It was finally Christmas Day. Bella had spent the early morning with Charlie before coming over to the Cullen's house. By that time, they had already opened their presents.

Bella sat by Edward's side, comfortable but blushing under his adoring gaze. The fire crackled in the fireplace and soft Christmas music played from somewhere. She spotted stockings hanging over the fireplace. "Did you look in your stockings already?"

Alice's eyes widened. "I forgot!" she cried. She ran and got them, a blur as she handed each one out.

"I'll go first!" Alice said, and proceeded to dump out her stocking. Before she looked down at them, she looked around. "Everybody got the no joke presents memo, right? I don't want a repeat of the Secret Santa incident," she said, thinking about her unnecessary Magic 8-Ball sitting somewhere in her room.

Emmett frowned. "Where was that memo posted?"

"I ran around and told everyone. Five times each. A week ago."

"Oh. Um. Right," Emmett said.

Alice sifted through her presents happily. Most of them were gift cards to her favorite stores.

Next went Emmett, then Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Edward, and then Bella. Every thing passed without incident. Finally, the last person to see what was in his stocking was Jasper. Emmett frowned and suddenly became very interested in the ceiling's pattern.

Jasper didn't look angry, though. He picked up one of his presents and laughed. Soon, everyone joined in.

In his hand was a package of mood rings.

After the laughter died down, Bella smiled. It was her first Christmas with the Cullens, and it definitely wouldn't be her last.

"Merry Christmas," she said to the family that was now hers as well. And she couldn't feel more grateful for it.

"Merry Christmas," they chorused back.