So here we are; at the end of a very demanding project for me and what I hope was an exciting story for you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Your encouragement and comments kept me going, so I owe you my greatest thanks. I will leave you with some goodies and a vague promise to deliver a sequel to this, but for the time being, I have other work to turn to. Take care everyone and keep yourselves happy.


Devil May Cry: Frail Equilibrium

Unlockable Content

This is sort of a thank you to all the people who read and comment on my fic. Just like the games like to treat us with unlockable features, I decided to pile up some extra things I had done while writing the fic and show them to you in a similar fashion. Enjoy.



This cocky and smart-mouthed teenager is more than a rebel without cause: one of the half demon sons of the legendary Dark Knight Sparda, and a fierce demon hunter even at this early age. Due to his demonic blood, he has always had exceptional powers that he hasn't fully explored yet. With a keepsake sword and two handguns, he takes pleasure in hunting down demons and slaying them...after messing around with them a little.

A taciturn and somewhat cold girl, she is aware of more things than she lets on, gifted with an unusually accurate intuition and second sight. Child of a wiccan and a fire-manipulating changeling, her experiences of demons' wrath make her cautious and unpredictable. Though mortal she is fast and agile and makes up for her lack of strength with her power to control fire. Not such a bad person to know, once she relaxes little.

With skill in handyman work and something of a sagely wisdom, he has been the retainer of the Templar family for a long time. He often likes to act as a catalyst for driving events or a mentor, rather than get involved in others' affairs. Normally patient and minding his own business, he can lose his temper occasionally and prove to be far tougher and stronger than he looks.

Tess' maternal grandmother and a powerful witch. A cunning old lady, with a conceited and imposing appearance and demeanor. Her attitude to her granddaughter often seems oppressive and abusive, due to her distrustful nature, embittered as she is after the death of her only daughter. Far from a feeble senior, she has a tendency to want to control Tess and Roy and is severely cross when situations and people are beyond her controlling habits.

Roy's true form unveiled. This massive beast djinn, once called the 'King of Sands', is known as the living embodiment of a desert sandstorm and its unrelenting fury. He has many centuries of battle experience, using his might and cunning to crush his enemies. The power to evoke and control dangerous sandstorms and his wisdom make him a difficult adversary...or a great ally.


Blood mixed with magically enchanted stone gave birth to this wretched beast. Multiplies when hit by close range attacks. Its defense mechanism is weak to modern-day weapons. Animated by blood, they make perfect sentries and scouts for demons held captive by seals. They shrink away from flames and intense heat that can deprive them of the blood which animates them.

Once humans suffering from a mental illness. Their insanity was fed by demonic miasma and festered, taking over their body as well. Over time these unfortunate souls gave in to the power coming from the demonic madness increasing in them and degraded into demons. They wield conventional weapons tempered by the demonic foulness of their souls. They are neither intelligent nor very skilled, but their single-minded obsession with violence and their sheer strength make them irritating enemies, especially in numbers.

An ancient, greater demon of blizzards and frozen winter nights, worshiped as an evil god by people of the old. Now deprived of his former power after his first defeat, he feeds on the fear and suffering caused by winter snowstorms. His body is made of hard ice and rock, which only weapons forged by demons or the strongest fire can befall any harm to.

A former inmate of the Asylum, he has been twisted by madness and powerful demonic miasma into a grotesque creature whose form reflects the darkness that existed in his human heart. His arms have been bound to ensure his obedience. The extra limbs coming from his shoulder blades are strong as any blade. He laughs hysterically and he spews a physical manifestation of his sadistic tendencies. His high regeneration rate and stamina make him a disturbing foe.

Cresil's 'twin', also a former inmate of the Asylum. Twisted by demonic miasma of great power, this former murderer savored the blood and screams of women. Deformed into an agile and eager predator, he hunts down his potential prey to exhaustion and devours it. His insatiable appetite is kept in check by a muzzle and he was sent to capture Tess. He is fast, viciously aggressive, ruthless and highly mobile.

Madmen, taking pleasure in extreme violence, who willingly gave in to the call of the demonic miasma for the sake of power. The darkness of their souls twisted them into the shape of these enormous lumbering beasts. They are stronger than Madmen, less intelligent but their sheer size and stamina make them difficult opponents. Single-minded and deranged, they tear their foes asunder with their bare hands.

The souls of the dead and those unwilling to give in to madness that were tortured, held captive and eventually died in the Asylum, still held to their place of torment by despair and anguish. Contorted by miasma, these tortured souls have become one with the building's very matter and almost merged into one entity. They seek to spread their pain and suffering to any living thing that falls in their grasp, believing that it will dispel the miasma from them.

A former demon lord, ranking as a duke of Hell, sealed away by wiccans. He was deprived of his once extraordinary eyes that brought madness to anyone who beheld them, which earned him the nickname 'The Mad God'. He is capable of awakening the latent insanity and paranoid stored in the souls and minds of sentient beings. Feeding on the insanity and despair of the inmates of the Asylum, he tore away at the seal placed upon him. Striking a devil's deal with a doctor of the Asylum he was able to influence the human world without having freed himself yet, working towards his complete freedom. He has now almost completely regenerated, and his power is a fierce sight to behold.

Remnants of the dead, the spirits of those tortured and suffering within the Asylum over the centuries. Their souls were bound together and the corruption of the demon world molded them into a single entity, with the awareness of both one and a myriad different personalities. It is kept under control by the seal under the Asylum. It is single-mindledly driven to engulf others into itself in an attempt to dilute its own pain and suffering.


What I tentatively call the soundtrack of this fanfic.

Disclaimer: All songs and lyrics belong to their respective artists. I only mention them in thanks for the inspiration.

"Wing Stock" - Ashley MacIssac
"The Crow and The Butterfly" - Shinedown
"Let It Burn" - Red
"Everybody Out Of The Water" - The Wallflowers
"Pressure" – Skindred
"Santa Monica" - Theory of A Deadman
"Buried Beneath" - Red
"D.M.C" (Band Ver.) – Rungran
"How To Save A Life" - The Fray
"Hammer To Fall" - Queen
"Rise Above This" - Seether
"Ushas" - E. S. Posthumus
"You're Not Here" - Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill 3 OST)
"Say My Name" – Sick Puppies
"All My Friends Are Dead" – Turbonegro
"Man With A Mission" - Bad Religion
"Nara" – E. S. Posthumus