Gasp! Two drabbles in one day! It's a miracle! xD

Five-year old Ilia giggled as she chased Link across the ranch's lush green field.

Unfortunately, a rabbit hole appeared out of nowhere, conveniently placing itself right in front of Ilia's foot.

"Ouch!" She cried, falling to the ground and holding her ankle. Tears sprung from her eyes and ran down her face.

Link dashed towards her. "Ilia, are you okay?" He asked, kneeling next to her. Ilia sniffled and shook her head.

Link smiled and put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Ilia. I'll protect you. I promise."

And to this very day, Link has never broken his promise.

I dunno how I feel about that one either. It sounded better in my head than when I wrote it out. I guess it feels a bit rushed? But hey, it is just a drabble.

Remember, I'd still LOVE to have some more guest authors for this. :D