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story. Like Darkwing Duck once said, "All a hero needs is courage, confidence, and a clean cape."

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Chapter 1: Egos and Hungry Beaks

Drake Mallard arose from his peaceful slumber this sunny and warm morning. During the week, Drake usually kept a pretty hectic schedule trying to balance taking his ever active daughter to school, to her hockey practice in the winter and to her soccer practice in the spring. On top of it all, at night Drake had to don the aqua turtle-neck shirt, purple double-breasted coat, purple and hot pink cape, and grey fedora to become Saint Canard's fearless crime fighter, Darkwing Duck.

On Sundays, Drake liked to relax and take a long-deserved break from his stressed life and spend some quality time with his fourteen year old daughter, Gosalyn, and his crash-happy avian pilot, Launchpad McQuack.

After Drake showered and brushed his teeth, he came downstairs to greet Launchpad, who was already dressed in his burgundy shirt, tan aviator's scarf and tan pants. Gosalyn, on the other hand, was still wearing her light green pajamas that had a picture of Gizmoduck plastered across the front of her shirt. They were both sitting at the square white kitchen table with forks in hand, waiting for a certain mallard to start breakfast.

Drake, who was still dressed in his purple robe, slowly came through the double white kitchen doors, dragging his webbed feet across the grey linoleum-tiled floor, and found his way to the spigot to fill the coffeepot with water. He started the coffee, and placed a couple of slices of white bread in the toaster, only to turn around, still groggy, and focus directly on Gosalyn's shirt. Drake scowled.

"Gosalyn, I thought I told you to throw those pajamas away! You know I HATE it when you wear that shirt with that mindless rolling garbage can that loves to talk his trash!"

Gosalyn rolled her eyes, since she heard this speech daily since the day Gizmoduck came to Saint Canard to aid police in the investigation of the disappearing race horses.

"Chill out, Dad! You're just jealous that Gizmoduck gets more headlines than you do!"

Launchpad then interjected with his hungry blue eyes, "Yeah, DW. You're just jealous that every time Gizmoduck makes an arrest, he always makes the front page of The Saint Canardian."

Gosalyn and Launchpad were both observing Drake's unconscious response to their pro-Gizmoduck statements; he was squeezing the bag of white bread into a tight ball and they could hear him grinding his teeth. The unappreciated hero then started to pace the floor and wondered, "Why don't I get any newspaper articles written about me every time I make a daring arrest? I mean, I am out on the mean streets of this city busting drug dealers, stopping bank robberies in progress, preventing senior citizens from getting mugged for their social security checks practically every night, risking my tail feathers for the citizens of Saint Canard, and what thanks do I get??"

Drake then squeezed both hands into tight fists, continuing, "Getting thrown into jail for obstructing justice or harassing…" The hero opened his fists, raised his hands half way and made the quotation mark hand gesture with the two inner fingers on both hands, "… 'innocent' citizens who are really crazed villains and have those numbskull cops totally fooled!"

The hero sighed and said, "When I arrest someone like Steelbeak or Negaduck, I always wonder. 'Where's the press?' I mean, would it hurt this city to give me at least a little recognition every once in a while?"

The mallard then put his white feathered hands behind his back and paced the floor.

"I mean, Tom Lockjaw has never once given me an interview, but he never misses when that canned ham comes to town. I can put away a dozen villains and no one would notice, but if Gizmoduck busts a person for being out past the curfew or for jaywalking, Tom Lockjaw is right there, giving him full recognition."

Drake just stared as Gosalyn and Launchpad rolled their eyes as they were waiting ever so patiently for their breakfast and not listening to the disgruntled hero's ranting since they had heard it all before. They both started to dream about the French toast they were about to have until the robed mallard broke their state of concentration as he screamed, "I REALLY HATE THAT GUY! I mean, I REALLY HATE that guy!"

Launchpad then asked with his sheepish blue eyes, "DW, can ya please make the French Toast? I'm really hungry!"

The pilot then rubbed his tummy for added emphasis.

"Yeah, Dad! Let's have some breakfast! We're starving!!" Gosalyn told her father, who suddenly looked down at the now scrunched ball of bread in his hands.

