A large metal door slid open automatically to reveal the metallic silhouette of Metal Sonic as he entered into the massive facility quietly. As the door slid shut and darkness returned to the room a green light shone from one hand and a blue from the other. The Chaos Emerald's eerie glow cast shadows across the massive hall leading towards an ornate pedestal on which stood a massive robotic figure with a single eye that blinked on then shifted from side to side before fixing onto Metal Sonic. The figure spoke curtly, "I see you where successful, Metal Sonic, as we expected my distraction worked?"

Metal Sonic kneeled before the pedestal and replied, "Yes, my Master, it did exactly as predicted. My template assumes my former Master is responsible." He looked up at the black and red giant of a machine that resembled a hedgehog and said, "I trust all was well on the secondary objective?"

"As expected they never stood a chance." The larger robot chuckled and gestured for Metal Sonic to rise, which the smaller faster machine obeyed, "Now my friend let us proceed with the conversion so you may be the second King. Once you are you may address me as Mecha Mavrik if you wish." Their eyes began to glow ominously as they shared a laugh at the weakness of the organic beings of the Earth.

The Tornado raced through the skies over a vast ocean while closing in rapidly on Eggman's island fortress. As Tails began the decent a red hot cable lanced out and struck the Tornado 2's engine sending an electric shock through the plane causing the engine to splutter. Amy gave a cry of surprise as Tails shouted, "Where did that come from?"

Amy looked up and screamed while pointing above them where a sliver skinned mechanical replica of Sonic flew above them with fire coloured optics and a red hot cable flying out behind it from the wrist of the right arm. When Sonic saw the mechanical copy of himself he shouted out, "Who the hell are you?!"

The machine laughed and replied with a cocky voice similar to Sonic's own, "The name is Silver Sonic Mark 2, though Silver Sonic will do! Don't go forgetting it!" He swung the cable again sending another shock through the Tornado as he boasted, "And I'm heads above anything last years model could handle!" He swung a third time causing the Tornados burdened engine to finally give out and the three heroes began plummeting towards the see while screaming. Silver Sonic hovered as he watched them fall and retracted the cable as he spoke into his communicator, "Phase 1 complete. Proceeding to Phase 2… Master Mavrik." With that he flew back towards Eggman's Fortress.

Tails wrestled against the controls in an effort to pull the nose of the Tornado out of it's nose dive with only minimal success. He barely had time to register the fact the engine was on fire and staled leaving him with no power whatsoever as the ocean came closer at an alarming rate. He grit his teeth as he pleaded, "Come… on… Tornado!!" Suddenly the elevators on the tail of the Tornado shifted into position and forced the nose up just enough to have the Tornado gliding at high speed above the waves.

As the three took a moment to breath they noted with a sense of exhaustion that they where about to reach Eggman's fortress only to hear Tails gulp. Amy was the one to ask, "Tails? What's the problem?" she asked with a hint of dread in her voice.

Tails sweatdropped and looked back at the pink hedgehog and replied, "We… uh… kinda lost all the fluid for the landing gear… we can't land." He laughed nervously as the faces of his friends melted from relief to horror mere moments before the Tornado slammed into the beach of Eggman's Island Fortress…

A pair of GUN guard robots raised their weapons to stop an intruder only to be torn apart by a barrage of Vulcan cannon fire. The gorilla like red and black robot that had just gunned them down walked past them casually with it's twin red optics ablaze. The Greek symbol for omega could clearly be seen on the shoulder as it reached out and picked up the once heavily guarded Chaos Emerald and turned to leave only to find itself trapped in by a white bat with a black and pink outfit, Rouge the Bat, Agent of GUN.

She blinked at the robot and asked, "Omega? Why are you…?" She was cut off when the massive robot walked ominously towards her…

A thin limbed machine with the Greek symbol for Gamma on it's cylindrical torso reached it's manipulator claw on it's left arm towards the glowing Chaos Emerald in the stream within the Mystic Ruins near Big the Cat's hut. The machine briefly looked over at the sleeping feline and took to the air intent on returning to it's new Master.

Knuckles stood calmly watching over the Master Emerald while letting it's green light bath him in it's energies. Suddenly he heard a noise behind him and his violet eyes spun onto the intruder and he instantly relaxed. He smiled and asked, "Tails? What brings you here? Nothing bad's going down I hope?" He pulled a small grin only for it to falter when he received no reply, "What? Cat got your tongue?"

Knuckles took a step back when Tails seemed to bob towards him as if suspended from the strange red orb hovering over his head. It's two eyes just seemed to stare unblinkingly into Knuckles without emotion. When 'Tails' was standing right in front of Knuckles he let out an odd 'Beep.' before suddenly exploding sending Knuckles flying over the edge of Angel Island, towards the sea below. Meanwhile the Master Emerald was shattered into several dozen shards; Knuckles saw this and shouted as he fell, "Not agaaaaaiiiin!!!"

Emerald eyes stared up at the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds slowly a delicate white gloved hand raised up and pushed a piece of pink quill out of the feminine eyes before the beings mind snapped into gear and they bolted into an upright position. Amy grabbed her aching head and groaned out, "Anyone get the number of that tank that ran us over?"

