I never seem to stop coming back to this fan-fiction to edit it and fix whatever mistake or error I find. I also try to refine the writing if I can. Oh well. Again, a re-publishing of the fanfic with much-needed improvements, additions and corrections.

Most importantly, for this edition, many of the omakes that were part of the original posting have been removed. Most of them were not very good and based on suggestions, I removed those that were the least good. The really good ones will stay, but only because of popular demand.

Rating: M/PG-16, rated for mild language and some offensive, teenage smart-mouthing.

Warnings: OCs, mild language, possibility for slight OOC. This is a long fanfic, people you've been warned.

Spoilers: Possible Devil May Cry 3 spoilers.

Time-line: Set a couple of years before Devil May Cry 3 (and the manga, if you want to get technical).

Disclaimers: Dante and the Devil May Cry franchise and all related to it belong to Capcom. Tess Templar and all other OCs belong to me, all art/fic theft is forbidden.

Full Summary: Before his days as a seasoned demon hunter, and before his glorious days as crusher of Temen Ni Gru and victor over Mundus, Dante had to start from somewhere. A little down on his luck in his 16s, he takes up residence in an apartment block run by a family with a few odd secrets. Particularly his red-head neighbor, whom everyone seems to consider a shrew. Then again, Tess Templar has an air about her that says she has more to her than her attitude. The problem is that the city around them has more secrets than they think. But as soon as Dante begins to see past the facade put up by the demons before him, he turns a blind eye to the one within.

Special thanks: To Nate, Adam, Jason, Hassan, Cynthia and especially Caitlin, for their priceless help in editing, spellchecking, avoiding OOC and refining this story and advising me and keeping me going...and of course for helping me keep my feet firmly on the ground when I tend to wander. And of course, greatest thanks goes to Frank, who helped this story come along and made sure Dante remained true to himself and endured-and endures my near-paranoid perfectionism all along. You're the man. (And hey, you know it.)