"Wash, baby," Zoe prompted her husband softly, smoothing a hand across his bare back. "Time to get up. Captain's orders." She watched in amusement as he let out a moan of protest and buried his head further down in the pillows. "Mal wants us off this rock before the hour turns," she added.


"Wash," she repeated. "Now."

Still, nothing.

Zoe's hand crept along Wash's back to massage the area just under and around the nape of his neck. A low groan of pleasure muffled into the pillows.

"Do you like that?" Zoe asked him with a smirk, knowing she had found it: Wash's trigger. She let her hands roam some more, fingers pushing into flesh with just enough pressure to knead out some of the stress that Wash had built up, probably worrying over her safety. "How about that?"

Wash grunted out a strangled 'yes' and moved into her hands.

It was only a matter of time now.

She continued to massage Wash's back for a minute or two longer until he turned and looked up at her with that glint in his eyes.

She stopped. She now had total control over the man.

"Wash, honey," she began again, with a seductive smile. "Want to get us out of here so we can have some time alone?" She flickered her eyes towards the bed pointedly and then focused them back on Wash.

Within a minute, Wash had climbed out of bed and pulled on his pants, a colourful Hawaiian shirt and boots. He grinned into Zoe's mouth as she leaned in to kiss him.

"Wait here for me?" Wash finally spoke up.

Zoe smirked. "I'll be here."