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Tyler Crowley.

Crowley Cretin

(Tyler's PoV)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I thrashed around in my sheets, trying to get my hand loose so I could smack the living daylights out of my alarm clock.

Unfortunately, my hand decided not to hit my alarm clock, but the corner of my bedside table.

"OW!" I yelled, clutching my now sore hand with my now freed one.

"Tyler! Get up!" A persistent banging sounded from my bedroom door as my mother pounded on it with all her might. "You'll be late! And turn off that infernal contraption that was supposed to wake you an hour ago!"

An hour?

In slight bewilderment, I turned to my side, gazing down at the beeping time bomb. The seemingly blinding light red LED lights read the current time. 7:35.

School starts in ten minutes.

I cursed under my breath, jumping out of bed. My foot, still caught in the sheets, was yanked out from under me. Startled, I reached out, trying to catch my fall.

Of course, the only thing I was able to grab in time was my still whining clock.

I feel the floor with a thud and a groan, only to have another thud sound when my alarm clock collided with the back of my skull.



"I'M COMING MOM!" I hollered back at her, hurriedly grabbing whatever clothes I could find and shoved them on. I darted out of the room past my mother, nearly flying down the stairs to the front door.

"Well aren't you going to eat something?" She screamed at me, making her way down the stairs as I yanked on my jacket and fumbled around from my keys to the van.

"I'll, uh, get something on the way."

"Now Ty-" I didn't hear what else she had to say, and slammed the door behind me, running to my van through the rain.

As I was pulling into the school parking lot, I saw a slouched over figure walking toward building four. I squinted at it, but didn't have any time to figure out who it was, seeing as the bell rang as soon as I set foot out of my dying van.

My stomach growled in protest at me as I sprinted toward the building opposite Government, just in time to see that weird 'Mama said life's like a box of choco-late, you neva' kno' what cha gonna git.' country boy shuffle by with a smug smile on his face.

"Newton been gittin' yelled at by them teacher there." I nodded at him, pulling open the door to Spanish.

"Así que la clase, y vamos con retraso por qué Sr Crowley?" Señorita Sánchez gave me a quizzical look, tossing her black hair over her shoulder as she eyed me from her perch onto of her desk.

"Uh..." was my only response as I slid into a seat next to Ben. "Over slept." At this Sánchez just shrugged as if it was nothing.

"Ah sí, it is said that teenagers require more sleep than the average adult." She smiled at the rest of the class as I shook my head, attempting to rid my hair of rain water. "Just be careful, por favor, we don't want it happening todo el tiempo."

"Um, what?" I blinked, trying to translate her Spanish using my D- average. She rose a perfectly arched eyebrow at me.



"She's saying 'please don't oversleep all the time'." Ben whispered at me, trying to act casual as the whole classroom turned to watch us.

"Nevermind." I mumbled, folding my arms and leaning back in my seat, propping it up on its two back legs. After awhile, Sánchez started her lesson, adding it random Spanish words at the strangest times.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Ben muttering up from his notes, glancing at me from behind his glasses.

"Wouldn't do wh-" I didn't have time to finish, seeing as someone hooked their foot around one of the only supporting chair legs and pulled it backward, toppling my chair over.

"WOAH!" I shouted, finding the floor coming at me the second time in an hour.

Picking myself up off the floor to a chorus of laughter, I tried to avoid looking at the rest of the class.

"Need some help?" A girl asked, out stretching her hand to me.

"Thanks." I said, reaching for it. I guess I pulled a bit to hard of her hand though, seeing as she came crashing down on me not a moment later. She shrieked as she fell onto me, causing the rest of the class the jump. At the sound of Olivia's yelp, Sánchez turned, dropping her chalk.

Olivia and I had landed in a rather….incomprehensible position. Sánchez herself shrieked, grabbing another piece of chalk and chucking it at my head….hard.

"SR CROWLEY! I WILL NOT HAVE THESE…These…" She drew a breath, her face getting red. "These acts of adultery in my class!"

