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Chapter 3: The Great Escape

Upon seeing the suspicious bear, the nervous mallard looked at his partner with a mixture of anger and worry in his blue eyes.

"Oh, great! This is all I need right now! Grizzlikof! This is JUST great! As if Gosalyn's arrest and
the disappearing gems weren't enough, now I have to deal with HIM!"

Darkwing slapped his hand over his feathered face.

Launchpad looked at his long-time friend and said, "Well, they say things happen in threes, DW."

"Launchpad, you're NOT helping."

Darkwing then looked at the offensive and oversized bear and scowled.

"Grizzlikof, what are you doing here? This is MY case, so just butt out!"

"J Gander zent me here to relieve you, but I can zee that you already carried out your plan," Grizzlikof said, as he was looking all around at the empty vault.

The mallard's mood turned darker as he snarled his beak and hissed, "Grizzlikof, just what are you talking about?"

"I am talking about the stolen diamonds and gems that used to be in this vault."

"Darkwing Duck---steal?" The mallard inquired as he put his hands to his chest, "I have never stolen anything in my life! And just how do you suppose I carried that entire precious inventory out? Hmmmm?"

The Chief Agent of SHUSH looked over at Darkwing and Launchpad and shot back, "There vas over ten million dollars vorth of precious stones and gems in this vault that I personally took inventory of myself, thank you very much!"

The mallard gestured by putting both hands on his breast, saying, "Well, I certainly didn't steal them! It's not like my pockets are big enough to hold all those rocks."

Out of sarcasm, the rebellious duck turned the pockets of his purple double-breasted coat out for the bear to see.

"Vell, it's not likely they just valked out of here on their own."

"Grizzlikof, why don't ya use that enormous empty head of yours for a change? This place has cameras everywhere. Why would I steal some lousy rocks when I know that it's being recorded on tape?"

"Because you know how to manipulate the security cameras."

The mallard started to roll up his sleeves and began to go into his fighting stance with his feathered fists of fury up. He elevated his left webbed foot, getting ready to pounce on the bear and give him a kick to the stomach.

Launchpad observed that look of rage and hatred in the mallard's ice blue eyes towards the bull-headed bear and suddenly spoke in Darkwing's defense.

"Uh, uh, they disappeared when DW and I stepped outside to answer a phone call. Honest."

"Vhat? You purposely left your assigned post to answer your cell phone? This is a serious breach of SHUSH regulations. You were purposely assigned to this post to keep watch, and again you have failed your mission!"

With flaring nostrils and the usual baring of his white sharp fangs, Grizzlikof looked at Launchpad and asked, "Why didn't you give the phone to him?"

The bear glared at Darkwing and demanded a response.

The hero turned towards the big-mouthed pilot, snarled and put a hand over his beak to cover it and said, "Nice going, Launchpad!"

"Sorry, DW," the pilot said sheepishly.

The mallard turned his attention back to the opposition.

"Listen; I couldn't get any reception in here, so I stepped outside. As it turns out, it was from J. Gander, YOU DOPE!" The hero crossed his arms and retorted, "Wouldn't handing an official SHUSH cell phone to an unauthorized person also be a breach of SHUSH regulations, as well? And Launchpad did stay behind while I went outside to take the call, but..."

Darkwing knew he had the bear right where he wanted him, silenced. He could see that Grizzlikof was furious and that his anger was building by the minute. Usually the duck enjoyed making Grizzlikof's
blood pressure rise, but for right now he had only one thing on his mind; getting to his daughter as soon
as possible. Then IT spoke.

"So, you put a non-authorized person in charge of guarding millions of dollars worth of inventory? Any noodle nut with some common sense would know not to do that. Don't you think it's better to risk a $30 cell phone to millions of dollars worth of precious stones? Which is the lesser of two evils here, Darkving? It's not difficult to figure out. SHUSH regulations…"

Before the mallard had a chance to respond, the grey suited bear pulled out a thick black vinyl book that read The SHUSH Field Guide Manual and continued, "…Regulation 17.5:3 specifically states, 'No unauthorized person or persons that have not yet been cleared by a complete SHUSH Criminal Background is prohibited to accompany SHUSH personnel while on official business."

As the regulation-obsessed bear was busily quoting the scripture from his precious rule book, Darkwing Duck slowly reached into the inside pocket of his cape and retrieved a smoke bomb. It was well known across the law enforcement community and the criminal gangs alike that the purple masked mallard was an expert escape artist. Whenever Darkwing was in a jam and saw an opportune time to flee the scene, he looked over to Launchpad and gave him the signal.

