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The Beginning- Alternate Story

Chapter: Introduction

-…- Bruce Wayne Mansion -…-

"Alfred?" Robin walked through the darkness of the mansion, running his fingers across the hall table, through the dust that had accumulated over the very lonely years in the mansion. "Alfred?" Robin called again, is voice echoing.

"Yes sir?" Alfred appeared right in front of Robin.

"This house is filthy." Robin said. "Would this house be filthy is Wayne were here?"

"I'm sorry, Master Robin." Alfred told him with sad eyes. "I just can't move the way I once could. I hope that's not a problem for you."

"A problem for me?" Robin adjusted his mask on his face and crossed his arms. "If it wasn't a problem would I have even bothered to tell you about it?" he shook his head. "I know you're old, Alfred. Jesus, we're all going to be old one day and crumble beneath the lifelessness of earth's remains." He shook his head. "Just- if you need help, then hire a maid, okay?" he walked past Alfred, almost seeming infuriated for no reason and went immediately to his room.

The Next Day: At School

News of Robin wanting a maid had spread quickly around the school that half the girls signed up just because they wanted to be in the same house as him. They'd just only heard stories of him and had no idea what he was really like, but for some reason, being in the same house as him would immediately spark their flame.

A young, blond girl with a skinny figure walked over to the bulletin board in the hallway. She read over the paper that was requesting help for the Bruce Wayne mansion and shook her head. Unlike all of the other teenage girls who were drooling over the flyer like a pack of wild hyenas, young Barbara Wilson no longer had a family. Her parents had died years ago and unfortunately for her, she was an only child. Maybe working somewhere would give her a sense of belonging. She folded the out of shape piece of paper and put it into the pocket of her too- small skirt. She'd go there immediately after school.

After School:

Barbara was more frightened than she could've expected as she made her way through the bushes that hadn't been cut in what seemed like forever. Finding her way to the front door of the mansion was scarier than searching for a way out of a maze. She stepped up to the large brown doors and knocked as hard as she could.

"A place this old wouldn't have a doorbell would it?" She shook her head and knocked again. Waiting patiently was her forte. She'd learned how to be patient when her parents argued all the time. She had a nice, calm temper… but could get down and dirty when she needed to.

She looked around, wishing there was something she could do to get from outside. It was daylight out and still gave her the creeps. Barbara sighed and instead of knocking again like she should have, she pushed at the door, hoping it would be unlocked. To her surprise, it was open. It squeaked loudly as if to be screaming out. The mansion was dark… darker than any other place Barbara had seen. It reminded her of the mansion on "Beauty and the Beast" and the thought made her laugh.

"Hope I don't find any enchanted candlesticks or teapots anywhere." She whispered as she continued on slowly through the mansion. The door slammed behind her, but since she had seen scary movies all too much, it didn't frighten her at all.

"Hello?" she called. She pulled the bent up flyer out of her pocket and read over it. "I'm in the right place, right? I mean, I just moved here and I'm new around town, so I wouldn't know if I'm in the right place." She shook her head. "I'm talking to myself aren't I?"

"No, I don't think you are." Came a soft voice.

Barbara looked around searching for a face in the darkness, but all she could see was… darkness. She went on:

"Well, I got your flyer." She said. "For the maid service… yeah and I'm here for- I guess an interview- or something… I don't know."

"An interview?" the voice came again.

"Yeah, I'm Barbara Wilson… I uh, what's your name?"

"My name?"

"Do you have to repeat everything I ask?" Barbara asked him. "Yeah, what's your name?"


"Robin." Barbara said. "Right, you are Robin." She shook her head. "Duh. Well, anyway, like are you going to come down and talk to me?"

Barbara couldn't see where he was of course. He always wore all black except for his uniform and was completely camouflaged with the night. He hung upside down from the gargoyle that was posted up in the hall to give the mansion a sense of mysteriousness.

"Why can't we talk from where we are?" Robin asked.

"Because I can't see your face." Barbara told him. "And I'd like to look into your eyes when I talk to you. You know, I don't think your as mysterious as everyone else thinks you are." He shook his head. "I think you just like to be alone… but you cant be alone forever, you know."

"Master Robin?" Alfred called. "Is that you?"

"And why can't I?" Robin asked Barbara.

"Well, everyone needs a friend sometimes don't they?" Barbara searched around the mansion, still trying to find out where he was. She had skimmed over him at least three times without realizing he was there.

"Master Robin?" Alfred called.

"Right here, Alfred!" Robin called.

"Did you say Alfred?" Barbara turned just in time to see her uncle walking towards her, holding a tray of what looked like delicious food. She ran over to him quickly and wrapped her arms around him.

"Oh Barbara!" Alfred said, happily. "What a nice surprise to see you here. What ever brings you this way, dear?"

"Just moved back out with the school. We rented a little boarding house down by the fountain and well, here I am. I didn't know you lived here."

"He works here." Robin jumped down from the gargoyle and shoved his hands angrily into his pockets as he walked towards Alfred and Barbara. "You're hired." He said, walking up the main stairs wanting to get in his room as fast as he could. "Alfred could use some family around this treacherous hell chamber."

"Sir, what about your dinner?" Alfred asked.

"Not really hungry." He disappeared into the darkness. The sound of his shoes faded away as he got farther and farther away from Alfred and Barbara.

"Oh, what a magnificent surprise." Alfred said. "You're going to feel right at home here, Barbara. Right at home."

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