" Edward, what do you have to say for yourself?" Asked Carlisle. He was trying to keep his voice calm, it was not very nice to impersonate Jesus.

Edward mumbled something.

"What was that?" Carlisle asked.

Edward looked up. " I said I was bored."

" Oh, so you were bored so you decided to impersonate a sacred individual for your own entertainment." Carlisle huffed crossing his arms and looking away.

" Yep, that's pretty much covers it." Said Edward.


Meanwhile, Emmett and Jasper, having gained a little, and I mean a little, sanity were sitting together making lavender crowns for the women because when they got home they were sure they were going to rip them apart, set the pieces on fire, and do a little dance around the flames while singing.

" I miss Rosie." Emmett sighed.

Jasper looked up from the flowers. " I miss the bunn- I mean Alice too."

They looked at each other and came to a silent decision. They both got up and took off running, with their peace offerings, in the direction of Forks leaving the two arguing vampires oblivious to what had just happened.


" You can not be Jesus Edward!" Yelled Carlisle.

" Why not?! I can read minds! People say I'm a god!" Edward shot back.

" Name ten." Carlisle challenged.

Edward took a deep breath, not that he needed it, and started to list the names.

" Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory, Tanya Denali, Mrs, Cope, the lunch lady, four of your nurses, and Mike Newton." He sated smugly.

Carlisle's eye twitched. " Mike Newton?" He asked looking at Edward weirdly.

" Don't ask." Edward deadpanned.

Hey! I know this is a small chapter, but I just wanted to put something out for all my readers to enjoy. I promise the next chapter will be much longer!