Launchpad had been working with Darkwing long enough to instantly read his face as the two always worked as a team. As the magical mallard slowly and silently loaded a smoke charge into his gas gun, Darkwing looked at Launchpad and tilted his head. As if on cue, the faithful sidekick then stood directly behind the hero and put both of his hands on Darkwing's shoulders.

Once Darkwing felt the touch of his sidekick, he mockingly said, "Tootles, Griz!"

The mallard then pulled the trigger to discharge the smoke bomb and the vault suddenly filled with the trademark blue smoke, billowing from the metal canister. By the time Grizzlikof looked up from his SHUSH bible and the blinding blue smoke had vacated the vault, Darkwing Duck and his faithful sidekick were already gone.

Launchpad and the purple clad duck emerged from the blue smoke outside on the sidewalk, startling some window shoppers who were strolling down Diamond Street.

"Nice trick, DW. That's one way to ditch Grizzlikof."

"Oh, it's just a little thing I learned along the way. Now come on, LP. We have to get to the Saint Canard Police Station."

Darkwing picked up his pace to the Thunderquack.

In all the years that Launchpad had known Darkwing, as a father, friend, and crime fighter, he had never looked as worried as he did right now.

"There's gotta be some misunderstanding, DW. I mean, Gosalyn would never murder anyone."

When they reached the Thunderquack, the masked hero just got in without saying a word. After the expert pilot got the aircraft ready for take off, he looked over at Darkwing and noticed that he had buried his feathered face in his hands and was visibly shaking like he was crying.

The faithful friend flawlessly flew Darkwing directly to the Saint Canard Police Station, and expertly landed the high-tech aircraft in the rear parking lot. Launchpad knew that the Thunderquack would be out of everyone's way, as the rear parking lot was used to store cars and other vehicles that had been impounded--- for such reasons as, but not limited to, drug dealers who had been arrested and their property confiscated. The vehicles were parked in a tow-away zone, or abandoned on the city streets.

Launchpad could see Darkwing's tears as they rolled down from his eyes and were absorbed by his feathery cheeks.

The comforting companion put his arm around Darkwing and offered, "Come on, DW. You know Gosalyn would never do anything to hurt anyone on purpose."

Through swollen eyes and tears, the duck looked up and responded, "I know, Launchpad. I know that she disobeyed me by going out of the house and she more than likely went over to Lisa's house instead of staying home to study like she was supposed to."

Darkwing calmed down, looked down at his lap and continued, "I just can't stop blaming myself for not being there when Gosalyn truly needed me the most. Oh, Launchpad, I am such a lousy father. I can't help but feel like I've failed both Gosalyn and J. Gander tonight; I guess I'm a lousy crime fighter and a lousy father."

The hero put his hands to his beak and sighed.

"Launchpad, with all the crime fighting and the constant calls from SHUSH, I'm barely there for Gosalyn. She craves my attention, and I really can't blame her for wanting to go over to Lisa's. I have this gut feeling, though…"

Just as Darkwing was completing his thought, there was a loud knock on the glass canopy of the Thunderquack. Darkwing looked out his side window as the figure shown a flashlight directly into his sensitive blue eyes.

After the pilot's eyes adjusted, he could make out the silhouette of a policeman's uniform. Darkwing then saw the officer on his side tap the glass again with the end of the flashlight and displayed what appeared to be a badge.

"Launchpad, I think this is where the plot thickens," the hero said as he observed the pilot opening the cockpit canopy.

When the tempered glass was raised, the observant pilot immediately was greeted by what appeared to be a dog in a Saint Canard City Navy-Blue Policeman's uniform. He again displayed his badge in one hand and held the flashlight to Launchpad's face with the other, shining that bright, blinding light directly in his baby- blue eyes. Launchpad tried to study the policeman's physique as best he could, and he thought that he recognized him from before.

The police officer on Darkwing's side appeared to the nervous mallard as a short, female feline, who was dressed in the standard navy-blue, city issued, police uniform with a light blue strip going down both pant legs. The observant mallard noticed her chrome-colored badge as, "Saint Canard City Police Department, State of Calisota," that completely surrounded the Great Seal of the City, which was an eagle spreading its wings. A United States Flag was leaning from right to left and a State of Calisota flag was leaning left to right. The State Flag had a wild duck spreading its wings high above the mountains and the slogan at the bottom, "Live Free and Prosperous." Both flags formed an "X" in front of the eagle. Underneath the badge was her assigned number, "SC-975324." His eyes moved up to her chrome name plate, which read "Angora Calico."

