A/N: Just like I promised. I' remade this story into a better and detailed story. I hope.

Chapter 1: Pauper meets Princess

It was a dark and stormy night at the Castle known as Konoha. In the central part of town was huge mob with pitch forks and torches screaming and hollering "Kill the demon!" You see humans… Humans were afraid of the unknown and they will think what they must. In front of the mob was a boy about seven or eight. He was wearing ragged clothing his spiky hair was all dirty filled with all kinds of trash and dirt. His face was dirty as well cuts and dirt stains plastered all on his face. He had whiskers that made him seem like an animal a fox or dog of some sort. The things that stood out from his facial features were his eyes. His ocean blue eyes.

You see most of the villagers considered this boy a monster. They beat him, starved him, and tortured him. Today was no different. Except for the fact that today was his birthday. Oh how he detested this day. The beatings were far worse this day than any other day.

"Get the demon!" screamed one of the villagers as they continued to chase him. The boy kept on running never looking back fearing for his life. He ran as fast as he could into the woods hoping they wouldn't follow him. Unfortunately his please weren't hurt at all. They followed him into the dark abyss of the forest. He hid in the hollow trees waiting for the right moment to come out.

After a few minutes of searching the villagers got tired and all went back into the safe and warm fortitude of Konoha. He sighed seeing how he narrowly escaped once again. He then slide down the tree holding his sides his eye lids getting heavy as he let out a big yawn.

"Never… doing… that again…" he said to himself as he slowly drifted to sleep.

Few Hours Later

He groaned as he shielded his eyes from the sun's ray. He slowly got up stretching and yawning looking around him. It seems he had slept in the forest. Again. He sighed as he took off his shirt walking over to the river disposing of his shirt showing off his well built body. Unlike most children in the village who wanted to be a knight and such he had no interest in that. He had always dreamed of being a ninja. He looked up to the Assassins in the village. They were the closest things to ninja he could ever find. As soon as he was done washing his face and clothes we went back on the path to Konoha hoping today would be better than usual.

Little did he know his prayers would be answered.

A Few Miles Behind

She was officially bored. Sitting in a carriage for six hours straight with no one but her butlers wasn't her idea of fun. She was looking out the window carriage bored her purple bangs falling into her eyes. Her chestnut colored eye filled with boredom as a small frown marred it ways onto her angelic face. All of a sudden she was thrown to the other side of the carriage as the carriage was suddenly halted to a stop.

She got up growling with annoyance as she got out of the carriage even though she didn't like being a princess doesn't mean she can't act like one at times.

"What the f-"she was halted as she stared at the boy in front of her. His blonde hair glistening in the wind his charming smile and those whiskers. It made him look oh so cute. Though the thing that stood out the most was his ocean blue eyes. She could just stare into them all day and get lost.

Naruto then turned to them with a cheeky grin. "Sorry…?"

Moments Later

"So you're telling me... you were chased all the way out here? By your own village?" she asked him staring at him up and down quirking an eyebrow. He nodded and continued to stare out the carriage window not comfortable with her gaze on him. He then turned around.

"Um can you stop staring at me like that?" he asked politely. She blushed slightly and looked away.

"Sorry… it's just that I have never seen any other children unless they were tou-san's nakama"

"What do you mean?" he asked with interest in his tone.

"Well you see I'm a princess… and I really can't get out much due to my father's over protectiveness." At that Naruto jumped all over place in the cart with stars in his eyes.

"Sugoi! You're a princess!" he practically shouted. She giggled at his antics. With that they felt the vehicle come to a halt and Naruto hopped out of the vehicle and helped her out.

"After you hime-chan~" he said in a sing song voice. She smiled and took his hand and got out of the carriage.

"Why thank you" she said giggling. He then gave her a mock bow making her giggle more. After she was done with her fits of laughter she turned to him giving him a sad smile.

"It seems like this is where we part…"

"Naruto" He said abruptly.


"My name is Naruto." She smiled once more that day and kissed him on his cheek.

"Goodbye Naruto-kun" she said walking towards her castle leaving him stunned holding his cheek. He then shook his head shaking off the shocked expression and yelled out to her seeing as how she was half way there already.

"What's your name!"

"Yuugao!" she hollered back. He let a small smile slip on his face.

"Yuugao-chan…" he whispered to himself as the wind blew. Little did he know meeting the purple haired princess had changed his life from that moment on.