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Chapter 6: Reminiscing Pt 1

After they all got their little reunion done they went they started planning off how to destroy their main threat. Akatsuki. As Hiro came up with the plan. The girl with Black hair starred at him smiling softly. She was having ad thoughts about her and Hiro. That all went away when she was poked in the rips. She looked over to see who it was it was Kanai.

"You missed him huh Amaya" Kanai asked the raven haired kunoichi.

The kunoichi known as Amaya just sighed and nodded. He smiled at her and turned back to the meeting. So far it was all about how they were gonna get into the castle and battle strategies. She looked at Hiro who was busy giving off the orders of strategy of some sort and smiled. She remembered how she met him. She started to day dream about the past and everything faded away. The thoughts of Hiro were the only thing in her mind. Everything started to fade away as she was daydreaming about the past when she first met Hiro. Unknown to her the others were thinking the same thing.

Furasshubakku no Jutsu

Amaya was swiftly running at a pace that could make most Anbu proud. She was wearing her standard jounin outfit. A green vest and blue jounin pants that reached her shin (I think) and bandages going down from the shin to the ankles (again I think/ she is wearing what Kakashi's wearing).

She was now a missing nin. She didn't want anything to do with the cursed village known as Kirigakure no more. The Mizukage was planning to wipe all of Kiri's Kekkai Genkai from Kiri's history. Most of her friends were from clans from all over Kiri and now they were all dead that's thanks to the Terror known as the Mizukage.

Right now as Amaya was running behind her were 3 squads. 2 Anbu squads and a squad of hunter nin. 'Well I feel loved' Amaya sarcastically thought to herself. She wasn't paying attention to where she was headed and slipped on a tree branch and fell.

She groaned and looked up and got up dusting herself.

"Kuso! Now they'll catch up!" she said to herself as she got ready to leave when a cry stopped her in her track.

Gyorai Shin! (Torpedo Needle) and then needles from the ground popped out piercing threw her feet pinning her to her current location. As she fell down the Anbu and Hunter Nin came.

"Hehe hey teichou (this is how you really spell it Bakas')beforewe kill her can we have some fun?" asked Bird. The captain just sighed.

"Sorry but we gotta get this done quick if I don't finish this up my wife will kill me." said the captain wearing the Bear mask. He sighed again as he raised his blade preparing to behead the mist nin. When he heard a few light thuds from behind him. He turned around to find out the squad of hunter nin and the squad of Anbu in pieces bleeding, Limbs torn off, muscles incompletely torn from the body of many Anbu. It made him gag. Then he looked around he saw the air was getting thicker like…mist. He turned around to look at Amaya only to see her dissolving into water.

'Mizu Bunshin' the captain thought. He looked around and heard footsteps but barely. He felt her sneak up from behind him. Then he focused the chakra in the mist solidifying the mist into water then he focused the water around his body in a cylinder circle-ish moment like a tornado.

"Mizu No Tatsumaki (Water Tornado)" the captain yelled out clearing the mist. As the technique wore off shurikens and kunais came at him at a blinding speed. But he wasn't Anbu captain for nothing. He just deflected them life rain drops on a car's windshield. Then he did some hand signs and then yelled out "Puressha-Nagare"(PressuringStream)and with that he spit out a stream of pressuring water all around the surrounding area. As it hit the trees knocking them down even making them to dust under the pressure of the water and as the trees that didn't turned to bits hit the grounds making the tree dust and dirt fly into the air covering his view.

As the dust and dirt cleared out there was Amaya in the clearing with a tree trunk on her leg and blood gushing from her left arm as she was nursing it with her right arm trying to bandage it up with shirt piece that she torn off. He smirked and watched her squirm as he got closer and closer. He raised his blade a second time as he brought it down she closed her eyes and her life flashed before her eyes. From the moment she was born to her first kill to this moment. She sighed. 'I guess this is it huh' she waited for the Anbu to bring down his blade. 5 Seconds passed and nothing happened. When she opened her eye she saw 3 Figures but the weird part was that two of them had kunai's poised at vital organs and the one in front of her caught the blade with his index and middle finger like it was nothing.

The Anbu growled and demanded "Who the hell are you?!"

The one in front of her lazily opened his left eye smiled and said "Onikage Organization at your service.Hadachi" (Blade Break Technique)and the two nin's eyes widened. Then he broke his blade with his 2 fingers. Right then the wind started picking up and in a blink of the eye the Anbu was in the air. The guy in front of her vanished and appeared behind the Anbu captain.

