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Edward was playing the piano for me when he suddenly started snickering.

"What?" I asked.

"Emmett is conspiring against you. I would go check your room," Edward told me, and I ran to my room. Emmett had been trying to get back at me since I made him dance in a chicken suit two days ago. There he was just as Edward had predicted. He was standing by my bookshelf. When he saw me he muttered under his breath, "Why does Edward always give me away?"

"I caught you, Emmett; you can leave now," I dismissed him. He just smiled and grabbed a book. I didn't get to see what it was because he ran off with it.

"Emmett!" I yelled chasing after him. He ran to the living room. Edward saw him and started chasing him to. I put my hand out to stop him and there was a loud crash.

"Ow," Emmett said rubbing his head. Edward put his hand out and touched an invisible glass. He punched it and it didn't move. Emmett took a few steps backward and ran with his elbow first into it. But it wasn't there and he hit a wall.

"What's going on?" Esme asked. Everyone was downstairs in an instant. Emmett looked confused and kept flicking his hand out to touch the glass that was once there.

"There was this glass in front of me and I ran into it. Edward touched it, too. Then it was gone- just like that!" he explained. Esme looked at Edward for a better clarification. He just nodded.

"Bella just said 'Emmett!' and the glass was there," he said. All eyes turned to me. I just shrugged, and Alice's eyes got wide.

"That's Bella's power! Not only can she block things with her mind, but she can block them physically!" she exclaimed. I looked at her quizzically.

"She can make force fields!" she clarified.

"Really? That's awesome," Emmett said.

"Try it out," Carlisle encouraged. I looked at Edward and he nodded assuringly. I put my hand up like I had done when I stopped Emmett. Edward touched the air where my hand was pointing. He touched nothing but air.

"Try again; think harder," Carlisle said. I thought about making a wall, the kind that had stopped Emmett.

"Wow," I heard Jasper say. I opened my eyes and saw him touching glass. Everyone was over there touching the glass.

"Try surrounding someone with glass," Rosalie suggested. I imagined her surrounded by glass and she was unable to get out. I opened my eyes, and she looked like a mime. She was touching the walls trying to find a way out. Her mouth moved but you couldn't hear her say anything.

"Rose?" Emmett asked. She started pushing the glass harder and harder. I pictured her without the glass around her- it worked.

"We couldn't hear you," Emmett told her.

"I could hear you. That was indestructible," she announced.

"That's interesting. Try lifting Edward up by surrounding him with glass," he told me. I imagined Edward floating while he was surrounded by glass. I opened my eyes and he was still on the ground.

"I don't think I can," I admitted. Carlisle just nodded.

"Now we have to help you develop your power," he observed mostly to himself.

The rest of the day Emmett kept challenging me to do different things with my power. I had to hold my hand up and make glass walls.

"Now, try-" he started to say.

"No!" I said firmly. I closed my eyes and put him in a box. I smiled at my work and went to my room. I heard Carlisle call my name.

"Yes?" I asked walking into his office.

"It's time to practice your control. I think it's time for you to smell dried blood," he said.

"That's not in the bag?" I asked cautiously.

"Yes. I think you can handle it. You have had the fastest control of everyone here," he said.

"Well, I've had the most help. Without everyone's help I wouldn't have such control," I said modestly.

"Whatever the case is, I'm going to take the cloth out. It's covered in blood, but it is dried human blood. I want you to hold your breath. If you can control yourself around this, then you can control yourself by a human," he said. I can do this! A huge wave of confidence came my way.

"Thanks, Jasper," I said graciously.

"No problem," he replied from downstairs.

"Are you ready?" Carlisle asked. I nodded sure of myself. All of my confidence faded as soon as he took the cloth out. My thoughts only consisted on blood. My foot took a step forward.

No! You can do this! I held my breath and backed away. The blood was calling to me. My foot lifted off the ground to take a step forward. NO! I screamed to my brain. I closed my eyes and concentrated on something. The first thing that popped into my brain was Edward- his beautiful face. How he looked so proud of me when I had controlled myself around Charlie. To see his face again I would have to control myself. The smell vanished and I opened my eyes. Carlisle had put it away.

"Very good, Bella!" he said. I smiled happy with myself.

"Do you want to practice your powers?" he asked.

"I think I've had enough of that with Emmett. Maybe tomorrow," I said. He nodded.

I went into my room to relax.

"Bella?" Rosalie asked knocking on my door.

"Yes?" I asked. Rosalie looked annoyed when she came in.

"Why is my husband trapped inside an invisible box?" she asked.

"He is practicing to be a mime," I muttered remembering I had surrounded him by my force field. She gave me a stern look. "Fine," I sighed defeated. I went to get him out and everyone was laughing at him. He was in the corner of the box sitting cross-legged. When he saw me he started shouting things that I couldn't understand, but they didn't sound nice.

"He better be watching his language," Esme said. Edward laughed.

"No, from what I can hear he isn't," he informed her. Emmett shot him a look, and Edward's eyes widened. Emmett started smirking; he was satisfied with Edward's reaction.

"What did he think?" I asked. Edward looked at me quickly then back at Emmett. Even though it was a quick glance I saw a lot of emotion behind them. It looked like hunger or lust. Emmett was in the corner of the box laughing.

"Nothing," he muttered. He was getting angrier now. "Get him out of there now," he begged. I concentrated on making the box disappear.

"Finally!" I heard Emmett shout. "I thought you were going to keep me in there forever!"

"I should have," I muttered. Edward laughed and Emmett shot him another look.

"Not those thoughts again! It's not like that," he muttered. I swear I saw his eyes flicker to me. Emmett grinned and walked off.

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