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"Hey Kat, I think I found somethin'!" Brian McCallum called for his twin sister after he dug a leather book out of the wooden chest in front of him. The teenage twins had been in the basement of their grandfather's house after having to move the man out, and they had been put in charge of sorting through the old things they found there.

His sister Katherine walked up behind him and bent down. "What?"

Brian shrugged, then held up the book before he motioned at the rest of the contents. "Found this. It's probably great granddad's journal, but it looks like the rest of it is pretty relevant, too."

There were various letters, books, photos and other odds and ends that lined the sides, and filled a good portion of the chest.

Brian handed the journal over, then turned around. "Hey, Dad!" He turned his attention back to the chest and pulled out two of the pictures. "Hey, that guy looks like Dad… and… I have no idea who those two might be…" He passed over the photo to Kat, who shrugged.

The pair of them turned to Mark when he came into the attic. "Hey, we came across this. This might be that journal. Any idea who these people are, too? Might be somethin' else to show them."

Mark looked at the photos, then laughed. "Yes, of course I do." He laughed. "They're your family- that's your great grandmother Tess, greatgrandfathers Ardeth and Marcus- bit of a long story there, apparently- then there's great uncle Rick, and great aunt Evelyn, with your Grandma Alia and your granduncles Les and Ian." Mark replied. "This is… when was this taken? I've never seen them all together…"

His children arched an eyebrow at him.

Mark shrugged. "They were… quite the family of adventures, really. That's where we all get it from. Where did you find this?" He squeezed in between them and rifled through the books. He found one, opened

to the first page, and grinned. "Here we are. Marcus' journal…" He put it down, then picked up a notebook and frowned at it, more so when a couple of letters fell out from between the next two pages. "What's this…?" He put one back, then opened the other one carefully. He scooted over so both of his children could get closer, and all three began to read the letter silently.

To Whom It May Concern-
Let me start off this little journey in time in a box by saying it was all my husband and Marcus' fault. They wanted to do this. I was never one for quaint things. However, like my brother-in-law Rick said, knowing all three of our families, it may be wise, putting all of these things together about our adventures in case one of our descendants screw up. Let me just say to start off with, if the person reading this is considering going on a treasure hunt of any kind, JUST DON'T DO IT. Those ghost and mummy stories- surprise, they're real. The proof is all here, along with a few things, just for the family in general.

You might have heard my sister's account of our adventures. If you haven't, they're in here, too. I figured it's only fair to give you my side of the story as well. Enjoy.

Tess Henderson, 1953.

P.S: I wasn't kidding about that treasure hunting. Stop. Now. Look through all of this and learn from our mistakes. If we have anything locked up anywhere and you know of it- don't mess with it either.

The father and children looked at each other, shrugged, and glanced back at the notebook. They opened to the first page, their curiosity getting the better of them.

North Carolina, 1905:

"But Dad! I don't wanna go!" Ten-year-old Tess Carnahan yelled at her father, who was leading her to the entrance of the grounds to the school he had recently enrolled her in.

Her father, Richard, laughed. "I know, darling, but be lucky you're going anyway. This is a privilege compared to some of the things that kids your age are doing. Besides, you'll meet friends here!"

"How is it going to last, dad? You're only here for business!" Tess whined.

"Be hopeful, kid. I'll see you later." with that, her father walked away.

Tess sighed and went into the school. She knew it was a losing battle- the paperwork and assigned class had already been taken care of. She was headed into Mrs. Wilson's classroom. Handling being the new kid in school was nothing new to her. It had happened far too many times for her liking. She was okay with most of the things attached to it- just not the awkward, 'who are you?' stares she always received. She crossed to one of the empty seats in the back of the room and stared down at the surface of the desk. If she didn't look around, she could avoid them.

"Ah, new kid, huh? Tough break."

Tess frowned and turned, seeing a blonde boy her age. He was looking at her, offering a crooked smile. He had his feet up on his desk, and had an almost-completely eaten apple in his hand closest to the window.

"Who are you?" Tess asked, not knowing why she struck up a conversation with someone she didn't even want to know. He came across as arrogant right off the bat. She hated arrogant people.

"Chase Henderson," he tossed the apple core aside into the trash and offered his hand. "Future cowboy. You?"

Tess smiled at the way he presented himself with 'future cowboy'. "Tess Carnhan. Future I-Have-No clue" she shook his hand.

Chase smiled again. "So, this really is your first day, huh?"

"Yeah," Tess nodded.

"I remember my first day here. I hated it," the blonde's southern accent came through in the statement. "I might as well try to make yours halfway decent."

Tess smiled softly. Maybe he wasn't so bad, after all. This was a first- making a friend on the first day. She liked the idea of that.

