The CardMistress' Magical Twin

Chapter One: 'Harry' to 'Haru'

Petunia Dursley always enjoyed her early morning routine. She loved the quiet sameness of it all. Unfortunately, on this particular morning, her routine had been disrupted quite alarmingly. Because today, Petunia Dursley had woken to find her year-old nephew asleep on her doorstep.

"VERNON!" she shrieked, snatching the child up and into the house before the neighbors could see him. "Vernon come quick!"

A bleary-eyed Vernon Dursley stumbled into the kitchen, still wearing his pajamas.

"What is it, Pet?" he mumbled.

"It's him." Petunia hissed at her husband, pointing at the baby she had unceremoniously dumped on the kitchen table. "My sister's brat. She and that good-for-nothing husband of hers have gone and gotten themselves killed. We're supposed to raise their unnatural brat."

Vernon was wide awake now.

"Not a chance," he growled, "I won't have that-that thing contaminating our Duddy."

"Of course, dear," agreed Petunia, "But what will we do with it? We can't just dump it in an orphanage. They'll just trace it back to us."

Vernon thought for a minute. An idea struck him.

"I'll take it with me on that business trip to Japan next week. I can abandon it there. In the mean time, we'll keep it in the cupboard under the staircase. That way it won't contaminate our Dudders."

"That's an excellent plan, Vernon."

"Of course it is."

Sonomi Daidouji did not normally do her own shopping. Today, however she had unexpectedly run out of mashed carrots for her year old daughter Tomoyo. She was glad she had decided to go out and get it herself rather than send a servent, because she otherwise would not have run into her beloved cousin Nadeshiko. She had never approved of Nadeshiko's husband, but that didn't mean she had stopped loving her cousin. The two left the grocery store deep in conversation.

That is, until Nadeshiko heard something in a nearby alley.

"Let's check it out, Sonomi-chan," she insisted, dragging the other woman behind her. As they entered the mouth of the alley, the sounds became clearer.

"It sounds like…crying," murmered Sonomi.

"It's coming from over here," said Nadeshiko, walking up to a rag pile and peering into it. She gasped. "Sonomi-chan, it's a baby. Someone left a baby here. Who would do such a thing?" Sonomi came over and sure enough, there was a little baby boy lying in the midst of the rag pile. Nadeshiko picked him up and cradled him in her arms making soothing sounds. "He has such bright green eyes, and look at this scar." She traced a scar shaped like lightening on the child's forehead. "I think I'll call him Haruki."

"You can't possibly be thinking of keeping him?" Sonomi blurted in shock.

"Why not?" asked Nadeshiko.

"'Why not?'" repeated Sonomi, incredulously, "There are dozens of reasons, Nadeshiko-chan. First of all, you found him in an alley."

"All the more reason to give him a loving home," replied Nadeshiko firmly.

Sonomi recognized that tone of voice. Nadeshiko had made up her mind and no one, not even Sonomi, could change it. She sighed.

"Well, at least let me help you and Kinomoto-san adopt him legally. It shouldn't be too hard for me."

Nadeshiko looked up at her in surprise. Sonomi hadn't said Fujitaka's name with nearly as much venom as she had expected.

"I'd like that." She told her cousin.

Nadeshiko smiled down at the newly named Haruki, who was sleeping peacefully in her arms.

Glossary of Japanese Words and Phrases: Chapter One

-chan: honorific generally used for girls or small children, can be considered demeaning when used towards boys

-san: honorific that is often used towards persons one does not know well or one has a moderate amount of respect for