Star Trek - Borg

A New Era

Chapter 1

The Borg are a race of cyborgs that act as one, having one mind and one will. There is no single individual that exists within the Borg Collective, except one. The Borg Queen is the beginning, the end, the one who is many, the one to bring order to chaos, the one who sets the objectives of the Borg.

"In their collective state, the Borg are utterly without mercy ... driven by one will alone: the will to conquer. They are beyond redemption ... beyond reason."
— Captain Jean Luc Picard, U.S.S. Enterprise-D

In a remote region of the Delta Quadrant lay a nebula unlike many other nebulas; one difference being that it orbited around a star and had a higher than normal gravitational field for a nebula of it size. There were no signs that a star was developing inside it. Normal sensors could not penetrate its depths. Over time many ships had tried to explore the inside of the nebula. Every one of them had met a swift end and become part of the Collective. What really set this nebula apart from any other nebulas was that in the center was secluded a small planet. If one were to search below ground of the planet they would find a single large hollowed out chamber. Inside the chamber lay the stronghold of the Borg. The stronghold was a place of last resort that was heavily shielded and protected by an ancient orbital platform which generated the highly dangerous nebula that kept the galaxy at arms reach. The only way to get through the Nebula was sending the proper codes to the orbital platform.

Inside the large underground chamber was guarded the most vital computer mainframe that the Borg possessed. Unlike any other mainframe its connection to the collective was limited to only monitoring the condition of the current Borg Queen. In the case of termination of the Queen, Program 001 Alpha would initiate. Program 001 Alpha was known by Starfleet Command as the Royal Protocol.

On Stardate 55709.04819888392 mainframe 000001 received a message through what was left of the Borg's hidden signal platforms throughout the galaxy. The message's origin was from Spatial Grid 325(Earth)

Drone One of One has been terminated at Stardate 55709.04819888383.

Processing ….

Processing ……


New Directive: The unit known as Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One is to be located. Once the unit is found, program 001 Beta is to be initiated.


Stardate 55709.04819888402 –

Objective located program 001 Beta has been initiated…

Standing By…

Standing By….

Standing By…….


Stardate 55709.04819888634-

Unit Seven of Nine has been terminated before Program 001 beta was completed at Stardate 55709.04819888632

Processing ….

Processing ………..

New Directive: The unit known as Naomi Wildman is to be brought out of cryostasis and placed into maturation chamber 04. Program 001 BetaV2 is to be initiated.

Inside the same chamber three Borg drones left their alcoves and walked to the back of the large chamber to cryostasis chamber 02. One drone walked over to a computer panel and began to enter commands into the terminal while the other two drones stood on opposite sides of the cryostasis entrance door. A few seconds later the cryostasis door opened up. The two drones grabbed the smaller teenage girl as she emerged and took her to maturation chamber 04. Once the teenager was properly secured in the chamber the third drone went over to another consol and initiated program 001 BetaV2. The three drones then returned to their alcoves and resumed their regeneration cycles.

Inside maturation chamber 04 program 001 BetaV2 had begun and had loaded an artificial intelligence based off the Borg Queen who had been killed by the future Admiral Janeway. Inside the chamber the AI created a link to the mind of Naomi Wildman and started downloading and processing her memories. This had been done once before, when Naomi Wildman had first been captured by the Borg. The knowledge of Naomi Wildman had greatly improved the collective, taking the Borg one step closer to perfection. After this first scan, program 001 had terminated the assimilation process and redirected the collective to take her to the hidden stronghold to be frozen until she was needed.

The scan currently taking place had a much different purpose. The AI was to learn everything about Naomi's life so it could adapt her mind to become the next Queen. No matter what happened, Naomi Wildman would comply and become the next Borg Queen. The AI also used her memories in the assimilation process. Naomi Wildman did not know it but she had decided how her body would be reconstructed.

As her mind and body were being rebuilt, Naomi Wildman was reliving her entire life in the span of a few seconds. She was currently witnessing what would change her whole life and had led her to her current situation.


I was nine and was on an away mission with her mother. Captain Janeway wanted the two to have some mother daughter time together. We had been on the planet for about two hours when we were arrested. Me and my mother where told we had broken article 4 section 3 of the local law. I never found out what that meant. We were taken to a large asteroid where slaves mined for a mineral commonly used to power everything from a small city to a starship's warp drive.