At this, Olivia and I gaped at each other, and then back at the teacher. Olivia's face flushed as she shoved herself away from me. I laid on the floor for a short while, the look on pure shock still stuck on my face.


As her voice rose an octave, I shot up, getting back in my chair. "Yes?" I mumbled quietly.

"DETENTION!" I jumped back up again, still shocked.

"What?!" She huffed, slamming her hand down on the desk.

"You heard me! Detention!"


"No. Buts." She hissed through gritted teeth. Grumbling, I sat back down next to Ben. As soon as I sat, Ben opened his mouth to speak.

"Don't you even start with the whole 'I told you so' lecture." I folded my arms over my stomach, glancing at a still shell-shocked Olivia.

"You do realize you just sat on gum right?"


Lunch sucked. Seriously. Jessica and Lauren spent there time gossiping, Ben and Angela were busy talking about Cuticles…or whatever math that class was, and Eric and Connor were busy having a staring match. The seat next to me remained empty as I stared off into space.

The noise in the cafeteria stopped abruptly, and every one turned to the girl giggling.

I almost burst out in hysterics when I saw Mike sitting over at the prep table. The quarterback of the football team loomed over him as the cheerleader across him giggled.

"Newton." Mike seemed to be having a seizure as the quarterback's buddies stared jabbing at him with insults.

"Is there a problem?" Mike squeaked up at the six foot five senior. The footballers seemed taken aback, but soon recovered.

"Nah, I don't have a problem with dumping you in the trash can." Mike attempted to laugh quietly, but it ended up sounding like a whine as the footballer bared his teeth at him. The QB reached toward him and Mike yelped, jumping up and running toward our lunch table.

His gaze was downcast as he took the empty seat behind me. He seemed unsure at first, glancing at me quickly before he sat down. Connor tried to hide his laughter in a cough, earning a glare from Mike.

"Shut up." Jessica rolled her eyes and turned back to Lauren, shooting glances at him every so often. "Today sucks." He muttered as he leaned back. I just shrugged.

"Hey man, cheer up. There's still gym." At this he seemed to visible cheer up.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Always am." I smiled, grabbing back the water bottle Eric had stolen from me. They all gave me a 'are you stupid?' look. "Well……sometimes." Ben and Angela laughed at that comment, and trying not to laugh either, I began to choke on my water.

"There bones in that water…….that we didn't about?" Mike snickered at me as I glared at up at him and coughed again.

"Think you're funny huh?"

"Yes I do actu-HEY!" Mike jumped up, and I dropped his now half empty water bottle as he doubled over in laughter.

"Couldn't make it to the bathroom huh pal?" I said jokingly as he tried to cover the now wet spot on his jeans.

"You dingbatt!"


"10-0!" Coach Clapp yelled across the gym as Jessica shrieked, covering her head with her hands as the tennis ball came soaring toward her.

The ball sailed back over the net as Mike stood up, giving Jessica an odd look.

"Oh my god…oh my god…" She started to repeat over and over from the court next to Olivia and I. She stayed a good few yards away from me, trying to avoid another…mishap. Ben and Angela stood across from us, waiting for our ball to be returned. Bored, I looked around the gym, my gaze coming to rest at the Cullen's court.

Edward stood on the one side of the net, barely tapping the yellow ball back to his sister as she returned the favor. Bella stood posed and ready, but terrified. Cullen reached out, smacking the ball away from her.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mike's shoulders slump. His glare met Edward's for a minute, and it looked as if they were about to attack one another. Bella her racket without her boyfriend looking and sent the ball barely over the net.

"Go Bella," I muttered, Ben finally getting back the ball Olivia had sent flying across the gym. We turned back to the game, and were playing for a bit before we heard Connor yell to Mike.

"Mike! Look out!"

Our whole court turned into to see Mike fall to his knees in pain, his hands held between his legs.


And it hurt even more when Olivia 'accidentally' threw her racket at my stomach.


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