The hero remained silent as she shone her flashlight around the interior of the Thunderquack, fully shining that bright beam of light in every nook and cranny of the duck-billed aircraft. The mallard knew that this was standard procedure for all police officers as they had to search all vehicles that they approached with their eyes to make sure there were no illegal weapons, contraband, or other dangerous controlled substances, such as drugs or alcohol.

"Mr. Drake Mallard?" Officer Angora asked in a monotone voice.

"You mean Darkwing Duck."

"No, I mean Drake Mallard. Let's see some identification."

"But, I…"

"You better cooperate with them, DW," Launchpad advised.

The male officer asked Launchpad for his pilot license and aircraft registration in a heavy New York accent.

"Yes, sir," Launchpad responded as he reached into the small compartment located directly in front of Darkwing and retrieved the necessary documents from an old, weathered, brown wallet that had been given to Launchpad by his father, Ripcord McQuack, back when Launchpad first got his pilot's license. Darkwing, on the other hand, was still nervously searching for his proper identification through the pockets of his cape.

"Here ya go, Officer. I think that's everything ya need," Launchpad said as he noticed that the officer's name plate read "Charles Shepherd."

The officer removed the light from his eyes and now focused the white beam on the state-issued documents. As Officer Charles fully examined Launchpad's documents, Darkwing was finally able to produce some identification for Officer Angora.

"Here ya go, Officer. Sorry, it seems I had left my driver's license in my motorcycle, The Ratcatcher, but this is my SHUSH identification card, which I believe should be sufficient." The mallard said as he handed her the plastic identification card that contained a photo of the white-feathered mallard in full costume and gave his name as "Darkwing Duck."

She carefully compared the photo on the card to the duck that was sitting before her, and had confirmed that this was indeed Darkwing Duck.

"Hmmm, says here your address is located at the Audubon Bay Bridge. How is that possible?" The officer questioned.

"Well, Officer, in the tower is where I have my crime fighting lab and a most state-of-the-art computer system. It's my office, so to speak."


Officer Angora walked over to her partner from across the plane and handed him Darkwing's identification card.

Darkwing looked behind him and saw the officers talking and knew that they had to check to see if there were any warrants or judgments that were held against Launchpad or him, and they had to ascertain whether or not Launchpad's license and registration were up to date and not expired or revoked. "This is all standard procedure," the mallard thought.

He noticed the male officer finally get out of the car after about what seemed to be hours, but it was actually only about twenty minutes.

The officers resumed to their respective side of the Thunderquack and asked in unison, "We need you to step out of the vehicle and stand by the front of the aircraft."

Darkwing inquired, "Why? Are we under arrest? We don't have time for this nonsense! My daughter has just been arrested for a crime I KNOW she didn't commit and I want to see her RIGHT NOW!"

"Sir, we just need you to fully cooperate with us, then we can take you to your daughter." Officer Angora said in a stern manner. "Just step out of the vehicle and stand by the front of the airplane."

Launchpad leaned in close to Darkwing and advised, "Ya better do what they say, DW. Ya know, I can't quite place their faces, but their voices sound so familiar to me."

Launchpad got up and exited the Thunderquack as told, and walked towards the lip of the "duck bill" of the purple-colored aircraft. Darkwing quickly took Launchpad's advice and got out of the aircraft and stood opposite of the pilot, next to the tip of the aircraft's duck bill.

In his New York accent, Officer Charles ordered, "Now, Darkwing, I want you to stand next to your pilot here and place your hands on the hood with your legs spread apart like so."

The officer than demonstrated to Launchpad and Darkwing how he wanted them as he was going to perform the standard police search. Officer Angora followed Darkwing and stood directly behind Charles, as she was trained to cover her partner anytime there was going to be a search performed on a person. As she knew that these two were not hardened criminals and that they were performing the examination of their person for both safety reasons and for following proper protocol , Officer Angora didn't feel the need to have her gun drawn as her partner was about to perform the search.

Officer Charles then asked, "Before I perform the search, are there any weapons or illegal paraphernalia on your person that I should know about?"

Launchpad suddenly said, "Now I know where I know ya from, Officer! You were the one who helped me find DW after the explosion on Canard Tower."

