The roar of gunfire, the light of fire and the smell of burning metal filled the confines of a large GUN military base. Commanders shouted orders to the terrified and confused soldiers as their defence robots fired on the massive yet fast machine that was attacking their base. The gigantic red machine's single red eye moved from side to side in its slot and flashed every so often as the GUN forces weapons merely bounced of its thick hide. It looked only about as tall as the average Mobian yet its shoulders where almost as large as it's torso as did it's lower legs and feet. Its arms where also quiet large, the right having a massive spike attached to a revolver drum and the left a five barrelled Vulcan gun. It's head resembled that of an average Mobian hedgehog yet it sported three forward facing purple spikes on the forehead. On its back a star shaped stabilizer/thruster unit was lit with the light of its engines.

With a metallic voice it commented, "Target Confirmed… Eliminating." Suddenly its thrusters burst to life and the mechanoid raced towards the GUN soldiers. As it flew its shoulders opened up to reveal a massive missile launcher like weapon with eight barrels in each, "Claymore… Avalanche!" Suddenly each of the barrels began to open fire rapidly with massive metal balls.

A black furred hedgehog with up swept quills with blue stripes and blue wings entered the command centre of the base at a run and stopped before giving a salute to the commanding officers. He had red eyes and an almost feminine complexion as well as bat wings on his back. He was wearing a standard issue GUN soldier battle uniform. With a slightly nervous voice his said, "Sirs! I've readied the escape route. If you'll just follow…"

He never managed to finish his sentence as the wall to his right exploded and the massive red and black mechanoid who had been attacking outside made his entrance. As it landed heavily enough to leave small foot sized craters in the floor it's singular eye scanned the room and it commented, "Primary Objective located. Executing." It lifted its left arm and unleashed lead hell as the terrified commanders struggled to escape only to be torn to pieces by the thousands of bullets flying from Vulcan gun. Before the dust even settled the machine's red eye flashed through the dust as it commented, "Primary Objective achieved. Moving to Secondary Objective. Proceeding to base core. Objective: Annihilate Base."

As the dust settled the hedgebat caught a glimpse of the robot and gasped before it shot off through the other wall. He stared after it in shock and placed a hand over his heart, "Could it have been…?" His mind suddenly showed an image of a red hedgehog with purple hair coming from his forehead. He had four spikes of fur coming from his cheeks and black triangles on his eyebrows and under his eyes. His green eyes shone with a hint of perverseness despite their harsh warrior look. He wore a black leather jacket, a white t-shirt and black cargo pants along with black boots.

The hedgebat clutched his heart and a tear fell from his eye, "Mavrik…" Not long after he muttered the name and began to make his own escape memories began to fill his mind as his heart beat painfully.

He recalled the first time he ever met Mavrik Daemon…

He had been sent on an infiltration mission deep into Eggman territory to retrieve data on the doctor's new weapon, the Death Egg II, when he had gotten himself surrounded by massive drones. Red eyes glanced from side to side trying to find a way out or at least a weak point he could exploit on the drones. When nothing appeared he closed his eyes and waited for his inevitable demise…

When the red furred, black clad figure of Mavrik dropped down in front of him and levelled a pair of bazookas at the leading drones and opened fire. Two large explosions tore several drones to pieces while Mavrik simply discarded the bazookas and reached into his jacket and pulled out a shotgun. He quickly became a twirling, spinning blur of carnage as he spun the shotgun and blasted drones left and right, reloading with either hand, armpits and on one occasion his knees.

Once the shotgun ran out of ammo he pulled out a pair of submachine guns and began leaping of flying drones and shooting at the same time. When he landed he discarded the emptied submachine guns and pulled out a pair of hand guns and preceded to blast away the last few stragglers calmly. Once they where eliminated he tossed the pistols aside and turned to the hedgebat and asked, "So did you piss yourself, Rookie?"

The hedgebat looked back defiantly and growled, "My names Nocturne!" He would have said more but he screamed and pointed at the massive Eggman robot walking towards them holding a giant hammer.

Mavrik just grinned and yelled, "Watch and learn Rookie! I am the Shining Hunter, Mavrik Daemon!" He reached for the katana at his hip and tore it free of its sheath and settled into a stance. He grinned and let the light glint off it just right. The blade's edge was made out of diamond so pure it refracted light and shimmered like a rainbow, the edge was attached to a mechanical shaft that began to hum when Mavrik flicked a switch on the hilt. As the sword began to hum the diamond edge began to glow with a bright light that shone rainbows all around the chamber.

Mavrik leapt at the massive robot which simply raised its hammer in defence. Nocturne's eyes widened in surprise when the katana sliced through the hammer and the robot like a hot knife through butter and watched Mavrik spin the sword and sheath it as the light faded from it, "Too easy." Was the remark Nocturne heard Mavrik make of the battle.

At that moment Nocturne's heart gave a small flutter as he saw Mavrik stand there triumphantly as the robot exploded and swept his red quills and purple hair in the wind the explosion generated. It was on that day Nocturne Yonshiki fell in love with Mavrik Daemon…

Elsewhere many miles from the carnage of the GUN base…

A blue spined figure with green eyes quietly watched the sun set over the Mystic Ruins with a soft smile on his teenaged features. For once in his life Sonic the Hedgehog was enjoying a quiet moment without distraction. He briefly glanced at Amy who was sitting next to him as the sun slowly dropped below the horizon casting an orange and pink light over the ocean; quietly remember the times he had shared with the young girl. All the funny moments and all the times she frustrated him or he had to rescue her.

She was a pain in the rear but damn if she wasn't determined to get him. He respected her for that but really wished she would move on to someone else. He had no interest in her romantically, that much he was sure of, but he knew he loved her as a sister. Besides, he just plain wasn't ready to settle down anyway, there was so much he had yet to see and experience!

As the last of the suns rays disappeared below the distant waves Sonic and Amy began to head back towards Tails' workshop. As they neared the door the small twin tailed fox burst out of the door and shouted, "Sonic! Amy! You have to see the news!" He then spun and raced back to his TV with Sonic and Amy hot on his heels.

What they saw on the screen shocked them to the core as the Reporter read, "Just hours ago this heavily fortified GUN Facility was destroyed by an unknown attacker. There have been no survivor reported and as you can see behind me the fires of the battle still burn furiously. The only clue GUN has is one security camera image of the attacker…" The Reporter paused long enough for a blurred black and white image of a Hedgehog like tank of a robot with a single swivelling eye in it's head to appear before continuing, "They ask that anyone with information to please come forward as a reward is offered for even the smallest of hints on the identity of the metal monster, the is Rowan Green for Station Square News."

Sonic turned the TV of and slowly lowered the arm holding the remote as he shook his head. Tails then looked at his blue and pink friends and commented, "I heard that there was a meeting of the top brass happening at that base. Maybe it's connected somehow."

Sonic looked over at Tails' and nodded and replied, "Yeah, and it smells of Eggman!" He smirked and cracked his knuckles, "Let's go and pay the good Doctor a visit!" Just minutes later the three took to the skies aboard the Tornado 2.

As they disappeared into the distance a red eyed blue robot with five large spikes on it's head and a black coat tail coming from it's waist walked out from behind the workshop and laughed softly. His metal voice held a humoured tone to it, "Yes, blame Eggman like you always do my organic template. Chase the Red Hering my new Master has planted… by the time you realize your mistake we Kings will rule Station Square… then once your out of the way… everything else…" Metal Sonic chuckled to himself and walked away from the workshop clutching Tails' two Chaos Emeralds.