he's out in the field. I mean, when we were both was great but now he's trying to break into the world of a CSI and...well...I'm sure he'll be perfectly fine. But then. Nick Stokes; Stalked, kidnapped, buried alive. My heart begins to beat a lot faster everytime I think on anything like that happening to Greg. I shake the thoughts away. I have a story to get back to.

I almost left last year, because of all the switching about, but, boy, am I glad I didn't!

And here, the story begins...hope you all enjoy it!