A moan next to her caught her attention and she stumbled over to find Tails barely conscious but unhurt. She sighed with relief as she began to pat him awake while resting his head in her lap. "Tails?" she called out to him softly, "Tails? Come on, Tails, come back to me." She gently stroked his cheek fur and his sky blue eyes began to slowly open.

Tails slowly began to perceive the world once more and his eyes locked with emerald orbs of Amy Rose. However due to his still semi-unconscious state he didn't recognize her immediately and asked, "Hello… are you an Angel?" He saw the angel smile and laugh softly though she did blush softly.

Amy was surprised by Tails reaction to seeing her and blushed as he heart skipped a beat and replied, "No silly. It's me Amy… I'm so glad your ok Tails." She smiled down at him as she felt a warmth in her chest at his returned smile, even if he did look out of it at the time. She almost thought she could fall for Tails in that moment as she slowly lowered her face towards his while closing her eyes…

Tails eyes suddenly bolted open as he leapt to his feet, sending Amy tumbling to her back in the process, and began to look across the beach and looked in horror. All around them parts of the Tornado 2 where scattered everywhere with no hope of ever repairing the plane. He fell to his knees and picked up a shard of the wing and sighed, "Aw… poor Tornado… I'll never forget our adventures together…"

Amy sat up and huffed with silent fury. Couldn't Tails have waited a few moments instead of ruining the moment? It's not like either of them had had their first kisses yet…

The ears of the two perked up at the sound of gun fire in the nearby fortress and Tails immediately raced off towards the forest between them and the fortress with Amy close behind. Both where thinking, some how, maybe Sonic was already there and was the cause of the gunfire. Both hoped they where right in that guess.

As the two ran through what Amy quickly dubbed 'Ironworks Forest' thanks to Eggman's integration of his technology into the Forest's natural ecosystem, they could see the flashes and explosions off a massive battle between Eggman's Pawns and another force. The two worked together to make their way towards the furious battle and soon came to see just who Eggman's Pawns where fighting…

They stared in shock as a combined force of black Egg Pawns and black robots with thick legs and arms, far better armoured then either GUN or Eggman's designs, with spiked shields on the left arm and spikes on the right shoulder. The heads didn't have two eyes like the Pawns and instead sported a slot with a single swivelling red eye that would follow it's target. These black robots where also better armed then the Pawns with a machine gun that fired beam enhanced shells out of a magnetic rail barrel that could be stored on the rear hip, an axe on the right hip and a bazooka that was hung over the right shoulder or held in place of the machine gun.

What shocked the two most was who was leading the attack…

The black and gold figure turned to them and glared with it's two blue eyes before laughing, "Tails… Amy… how do you like the performance of these Zaku? Amazing aren't they?" His eyes flashed as he took a fighting stance ready to fight the two heroes.

Tails gasped as Gemerl spoke to the two of them as if they where just pawns in some great chess game and replied, "Gemerl? What's going on? Why are you doing this?" He quickly adjusted the goggles on his head and readied to defend himself while Amy pulled out his Pico Hammer and ready to fight by his side for the first time in a long time.

Gemerl laughed gleefully as the two raced at him. He blocked Amy's hammer with his left hand while his right blocked both of Tail's kicks only to be caught by the twin tailed foxes tails and launched into the air. He was surprised to see Amy use Tails as a spring board and leap into the air only to smash Gemerl straight back down into the ground leaving a respectable crater. The Gizoid growled before his left arm transformed into a copy of Omega's arm Vulcan cannon and fired on the two Mobians ruthlessly.

Tails shot into the air and caught Amy's hand pulling her up before commenting, "You have the speed and power to bring him down. I'll play the support role." After his announcement he tossed Amy towards the Gizoid.

"I got you Tails!" Amy replied as she did a flip in the air before landing and swinging her Hammer in another vicious ark, this time sending Gemerl flying into a tree. She raced towards the damaged Gizoid once again and proclaimed valiantly, "I'm going to pound you so hard your optics will be staring out of your ass!!" causing Tails' eyes to bug out.

The pink hedgehog swung her hammer only for it to stop short of impacting Gemerl, as the dust cleared the Gizoid could be seen holding hammer's head in it's hands while wrestling against Amy's monstrous strength. He gave a confused, "Error… Females should not be capable of such strength…" Suddenly his back converted into a copy of Metal Sonic's thruster and he raced out from behind the hammer and hovered in the air and proclaimed, "I must cut our meeting short. Prepare to face you death!"

Tails and Amy stared in shock as Gemerl's entire body transformed into a massive cannon with a Chaos Emerald at it's core. The two watched as the energy gathered within the Emerald and Tails eyes shot open as he gasped, "That reaction…? A smaller Eclipse Cannon…?!" This declaration caused Amy to stare at Tails and then Gemerl in horror before the two spun around and began running for their lives.

As the two sprinted they heard a horrible shriek of energy erupting shortly before being blasted off their feet by a massive shockwave. Tails hit the ground hard and was barely able to make out the blurred image of a pink hedgehog landing nearby before everything faded into darkness…