Launchpad chuckled and said, "gee, DW, that bread kind of reminds me of you after Grizzlikof gets done beating ya."

The angry mallard snarled and looked down at his hands and suddenly noticed what he was doing to the bread. He then tried to uncurl the white slices, so they would be more suitable for preparing Launchpad's and Gosalyn's French Toast. He went to the refrigerator and got out some eggs, butter, and bacon, then turned on the gas flame to begin making the breakfast for this hungry trio. After lining the bottom of the cast-iron frying pan with butter, he cracked a couple of eggs for himself, and then cracked a couple more in a bowl to make the French Toast. After beating the eggs, and dipping the remains of the bread into the egg yolk, he placed them in the pan and seasoned them with cinnamon. He then cooked them until they were a nice golden brown and served them with some fake maple syrup.

When his eggs and bacon were done he grabbed his toast and coffee and attempted to sit down and eat his breakfast in peace until he heard Gosalyn say, "You know Dad, since it's Sunday, I was wondering if I can spend the day at Lisa's house. Every Sunday her family gets together and plays games and has a nice home-cooked meal."

Drake put down his toast and looked over at his daughter and replied, "We play all sorts of neat games in the park and we have a nice home-cooked meal as well."

Gosalyn rolled her eyes as she put another mouthful of French Toast, dripping with the syrup and butter, into her beak.

"Yeah, right, Dad! Your idea of games is playing typical picnic games like a three-legged race and that silly sack race of yours. And I don't exactly call burgers and fries from the Hamburger-Hippo a home-cooked meal!"

Launchpad chuckled as he helped himself to another helping of French Toast and poured some syrup onto the plate.

Drake inquired, "What, you don't have fun working together to accomplish a set goal? I always have a lot of fun with you, and I enjoy watching you and Launchpad fall many times as he and you are trying to beat your and my record."

"That's just it, Dad; there's supposed to be real competition from other people and it's supposed to be two two-people teams racing each other to the 'Finish' line! You just have me and Launchpad, and then me and you race each other against the clock. That's corny! I wanna go to Lisa's house and play soccer, hockey, or baseball."

Drake was starting to get slightly peeved and said, "I think you're missing the point here, Gosalyn. It's not about how fast we go; it's about being able to work with your partner to accomplish a goal. If you want to become an effective crime fighter, you have to learn how to work well with others."

"Yeah, right, Dad! Like YOU really work well with others! Every time Gizmoduck or any of the other Justice Ducks try to help you, you always say, 'I can handle this myself.' Then you always end up falling flat on your beak just like you do when YOU try to beat Launchpad's and my record in the sac race!"

Ignoring the last comment, the purple-robed mallard then shot his daughter an angry look.

"You know, Gosalyn, I don't like you going over there. I realize Lisa is your age, and she does seem very nice, but…"

"But WHAT, Dad!?" Gosalyn interjected. "Every time I meet somebody new, you always have SHUSH do a complete criminal background check on their entire family!"

Drake blushed and said, "I do not, Gosalyn! You're exaggerating, as always!"

"Oh yeah? Remember when I met that boy from Duckburg in the arcade? You DID do a complete background check on his entire family! I'm surprised you didn't do a background check on their Siamese Cat!"

Launchpad put down his fork long enough to breathe and added, "She's right, DW. Every time she meets someone, you have SHUSH do a complete background check on them. Do we have any orange juice?"

Drake looked at Launchpad and went over to open the six-pane glass kitchen cupboard door and reached for two glasses. Then he opened the refrigerator door to retrieve the orange juice and poured the juice into the cups. As he served the juice and replaced the half empty carton back in the old white Sears Cold Spot refrigerator, he chuckled and said, "Oh yeah, I did. Didn't I."

The embarrassed mallard looked away, then back at Gosalyn. He gently cupped her lower beak with his feathered hand and said, "Well, I'm just protecting my daughter from the evil that lurks in the shadows."

"Hey, Dad! Whether you realize it or not, I can take care of myself! After all, I am Quiverwing Quack! And don't YOU forget it!"

