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Chapter 10: Enchantress

I knew it was coming to an end, her screams were starting to die down after the past three days from hell. As I held her close, I realized I missed her warmth already. Her skin had also hardened and become paler. Her features were more defined and I couldn't help but think my pretty Bella, now looked like a beautiful woman. She had filled out, appeared older and was now devastatingly gorgeous. I had tried to do everything I could to soothe her pain. I had held her tight to my chest and continually hummed her lullaby and talked to her of my plans for our future. I loved her so much that I felt like every scream had been my own. My chest still ached for the pain I had caused her. These last few days had been hard but I reminded myself they were nothing compared to leaving her a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately though, It now seemed like a lifetime ago.

My family had continued to assure me that this is what she wanted and that we deserved to be together and to be happy. I prayed that Bella would always see it that way and would never regret her decision to be with me. I still couldn't believe that this was real, that I would really have her with me forever. I still had a hard time dealing with the guilt of doing this to her, but the selfish monster inside of me roared back that she was mine and now I would never part myself from her again.

Her scent if possible, had become even more intoxicating but it had nothing to do with her blood. Now I just wanted her. I wanted to make her mine in every way. As I fantasized about our life together waiting for her to come back to me I was startled by her sudden movement. She had sat up and opened her eyes so quickly it threw me. I looked at her not knowing what to think. All I knew is that I wanted to kiss her, to draw her closer and never let her go. Suddenly though I was panicked. It dawned on me that she might not have those same feelings for me anymore. She could have forgotten me. So I just stared at her and prayed that inside she was still my Bella.

She smiled at me and said, "It's okay Edward, I won't bite."

Her voice was the most alluring and sultry sound I had ever heard. Her eyes though red were still her beautiful eyes. They were deep pools that as usual seemed to swallow me whole. I tried hard not to think about the fact that I wanted her, needed her but it didn't seem very gentlemanly to be thinking like that right now. Instead I tried to focus on what she might be feeling or needing. I asked her if she was okay and if she needed to hunt. She said no but we needed to do something quickly to get out of here. Her presence was driving me insane. I felt an invisible pull to touch her, to be with her. The pull towards her had become more and more unbearable, like nothing I had ever felt before. She asked me if I missed her. I wanted to explain just how much and what I was feeling but I was afraid to say too much, so the only thing that came out was, "Of course."

She stared back at me and then said something that made me lose what little control I had. "Are you going to kiss me?"

That's all it took I completely lost it. I pressed my lips to hers and I ran my hands up and down her body wildly. I had never let myself think about Bella in an unwholesome manner before. I had known that certain things were never going to be possible for us and I tried not to torture myself with fantasies. Now though, my mind and body could only dwell on the possibilities that were now open to me. I never thought being with her like this would feel this overpowering. The feelings and the electricity that was between us was amazing, it was indescribable.

All of a sudden she began licking and kissing her way down my neck and I felt that same thirst I once had for her blood again. Instead of my throat burning though this time my whole body felt as if it were on fire. I knew I had always been able to control the other thirst but this new one seemed just as powerful and giving in wouldn't kill her, she seemed to want it just as much as me. I leaned her back towards the bed and I moaned her name before I even realized it. I was completely at her mercy.

I drew her hips in closer and began nibbling on her neck where I had bitten her three days ago. Before I even noticed, she had ripped my shirt off and was kissing her way down my chest. It felt so good but I knew if I had a chance to stop this I had to do it now because I couldn't take anymore. As good as it felt, once I looked down at her beautiful face I knew I had to stop her before she did something she might regret. I wanted our first time to be perfect and as old fashioned as it might be I wanted it to be our wedding night. I wanted her to know that I had chosen her forever in every tangible way before we made this next step.

Also once I came back to my senses, I realized my family's voices were commenting on everything that was happening. My brothers were especially discomforting. They were offering pointers that were making me very uncomfortable and a little ill.

I brought her face up to mine and whispered to her how beautiful she was. I almost gave up when she pleaded with me not to stop. To have to force her and myself to stop had caused my whole body to shudder in pain. I tried to explain that I wanted to wait until after the wedding and I could tell that she thought I was absolutely insane. She also was debating, I'm sure, to how strongly opposed to the idea I really was. I didn't think I had much will power left, so I reminded her that I'm sure she did not want to do this with my family downstairs listening in. That seemed to bring her around.

She seemed excited to get the marriage ceremony part over and I'm sure it was for a variety of reasons. I knew she didn't like being the center of attention and that her parents' failure still weighed on her heavily. She was about to head downstairs when I told her not to worry they were all headed up.

I sat quietly watching her interact with my family and make wedding plans with Alice. I had been trying to not think about the fact that I was shirtless but I was having to tune my family's thoughts out to do it. Emmett's thoughts of course were the worst but then I happened upon Jasper's.

Bella is getting really thirsty and it is starting to make me thirsty.

Immediately he voiced his thoughts out loud, "Bella needs to hunt."

I should have been paying closer attention. I would have to start watching her more carefully. I guess Jasper had already had enough of my guilty feelings because as I was grabbing Bella's hand and a new shirt downstairs, he directed his thoughts specifically at me.

