It wasn't to last, though. Soon, the small family group finished their quietly delicious meal and the three adult males went to dispose of their trash properly. While they were gone, Sonomi Daidoujii arrived.

"There goes our peaceful atmosphere,' Haru thought resignedly. From here on out, his Oba-san would exchange curt pleasantries with his Tou-san at the same time she was glaring daggers that were sharp enough to kill at him.

For reasons Haru was unsure of, his Okaa-san's cousin seemed to truly despise his Tou-san. There was no denying that Sonomi Daidoujii doted on her niece and nephews. It was their father she couldn't stand.

When Fujitaka returned, sure enough, the glaring began with a mock-pleasant, "Konnichiwa, Kinomoto-san."

"Konnichiwa, Sonomi-chan," was the cordial reply.

It only seemed to infuriate her more.

After several minutes of a conversation in which only the two Kinomoto brothers seemed aware of the one-sided enmity behind the polite words, a voice came over the speakers.

"Those running in the Parents' Hundred Meter Dash, please report to the front gate. Repeat…"

At this, Sonomi and Fujitaka both stood and walked towards the front of the school.

"Good luck, Tou-san!" cried Sakura enthusiastically.

Fujitaka half turned to give his daughter a small smile and a wave. Sonomi strode ahead of him as if she believed the race had already started.

Nearly as soon as the race began, flowers began to drift down through the air. They floated lazily downward at first, but soon the air was thick with petals. Bit by bit they covered the ground. Now they were ankle-deep; now knee-deep. But still Sonomi and Fujitaka ran on.

Haruki turned to his sister.

"Something's wrong, Sakura," he stated worriedly. "This isn't normal. Do you think it could be a Clow Card?"

Sakura's brow creased in consternation.

"Ano, I suppose," she replied uncertainly. Glancing around as she pulled her key from beneath her shirt.

"You're going to use your magic here?" asked Tomoyo in surprise.

"No one's looking," Sakura answered defensively.

"'Sides, it's not like she has much choice," Haru added in his twin's defense.





After her key elongated into the sealing staff, Sakura invoked the Fly Card. The three ten year olds clambered on and were soon hovering high above the Tomoeda Elementary Athletics Field.

The trio could hardly see the ground, the floating flower petals were so thick.

"At times like this, it's best to call the experts," Tomoyo advised, pulling a cell phone out of nowhere.

"Where were you keeping that?" Haru and Sakura asked, sweat dropping in unison.

"What? I am in the deep abyss of depression." Kero answered the phone. Haru figured he'd just lost at some video game.

"Kero-chan, we're in a bind," Sakura told the overly-dramatic sun guardian.

After a few minutes of pointless blathering, Haru grabbed the phone from Sakura and yelled into it.

"Unless you hurry up, our whole school is gonna drown in flowers! And personally, I cant's think of a more pathetic way to go!"

"Haru!" cried Sakura as she grabbed the phone back.

In the end, the Flowery Card was captured after it danced with Sakura.

Haru realized that day that, while all the cards were dangerous, they weren't all malicious.