"How can I? You always remind me every time I leave this house on a mission. Anyway, I did find out that the boy's father was a fugitive of the Saint Canard Justice system!" Drake said proudly as he put his thumbs inside the lapels of his robe and inhaled deeply.

"Yeah, right, Dad. Sam's father just had some unpaid parking tickets! What are you trying to save me from? Renegade parking scofflaws? A real big fugitive! He only got those tickets because he drives for the UPS, and he was forced to park in a non-parking zone. What do you want him to do? Carry the packages fifty blocks just to follow the law?"

"Still, laziness is no excuse for breaking the law. Besides, Gosalyn, I'm only trying to look out for your safety is all. You can never be too careful in today's world."

Gosalyn crossed her arms and glared at her father, saying, "You cost me another friend! Poor Sam; he was so embarrassed after you exposed all those unpaid parking tickets that he never wanted to see me again. Dad, why do you have to be so overprotective? You're always treating me like a baby!"

"Yeah, DW, you are overprotective." Launchpad interjected as he grabbed his fifth helping of French Toast. The hungry pilot noticed that his boss hadn't touched his bacon and asked, "Uh, you gonna eat that, DW?"

Before Drake could respond, he noticed his bacon had already sprouted legs and disappeared into the beak of his sidekick.

"I am not overprotective! I don't mind Gosalyn hanging around with Lisa in school, but I don't like her going over to her house, unsupervised. Ever since her wacky family moved across the street, there have been some strange things going on in that house. I mean, they're so weird they actually make the Muddlefoots look normal, and that's one scary thought!"

Drake thought he would finish his eggs up before his famished friend would finish them for him. He looked over at Gosalyn and he noticed that she crossed her arms and she had snarled her beak. She then spoke.

"You don't trust me, Dad! When are you gonna start trusting me!"

Drake looked at his daughter as he got up and turned on the hot water to do the breakfast dishes.

"I trust you, Gosalyn, but I don't trust that father of hers! He really gives me the creeps. Besides, Gosalyn, I thought you could spend the day with LP and me…"

"Doing what? Going to the park??" Gosalyn said as she cut off her father. "Or seeing one of your corny old time movies??" As she rolled her green eyes, she said, "That sounds like fun, Dad." Then under her breath, she said, "As much fun as watching grout mildew."

"Well…!" was the only word Drake was able to spit out after the Flashquack, the minature version of the Thunderquack, flew in from the open kitchen window.

"Whoops!" Drake said. He looked down at his attire and continued, "I'm not even dressed!"

The surprised mallard reached into a pocket of the purple robe and pulled out a mask. As he tied the purple cloth to his face, a screen popped up and immediately J Gander appeared.

"Ahhh, Darkwing old boy! I see you're not exactly ready to greet the world as of yet, but SHUSH has an extremely urgent matter that needs your attention."

"As soon as I get dressed, I'll be right there, J Gander! You can ALWAYS count on DARKWING DUCK!!!" Darkwing exclaimed while standing on the edge of his webbed feet with his finger in the air, making a dramatic pose for the camera of the Flashquack.

"Yes, I'm sure we can. Oh, Darkwing, remember when you arrive to please refrain from using your blue smoke." The old director took off his half glasses, wiped them with a tissue and proceeded to speak. "You realize that we," the director cleared his throat and put his spectacles back on, "have a no-smoking policy on SHUSH property and the fire department is really getting tired of you constantly setting off the alarms."

Darkwing embarrassedly said, as he showed his profile and put his finger to his beak, "OK, J Gander. No more blue smoke whenever I make my grand entrances."

"One more thing, Darkwing; try using the door this time as well. The maintenance personnel didn't take too kindly to you breaking the window when you made your so-called 'grand entrance' when I informed you that you were going to be assigned to work with Derek Blunt."

The masked mallard in a purple robe was growing more irritated about hearing his restrictions. He said, "OK, J Gander! I will be there ASAP and you don't have to worry about Darkwing Duck!! I'm on the job!"

With that the screen popped back down and immediately flew back out the window for its return flight back to SHUSH headquarters. Then Darkwing looked over to his sidekick who was finally finished with the French Toast; but Darkwing just shook his head and put his hand over his beak as he noticed Launchpad was pressing a single finger on the plate to make sure he got every last crumb into his stomach. Darkwing never understood the reason why Launchpad never got fat, considering the way he constantly shoveled food into his beak.

