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Her blood was the sweetest I had ever smelled. I don't know how I had lasted the whole biology class. I just had to taste it! I tried to forget it, but it kept coming back in my mind- the wonderful freesia scent.

How would I lure her away? Surely, someone would notice her walking with me. Maybe if I offered to carry her books to her car I could pretend to introduce her to Alice. I will lead her to my car and into the forest. I could drink her there in the woods and leave her to make it look like she was attacked by a bear. That would work. I checked to see if Alice would 'see' anything. She was too busy looking into Jasper's future to notice.

After my last class I ran to meet her coming out of gym. She was walking by herself, so I decided to approach her.

"Hello," I said as friendly as I could. I wanted right now to just drink her, but I had to wait. She looked up at me with her eyes wide. She just stood there for a moment staring at me.

"Hello," she finally said weakly. She turned her head and headed toward her truck.

"I'm Edward Cullen. I didn't introduce myself earlier," I introduced. She looked at me again.

"Bella Swan," was all she said.

"Would you like to meet my sister, Alice?" I asked. She looked hesitant. I wasn't used to not hearing her thoughts, so it was sort of frustrating trying to read her face.

"Sure," she answered. I motioned with my hand to lead her to my Volvo, which was parked conveniently at the nearest spot by the woods. She noticed Alice was nowhere by the car.

"Where is she?" Bella asked me. I smiled down at her.

"Maybe she went in the woods. Let's look," I suggested. She looked skeptical, but nodded and followed me. She eventually caught on that Alice wasn't in the forest.

"Where are we going?" she asked. You could hear the hysteria in her voice. I grabbed her, and she started to scream, but my hand covered her mouth. She was struggling against my grip, but I was too strong for her. Her heartbeat was beating faster and faster. It only made me want to drink her more. The monster in me took over all of my senses. I ran to a part of the forest where no one was around. I bent my head down to her neck and sipped the delicious blood. It was better than I had ever imagined. Her heartbeat was getting fainter. I looked at her; she looked so fragile and scared. I closed my eyes and I saw Carlisle's face when I was on my rebellious stage. How disappointed he was with me. I could almost see the disapproval of his face when he found out what I had done to this girl. I had to stop drinking! She's just an innocent girl; she's never done anything wrong.

Except smell so delicious, my monster side protested.

No! I shook my head. I didn't know what to do. I had stopped drinking from her. I heard Alice's thoughts getting closer. She was followed by Emmett.

I don't know why he drank out of her. I thought he had great control, she thought.

What is Alice talking about? Emmett thought very confused.

Alice was there with Emmett by her side.

"Edward go hunting, now!" she ordered me.

Your eyes aren't black or gold! Emmett thought. I ran off to hunt for a day or two.

I was walking over to the Volvo when the vision hit me.

Edward was walking with the new student. She looked afraid. He grabbed her and she started to squirm, but he ran deeper into the forest with her. He started to drink her.

I had to stop him! I grabbed Emmett and told him to follow me. If Edward went too far Emmett would have to pull him off. Emmett was a lot stronger than me so he could easily stop Edward.

Emmett was confused but followed me through the forest. Edward just stopped drinking from the girl and his eyes were no longer gold or black.

"Edward go hunting, now!" I demanded. He nodded and ran off.

"Emmett carry her," I ordered. He nodded and picked her up. I started to rip off the end of her jeans and the corner of her sleeve.

"What are you doing?" Emmett asked.

"I'll explain later. Let's go to our house. I'm calling Carlisle," I told him. I could tell he wanted more information, but he just followed me loyally.

"Carlisle?" I asked into the phone.

"Yes?" he answered.

"Edward bit a girl. I need you to come suck the venom out. I can't I'd lose control," I informed him.

"Edward bit someone?" Carlisle said appalled. I sighed heavily.

"Yes, have we established that? Just hurry home!" I answered frustrated then hung up.

"Who's that?" Esme asked alarmed when we walked in.

"The new student Edward bit. I'll explain it to everyone later, we're waiting for Carlisle now," I answered her. She nodded, and went up to Bella who was now letting out little whimpers.

"Burn! Fire," she whispered. Esme patted her hair motherly.

"Poor dear," Esme said. Emmett took her upstairs to the spare bedroom, and Esme followed. I heard Carlisle's Mercedes pull in the driveway.

"What happened?" he demanded.

"Edward bit her, and she is changing right now. I was hoping you could suck the venom out," I told him.

"I'll go see what I can do," Carlisle said and he headed upstairs. By this time, Rosalie and Jasper arrived home.

"What is going on? We come to the Volvo, and no one is there! So we drive it home, and notice Carlisle isn't at work!" Rosalie said angrily.

"I'll explain later to everyone, Rose. Just be patient. Edward bit a girl," I answered her.

"Edward bit someone?" Jasper asked surprised. I nodded my head, and went to check on her.

"How could Edward be so selfish and lose control? Now we'll have to move again just because he slipped up," Rosalie vented. I rolled my eyes. Carlisle was walking downstairs to us.

"It's too late to suck out the venom. If I did she would have no blood left in her system; she would die. The only other choice is to continue the transformation," he announced. Everyone looked down remembering the pain of our own transformation.

"What about her family? Isn't she the police chief's daughter? Wouldn't he have the whole police looking for her?" Jasper asked.

"I took care of that. I left some torn clothing with blood on it on the forest floor. I made it look like she got attacked by a bear," I told them.

"They're going to ask Edward a few questions," Emmett pointed out. I nodded.

"He'll just say she was talking about taking a walk through the woods, and then he left her to go home," I explained. They seemed to accept this.

"I'm going to check on her," Esme finally said, while walking upstairs.

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