I was currently bound to a metal chair with a strange helmet device that had been placed on my head. The room was dark and as time passed by I was getting a splitting headache. After some time, I wasn't sure exactly how much, the lights came on and a small humanoid alien walked into the room with a smile on his face. He had large eye ridges and a v-shaped ridge starting above his nose. "You my little girl, are going to make me a very rich man," he smiled devilishly. At the same time he walked over to me and took the helmet devise off my head.

"Wh-who are you and what do you want with me?" I asked in a trembling voice

"My name is Gresord, but you will address me as Master. As for what I want? That is simple. I want the knowledge that is stored in your mind," the alien answered. He must have seen the look of confusion that had crossed my face and continued, saying "You see, when we bring in a new slave we do a few tests. For example a medical test is preformed to make sure you do not carry any illnesses or are unable to work. After the medical test we use this devise." He held up the helmet. "I call it a mind probe; it allows us to assign each slave a task best suited for him or her and so helps us improve productivity. We can see and view bits and pieces of your life and you, my little slave, have been taught personally by a former Borg drone. You know Borg algorithms that are light-years ahead of what we are currently using. You know more about Nano Probes then our top researches could ever dream of. You even have an understanding of Borg weapons and shields. Your little school lessons are going to make me the richest man in the Praymor Order. You will be recreating everything you know."

I started to shake my head no. I'd been taught the Prime Directive since I was very young, you're never give away technology to alien races. The repercussions could be dire, and giving away Borg technology was even worse; the damage that could be caused was unthinkable. Finally I said, "I will never tell you anything!"

Gresord's smile quickly left his face. "You will cooperate with me, or things will become very difficult for you. If you work with me, you will live the best life any slave could ever hope to get." I shook my head again. Gresord sighed. "Very well then; normally I would use your slave implant to inflict massive amount of pain until you cooperated, but that has been known to cause damage to a slave's mind. I cannot risk that happening to you, but your mother on the other hand…."

Gresord walked over to a small terminal and pressed a few buttons. A few minutes later the door to the room opened up and two black armored guards brought a woman bound by chains and with several large bruises covering her face and arms. "MOM!" I yelled, struggling against the restraints which bound me to the chair.

My mother tried to rush up to my side, but the two guards held her back. "Naomi we will get threw this. I promise!" She cried before one of the guards silenced her with a savage backhand which split both her lips and sent her sprawling.

Gresord looked down at the shaking woman at his feet as the guard lifted her back to her knees. "You will tell your daughter to cooperate and share all her knowledge of Borg technology with me, or things will get very difficult for you."

My mother's face went white. "Honey, I'm sorry, but whatever you do you cannot share a single thing about the Bor…"

Gresord backhanded my mother and she fell to the floor again. Then he asked me in a dangerous voice, "Will you cooperate with me?"

As I am Human/Ktarian hybrid, I was more mature then a normal human child. I had been taught Starfleet values from birth. No matter what, I could not share Borg technology with this man. It's what my mother wanted, and I knew that inside my heart, but it still hurt. I started to cry and I said, "I can't."

The next three days were pure hell for me. For three days I had to sit locked into the chair and watch my mother screaming in pain from the agonies of the active slave implant or by being whipped and forcibly raped over and over again. I saw Gresord smile as my mother screamed and pleaded for the pain to stop. He would even laugh as the guards took turns raping my mother. Then he would look at me and smile at me, sometimes even winking at me. This was followed by him saying, "You could stop this. All you have to do is obey me." Oh how I hated this man. I wanted to do something, anything to help my mother, but the only way I could fight back is by not giving him what he wanted. I had to remind myself over and over that my mother would not want me to break or to give in.

As the hours dragged on and my mother's screams continued, I was getting close to breaking. On the third day the guards where whipping my mother relentlessly. My mother had not moved or made any noise for the last twenty minutes. Then the alarms had gone off and Gresord and the two guards ran out of my holding cell.

About ten minutes later Seven of Nine ran into the room and release me from the chair I was locked in. I quickly made my way to my mom and released her from the wall she had been chained too. I eased her limp body to the ground and went to hug her, but soon I knew my fears where well founded. She was dead. Her eyes were still open and stared up blankly up at me, tears still sliding down her cheeks. At that moment I felt dead inside; my heart had shattered into a million peaces. I did not even notice that Seven had placed her hand on my shoulder or that a few seconds later we where all beamed aboard a shuttle.

End of Flash Back

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