The mallard then asked, "LP, are you finally done?? Did you hear J Gander??" Darkwing then got very excited and said, "Yep, yep, yep! J Gander needs our help! Probably his pencil pushing protégé can't handle the job, as usual!"

The over-anxious avian put that usual finger in the air and exclaimed while Launchpad and Gosalyn just rolled their eyes.

"Well, there has NEVER been a job that SHUSH has ever thrown at me that I couldn't solve with my superior intellect, razor sharp mind, and vast knowledge of every criminal scum in the city! No job is
too big or complex for this DUCK! No, sir!! For I am Darkwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Duck!"

Gosalyn let out a big yawn and her father threw an angry look at her.

The red haired teenager said, "Gee, Dad, I guess I got caught up in your excitement. Are you just gonna stand there and brag about your abilities, or are you gonna change into your Darkwing costume?"

Darkwing followed his daughter's advice and quickly changed into his trademark costume that identified him as the "Mighty Masked Mallard" or the "Terror That Flaps In the Night." He quickly ran down the stairs and sat next to a waiting Launchpad who was already sitting in the left blue upholstered winged-backed transponder chair. The hero took his seat in the matching chair.

Just when Darkwing was about to punch the head of the statue of Basil, from the movie The Great Mouse Detective that sat on a small rectangular wooden table in between the chairs, the hero noticed that certain look of mischief and excitement on his daughter's face as she walked into the living room from the kitchen.

"Keen Gear! You're going on a mission! Can I come?"

Darkwing sadly responded, "No, dear. I can't risk taking you on one of my missions."

The proud father got up and walked over to the now sad teenager and put his hand under her lower bill.

"Now, Gos! We've been through this already. This doesn't appear to be a normal patrol, and it must be pretty important because J Gander is calling on a Sunday. He is usually out golfing. Gosalyn, you mean the world to me and I can't risk your life by taking you on a mission that SHUSH assigns me. It's too dangerous, and besides, if word ever got to either J Gander or any other bumbling bureaucrat, who always screams, 'it's not in the regulations' that I took an unauthorized person, and a minor at that, on a mission, they would certainly have me tarred and de-feathered!"

The hero then planted a kiss on Gosalyn's forehead and embraced her and said, "I love you, Gosalyn!"

Gosalyn accepted the heart-warming embrace and responded, "I love you, too, Dad. You tell me that every time you leave the house to go on a mission."

As Darkwing sat back down, he gave Gosalyn a stern look.

"Gosalyn, remember I don't want you going over to Lisa's house, and I especially don't want you there alone with her father. Promise me you won't go."

Gosalyn looked down sadly at the yellow pine floorboards that laid beneath her webbed-feet and pleaded, "But why? Why can't I go?? Dad, you're just being paranoid as always!"

"Gosalyn, I can't argue about this right now. It's Sunday and it's a nice day outside. Why don't you and the Honkman go to the park. You can play baseball or soccer, or something."

Gosalyn rolled her eyes at her father and replied, "Dad, we're talking about Honker here. He really doesn't play sports." Gosalyn sighed and continued, "He's probably inside on his computer finishing his book report on Ludwig Von Drake. That's why I wanna go to Lisa's house. She's just like me; we have a lot in common and she loves to play sports!"

"Well, staying home and catching up on YOUR homework isn't such a bad idea, young lady. After all, that C- you got on your last math test was nothing to write home about. If it weren't for Honker and his many hours of trying to tutor ya in Algebra, you would have surely failed. Gosalyn, if you want to become a crime fighter," the hero said with a finger in the air, "then you must concentrate better on your studies!"

With sad eyes, Gosalyn looked up, tried to smile and said, "Ok, Dad. I'll stay home."

Darkwing smiled and said, "That's my girl! Let's go, Launchpad! The scent of crime is in the air!"

"Righto, DW!"

With that acknowledgement, Darkwing punched the head of Basil and the two crime fighters disappeared to the tower.

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