Ficlet. Fluff. KaRe.

Don't expect much.

Rei was hot, and he was shivering. Rei was never going to volunteer to wash Takao's grandfather's car ever again. His bare feet were icy; plimsolls drenched with the, much too cold, water from the hosepipe since long and set to dry on the grass. His trousers had soon followed and swiftly been replaced by a pair of Kai's baggier shorts, which he never used anyway so Rei hadn't even bothered asking. Not that it had mattered for long, because they, too, were drenched and cold and clinging to his legs.

Even if he had managed not to splash water on himself every time he turned the hosepipe on, or lifted the bucket with cold, soapy water to move it around the car, Rei doubted he would have been able to stay perfectly dry. Water seemed to have an impeccable aptitude for finding every last dry place and nook, not matter how small and cleverly hidden, and instantly soaking it. Just rinsing the hubcaps had rather efficiently splashed water on his legs. Not even his hair had been spared, and it now rested heavily against his back, chilling him as the water quickly turned very, very cold. He was, of course, wet on his back too.

But, Rei reflected with faintly blue lips and chattering teeth as he directed the water at the car, as soon as those last, few stubborn suds- ah. Gone and he was done. Rei smiled wearily. "Finally," he whispered, and relaxed, shoulders slumping. His grip, suddenly too slack, on the hosepipe, cold, wet fingers slipping and Rei dropped it, and before he had the chance to react; to move out of the way, it had twisted around, and the water shot up at him, hitting him straight in the face. "Ah!" He spluttered, arms coming up to shield his eyes, and he jumped away, running over to the house, where he turned the water off.

His fingers were cold, and stiff, so it took longer than it should have, and when he straightened, and turned around he glared, eyes slitting as Kai was smirking, arms crossed and leaning quite comfortably against the very same car Rei had just spent the morning washing.

"I could've handed it in to get cleaned, you know." Rei snorted, not deigning Kai with a response. Not after having worked, chilled and cold, for what felt like an entire day with his back aching and hands protesting.

Walking out of the shadow the house cast, Rei shivered. And promptly sneezed. With a sniffle, and a heavy sigh, he bent down to pick up the bucket; he still had to empty it, after all. As Rei stood there, feeling miserable and looking thoroughly drenched, he felt Kai drape a towel – a dry, warm towel – over his back. Looking over his shoulder, Rei smiled appreciatively. "Thanks, love." The towel alone was not responsible for the sudden warmness he felt, or the distinctly silly quality his smile had taken.

Kai just shrugged, one hand rubbing the side of his head, looking vaguely embarrassed and lethargically content. "I love you." Rei's eyes widened and he dropped the bucket he was holding.

It landed with a spectacularly splash on the ground, instantly drenching his bare legs with the icy cold water and soaking Kai's jeans.

Then Rei spoke, voice a quiet, incredulous whisper. "…what?" Kai blinked, mouth partly open in a shocked, surprised yelp that never came. Rei's hands flew to his face, and he could feel his ears turning hot, hands flying up to his face. "Oh shit, I'm so sorry!"

Let it snow.