Edward you may be a mind reader but not when it comes to Bella so quit with the guilt already your killing me!

I knew he was right but when it came to Bella, I feared I would never be able to not feel guilt. I knew I would need to let it go now that there was no going back but I still believed that she deserves more than this. I am going to try to be happy that she chose to be with me. As I ran in the woods holding Bella's hand, I tried to think positively but it was difficult when I knew she was about to find out what it really meant to be a monster.

I tried to just watch her as we ran hoping that it would lift me out of my negative thinking. She looked beautiful with her hair blowing. She truly was amazing and I had no idea what I had done to deserve the love she had for me. Her face looked like she was deep in thought and I was already worrying, when a smile suddenly appeared on her face.

As I wondered what she was thinking about, she asked whether Alice was going to really be able to pull off a wedding tomorrow. I assured her that Alice was up for the challenge and I couldn't help to feel a little better after seeing that smile. We slowly came to a stop and I knew this was going to be difficult for me and for Bella. I tried to reassure her. I told her unfortunately that hunting came very easily and once she opened her senses she would know what to do. I pointed her toward the direction of the deer and she was off.

I followed her as she quickly ran through the forest. She was fast and I was having trouble keeping up. As she came upon the deer I gasped. She looked gloriously terrifying and ravishingly beautiful at the same time. She pounced on the deer and broke it's neck with her teeth but instead of the revulsion I was afraid I might feel I just wanted her even more. She was deadly now but so beautiful. She must have sensed me staring at her as she turned her head to face me. She asked if I was hungry! She had no idea. I ran to her hoping I would still be able to keep some sort of control.

I got closer and told her I wasn't really thinking about deer and I couldn't resist the blood that was now running down her chin. I licked a trail to her lips. These two things were the only two things I would ever need in this cruel existence, Bella and blood. Everything else in my life was nice to have but Bella and blood would always be the only real needs I would ever have. I had no idea seeing her hunt would feel like this. It was indescribable. I felt like an animal but I also felt like a man. I had always squelched these feelings but now I felt as if I couldn't hold back anymore. I needed her so badly to take away this powerful longing.

She was kissing me again and pulling me closer. Her hand started making it's way up my back and I knew I had to stop. I was an idiot our wedding was tomorrow! I could wait, I would wait. I pulled away for the second time today trying weakly to explain to her. Then I heard something I never thought I would ever here. Her voice inside of my head. She said she wanted to take away my pain and all of the sudden the longing turned to contentment. And then I heard her call me a stupid moral vampire.

Though any other time I might have been offended by her remark, the idea that I finally got to hear her thoughts was completely exhilarating and I couldn't think of anything else. However, after explaining and trying again I was annoyed to find out it wasn't going to be a constant thing. I explained to her that maybe when she had opened her mind to use her power I finally got to catch a glimpse. I had no idea whether her power was like Jasper's or not we would figure it out with Carlisle when we got back. Right now I knew she must still be thirsty and I definitely didn't need to watch again.

I explained to her how this need for each other while hunting was a normal problem with the other couples in our family especially Emmett and Rosalie. It had made being the odd man out even more difficult at times, especially since I couldn't stop reading minds. I convinced her to go on ahead and she took off running. I tried to stay back to give her space but still keep her scent near enough to me that I wouldn't go crazy.

She had been gone only a few minutes when I detected thoughts I had never hoped to hear again …Victoria. I had left Bella unprotected, I was an idiot. My dead heart ached as I ran as fast as I could. I ran until I crashed into A red blur barely making it in time before her teeth had made it to Bella's neck. As soon as Victoria realized I was what had ruined her perfect moment she took off. As much as I was dying to go after her and end this for good I had to get Bella back to the house. I would never leave her vulnerable again.

I got to the house quickly but I was so angry and upset that I couldn't talk or think straight. I laid her on the couch, kissed her and left before she could say anything to keep me there. I barely heard her scream my name as I was already running fast trying to catch up with Victoria's scent. I knew my family would keep her safe but I had to end this.

Victoria had come too close to taking everything away from me. I was so close to having everything I could ever want. Would it always be my fate to be miserably alone? Would there always be someone in the way of my happiness? I had finally removed myself from ending my chance at happiness only to have someone else take my place. I had in my grasp the happiest possibility for my never ending life but it was not going to be if Victoria had anything to do with it. I wouldn't live without her, I couldn't. I had proved it over the last couple of weeks. I am such an idiot, I probably led Victoria straight here.

I roared when I came to the end of her trail. I was at a road and I knew that she must have had a car waiting. I would have to find her! I couldn't live with her presence always hanging over us. I can't continue to wonder if or when I finally let my guard down she will take Bella away from me forever.

I heard Jasper and Emmett approach by their thoughts. I saw Bella's panicked face in their minds as she sent them after me. I'm sure Jasper knew where to find me he could probably feel this pain for miles.

As he ran up he was already yelling, "Edward she could have had somebody with her. You are such an idiot! I realize you never use your head when it comes to Bella but you are of no use to her dead!"

I mumbled the fact that I was already dead but that just seemed to annoy them more.