French Foreign Legion Camp, 1919:

Tess flinched, watching another injured soldier get dragged into the tent. She was tending to a young man who had a bullet graze his shoulder the previous day. She silently muttered to herself, wondering why she had followed her father, once again, and taken the nursing job a family friend had offered. She was never a fan of the sight of blood, but at the same time, she felt like she had a sense of duty to the soldiers. That was one of the many things she had inherited from her father, who had taken to being one of the general's assistants. She muttered 'why did I even come here?' one last time and turned to leave for another tent when two men dragging a groaning third man behind them, came bursting through the tent entrance.

"Nurse Carnahan, help this man! He's been shot. We got the bullet out, but he needs to be patched up." One of the soldiers ordered, all but shoving the man into her arms.

She groaned and pulled the man over to one of the empty beds and maneuvered him onto it. She left to get bandages, and came back. She finally got a good look at him. She'd admit it, he was a decent looking man. Reddish, light brown hair, well built, tall, he would've been several of her friends' types. She sighed and went over to him, getting ready to patch him up, as instructed.

The man opened his eyes wearily and blinked at her. "Take it easy, will ya, Sweet Cheeks?"

Tess arched an eyebrow at him, then shrugged it off. "I always do, Private…?"

"Don't call me Private. I'm Rick."

Tess smiled weakly. "Alright, Rick. My name's Tess Carnahan. I'll take good care of you, I swear."

Rick scrunched up his nose, looking tired as Hell. "I'm gonna hold you to that, and I'm gonna pass out as you do it."

Tess frowned. "I uh, wouldn't suggest that, Rick."

"Oh, relax, the bullet's out, it was a graze, and I haven't slept in days. I'll be fine. Promise," Rick replied.

Tess went to object, but a moment later, Rick was out cold. It didn't look like he had passed out from pain or anything, so she took that as a win so far. "… I hope so, Rick." She muttered before going to work on getting the bandages on his abdomen.

Outside Cairo, 1923:

Tess gaped at the amount of injured soldiers in the tent she had been assigned to. The attack on Hamunaptra had gone horribly wrong, apparently, for various reasons. Her heart sunk. The number of bodies inside had almost doubled since last night. Where was Rick, where was Beni? The pair of them had gotten hurt enough to have been in her care plenty of times. She had no issue calling them friends. She was terrified at the fact she knew they were on that mission, but hadn't shown, at all. "Where are you…?" Her heart skipped a beat when she spotted a familiar face being helped towards the tent. "RICK!" She ran out of the tent and threw her arms around him, suddenly aware it took him a few moments to respond, but still returned the hug whole-heartedly.

"Hey, Tessie," Rick practically croaked.

Tess frowned. "What's wrong, are you hurt?"

"No, just… dehy…rated." Rick replied.

Tess looked at the man who was supporting him. "Bring him into the tent. I'll get water."

The soldier nodded and went inside with Rick as Tess headed to do her self- assigned task. She went back inside, got to Rick, and barely gave Rick a moment to react to the fact she had reached him before she tilted the cup of water into his bottom lip so he was forced to start drinking. Rick took it from her and nodded after a moment. He exhaled sharply and leaned back into the pillows. "Damn…" He breathed.

"What happened?" Tess asked.

Rick shook his head. "A bad, bad battle for us, then after… well, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Just make sure you keep Beni the Hell away from me."

Tess frowned. That had come out of nowhere. Sure, she wasn't too fond of Beni, being that most of his greeting hugs ended up with his hands on her behind, but she ignored her dislike because he and Rick were close. "Um…"

"He left me to die, Tessie. I was in a pinch, and he turned, ran, and when I had the chance to get shelter from being shot or stabbed, he locked me out." Rick replied, taking another drink.

Tess frowned. "What?"

Rick nodded.

Tess scoffed. "… Bastard!"

Rick snorted, then put the cup in his lap and smirked at her. "That so?" He asked. "I never woulda thought he was a sneaky, backstabbing bastard."

Tess looked at him, and the smirk that was now on his face made her remember Chase. How long had it been since they touched base? Years. Part of her relief dissipated at that, but when she saw Rick was looking at her like he knew she was suddenly miles away, she snapped out of it. He was her friend too, he was here in the now, and he had apparently almost died. That was enough to be happy about. " I'm glad you're okay, no matter what Beni did," She replied. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other people to tend to."

Rick winked at her, then watched as she started to weave her way between the beds to check on others. "Enjoy yourself, Sweet Cheeks!"

"Thought I told you not to call me that!" Tess called over her shoulder.

"It's fun to annoy you!" Rick called back. When she merely waved him off, Rick just laughed, took another drink and leaned back again. All in all, despite the weird, howling face and almost dying, it was a pretty damn good day.