He whispered in the Anbu Captain's ear "It ain't nice to pick on the defenseless especially a lady" Then he appeared in front of and gave him a right hook sending him up higher in the air. He appeared behind him and punched him in the gut airing him out and kicked him sending him flying to the left side. Then he made a kage bushin and threw him at the Anbu teichou at a rapid pace and the kage bushin grabbed him and spun him upwards (think Naruto and Sasuke Valley of End here) where the Original appeared and the original gave him an another axe kick to the stomach and yelled out

"Ryuu Rendan (Dragon Combo)" and landed as the others grouped by. The figure then went threw some hand signs and tapped the Anbu on the shoulder and the Anbu yelled in pain. Then the figure took off his sakkat. Amaya turned to see the most handsome face she has ever seen. A person her age maybe one year older, he had blond hair, black highlights, and white tips, a charming smile, he had the most electrifying sapphire eyes ever it was like a never ending tunnel you could look at it all day. He then kneeled down and said to the Anbu

"I could've killed yah but I'm in a good mood so Ima paralyze ya from the waist down." He said with a smile. At this everyone just sweat dropped

"Yeah, yeah, I think we got the rescue part down now can we please get on with this?" One of the other figures asked sounding irritated. He had a somewhat deeper voice then the other guy.

"Awwwwwww Come on Man I was just getting warmed up." Said the other one sounding more childish than the rest.

"Fine" said the Blonde as he put on a serious face and turned towards Amaya. Amaya seemed to be frozen at the spot. She then remembered these guys were shinobi. She then put up her cold demeanor and gave him a cold glare. Hiro looked at her with a serious face and then spoke.

"Amaya Takeda" he looked at her she stiffened but then regained her composure as she looked into his eyes. She saw that he meant no ill intent. He just looked at the others and they nodded. He looked at and smile.

"Amaya Takeda you are requested to join the Onikage organization." He said with a smile

She stood there shocked. S-rank criminal asking her to join their organization. She looked at the other 2 and looked at then looked at the blonde. He then jolted towards the other guys and they just nodded. The other 2 took off their sakkat while one of them took off their cloak.

The first was a guy with wild white hair, the most distinct eyes ever. They were ruby red eyes. He had a scar vertically going down his right side of his face on his right eye. He was the one that took off his cloak. He had a 4 pack, a diamond made Zanbatou, on his chest he has a tattoo of a white howling wolf toward the moon and multiple scars.

"Akitaka Ikimono"

She raised a brow at this.

"Autumn Hawk Animal?"

Akitaka just sighed and looked at her and spoke.

"Don't ask k?" the man known as Akitaka said in a lazy ass voice.

"Geez don't forget me" said the other guy. He was a brunette, his hair was silky… That was until he shook his head crazily like a dog after his bath. Now his hair was spiky crazy. He had chocolate brown eyes. He still had on the cloak with some symbol.

"Yo! Watashi no namae Kanai desu. Nice to meet ya" (My name is Kanai) He smiled and waved.

"..." Amaya just stared. 'This guy is actually an s-rank ninja?' She thought to herself until she felt his presence behind her.

"It's not nice to stare" he said as he poked her in the forehead.

"Lay off Kanai" said the blonde as he walked forward out of the shadows. He was now wearing black ninja cargo jeans, the standard ninja sandals, a white t-shirt with a black vest over it. White fingerless gloves with square holes in the knuckles. On the top and outside of the glove there was a weird seal. He also had a blank hiate-te over his eyes. (Blank hiate-te as in a headband with no symbol for those who don't understand) One his back strapped in an X was 2 ordinary katana's. Though they were different from each other. One had a pitch black sheath while the other one had a pure white sheath. On the handles were the same seal as on the gloves. He bent over took her hand and kissed it and stood back up.

"Hiroshima Namikaze" He said and gave her a charming smile. Amaya just blushed and stared.

"Uummm… sorry to break up the moment but we need her answer." said Kanai sounding bored since he was balancing a kunai on his nose.

"Right hehe so Amaya-chan your answer?" Hiro asked and smiled.

Amaya blushed at the nickname and thought about the ups and downs of this decision. If she said yes she could hang around Hiro more. Which she turned and looked at him which he smiled and waved. She didn't have to worry about the Anbu or Hunter Nins no more. So she turned towards Hiro and them.

"I've made my decision" she said. They moved in closer.

"I will join" she said and they all cheered or smiled or smirked. With that very decision was how she met Hiro and became a member of the Onikage Organization.

Furasshubakku End

She sighed and got up as the meeting was over. Then as she was leaving she heard Hiro calling her and turned around only to be tackled and placed on the ground in a sexually nice position (couldn't think of a word haha)

"Soooooooooo Amaya-chan I was wondering if you like to go out for a walk with me and the girls?" Hiro asked as he got up and helped Amaya Up. She dusted herself and looked at him.

"I guess…" and she was cut off as she was dragged to the park by Hiro. As they were running hair feel in her face and she blew it out of her face and thought to her. 'This is gonna be one long night.

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