Emmett started in then. "If something happens to you she is going to be just as big of a mess as you without her! We are a family for a reason we are there for each other. Never run off without us ever again, Bella is our family now too. If some one is after one of us they are after all of us. Quit freaking out we are going to handle this."

I decided to try to explain it to them, "Jasper can you please show Emmett what this feels like! I have waited almost a hundred years to feel this way about someone and to have it constantly torn from me whether by my own fault or not is excruciating. I feel helpless I won't live without her, you saw how well that worked out. I mean what would you both do if Alice and Rosalie were constantly in danger of being taken from you forever!"

Jasper just glared at me, "I can feel it so you might as well say it."

Even as I whispered it I knew they would still hear it, "I can't help but think she will be taken from me as punishment for everything I have done."

Jasper didn't miss a beat, "Then I wouldn't have Alice either so you are being ludicrous and melodramatic. Get back to the house and to Bella. We will not let anything happen to either one of you as long as you don't pull anymore stupid stunts like this one."

Emmett nodded his head and added, "She's my little sister now and if you don't get it together and start treating her better I swear I am going to have to kick you're a. Get up now! She's freaked out and she needs you."

I slowly stood up and headed back towards the house still feeling like I failed her for not ending Victoria while I had the chance. I sat down by a tree in front of the house while my brothers went inside. I wasn't ready to face her yet. My feelings were still too raw. All I could think about was how I almost lost her.

I buried my face in my hands and then I felt her again and heard her thoughts as she shared her gift and her love with me.She had known exactly what was wrong. She really knew me too well.She had washed the pain and the guilt away and now all I wanted was her near me. I held my arms out to her as she crashed into them. As she kissed me all my old insecurities seemed to fall away. I loved her and decided that I refused to waste any moment that I still had with her by my side. I didn't know what the future would hold and I wanted to stop worrying and enjoy today.

She looked into my eyes and told me that she deserved me, I deserved her and that we were going to be married tomorrow. I had to smile. I promised I would try to deserve her everyday. We kissed again and again as she molded her body to mine where she fit perfectly. I knew I was starting to lose control again but thankfully Bella pulled away this time suggesting we go help Alice get ready for tomorrow.

I knew I shouldn't but I was afraid I wouldn't get her alone again so I yanked her back down to my lap. I tried to explain to her that without her next to me I didn't feel safe anymore. Not to mention my raging hormones that she seemed to have resurrected from the dead wouldn't allow me to stop touching her. She joked that if we sat here any longer she would rip my shirt off again, so I reluctantly rose to my feet. It felt so wonderful to be so free with her now. I can't believe how viciously I fought against my own happiness and Bella's.

I registered Alice's thoughts in my head as we approached the house.

Quit stealing my best friend! We do have a wedding to plan by TOMORROW! I could use some input from the two of you.

Bella turned to me nervously asking what Alice had seen. I laughed andtold her it was only that Alice was annoyed because she wanted us to hurry up. I then explained that she just wants help with the wedding plans. Her body visibly relaxed as we walked inside. As we got inside I could read Carlisle's thoughts and realized we weren't quite done for the day.

Laurent and possibly Irina too might be helping Victoria. Thatwas not great news but with Bella sitting next to me, I couldn't help but feel reassured. I drew her close to me and told her it would be fine and for the first time I felt it too. It was easy to feel that way when I could feel her, smell her and touch her. I leaned forward to kiss her forehead as Alice's vision entered my mind.

I heard Bella's voice laced with panic as soon as she noticed Alice was getting one of her visions. "Alice, what is it? What did you see?"

In her mind I had seen pictures of Charlie finding Bella's truck at the airport and of FBI agents checking out our house in Forks.

Like we didn't have enough to deal with right now. Bella was not going to be excited about having to deal with her parents right now but we didn't have much of a choice and so I nodded to Alice to tell her. Bella's new perceptive senses didn't miss that and I was sure that I would hear about it later.

Alice spoke up then, "Bella, You need to call Charlie and tell him that you are okay and that you and Edward eloped."

She closed her eyes again and came back a minute later.

"Yes, I can see that will work but just so you know he is going to be really angry. If you don't call now we are going to have a lot of people looking for our family and asking a lot of questions.That's not really something we like. "

Rosalie stomped out of the room and I heard her mumble as she left "Stupid girl!"

Bella voiced my frustration, "Well that's exactly what we needed! I'll call Charlie and Renee right now. I'm sorry."

Alice nodded her head, "Don't worry. I've seen it once you tell him you are with us and that you are married to Edward he will be furious and Renee will be too but there is nothing they can do about it legally. You are 18 and can make your own decisions. It will be fine … well at least the FBI and police part anyway. I know it's not going to be fine to basically say goodbye to your parents, especially the day before your wedding."

Esme stepped up and handed us both new cell phones and in her mind told me never to smash my only link with my family ever again. She could be pretty fierce when it came to protecting one of us but outwardly she was hugging Bella and telling her she wanted to help her plan for tomorrow. Esme's thoughts finally calmed as she started thinking about the floral arrangements she was making for the wedding.

Bella opened her phone and started to dial the familiar numbers as the rest of my family scattered to give her privacy.

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