The determined officer didn't respond as he patted Launchpad down with the back of his hand and felt to see if Launchpad was hiding anything under his clothes from his chest right down to his boots.

After the officer was satisfied that the pilot was not carrying any weapons, he then asked Darkwing, who looked quite annoyed, "Do you have any weapons or any paraphernalia that I should know about? If so, please place them on the hood of the aircraft."

The mallard looked up and sighed.

"Whatever will make ya happy, officer."

Darkwing reached into the pockets of his cape and brought out his gun, and held it at both ends, displaying it to the police.

"This is my gas gun."

He then placed it on the hood as instructed. The hero reached back into his cape and displayed his smoke cartridges to the officers who were standing there with their arms crossed. Officer Angora took a canister from Darkwing and observed it as a grey metal cylinder with a pull pin on top.

'What is this? Is this a hand grenade? You know it's illegal, if not dangerous, for civilians to be carrying these."

"That is NOT a hand grenade! It's a smoke bomb used to distract evil doers! Didn't ya ever see one of my grand entrances?"

"No. What else ya got?" Officer Angora asked while rolling her eyes.

As Darkwing huffed and complied with the officer's demands, he slowly put his hands back into his cape and retrieved his custom binoculars complete with purple visors above the lenses and radar and placed it carefully on the hood of the Thunderquack.

"Here; this is all I have. Now will YOU please frisk me all ready! I want to see Gosalyn!"

Officer Charles performed the search on the frustrated and anxious mallard; starting with the back of his hand, he pressed the purple and hot pink cape against Darkwing's body, and slowly felt from the mallard's neck right down to his tail feathers.

When the officer was thoroughly satisfied that Darkwing no longer had any weapons on him, he instructed his partner to collect Darkwing's items and place them in a Ziploc evidence bag and lock them in the trunk of the patrol car for safe keeping.

"Would ya mind telling me why ya confiscated my state-of-the-art crime fighting equipment?" Darkwing inquired as he turned around to face the officers and put his hands on his hips.

After Angora placed Darkwing's priceless items in the trunk, Charles began to speak.

"Yes, Mr. McQuack, it was me who helped you rescue your friend after the explosion, and Officer Annie here drove the little girl back to the orphanage."

Launchpad turned around as well and cupped his lower bill with his feathered hand.

"Sorry, I didn't recognize ya at first, but I did remember your accent."

Darkwing, growing ever more impatient, screamed, "Would somebody please explain what happened with Gosalyn!"

The excited mallard was flapping his arms up and down.

"Now enough all ready with the chit chat! I wanna see Gosalyn!"

All three stared at the angry mallard and just figured it would be best to let him calm down on his own.

After it appeared that Darkwing's heavy breathing had returned back to normal, Officer Angora said in a calm, soothing voice, "If you want to see your daughter, I suggest you calm yourself down."

"Calm DOWN? Calm DOWN? You actually expect me to calm down when my daughter has been arrested for a crime I KNOW she didn't commit!"

"Sir, I know how you feel right now, but getting upset is not going to help your daughter."

Launchpad walked over to his partner and placed his gentle hand on the mallard's shoulder.

"You and I both know Gosalyn is completely innocent and flying off the handle isn't gonna accomplish anything."

In his heart, Darkwing knew that Launchpad was right and bursting a blood vessel wasn't going to do Gosalyn any good right now. For he knew that he had to keep himself sedated enough to think in a clear and cognitive manner.

"Ok. All right; I'm sorry." Darkwing said as he put his hand over his beak and was still visibly shaking. "Um, can we go see her now?" He said in a very calm, low and barely audible voice.

"If you will kindly step into the back of the patrol car, Officer Annie and I will take you to Saint Canard General." The officer said as he opened the driver's side back door of the city issued standard black and white police car.

"Saint Canard General?" Darkwing questioned with much worry.

The two officers looked at each other and Officer Annie then spoke.

"When our investigating officers found Gosalyn at the scene, she was unconscious from what appeared to be tranquilizers and sleeping pills. The medication bottles were completely empty and found lying next to her person."

"Suicide? Gosalyn was trying to commit suicide? This can't be!"

"That's what the officer in charge thought when he evaluated the scene of the crime. Now please take a seat in the back and we'll brief you on the way to the hospital." Officer Charlie said as he held the door open for the mallard.

Darkwing Duck took the officer's advice and sat on the cheap, black vinyl bench seat that was standard issue in all patrol cars. He had to move his feathered bottom over to the right to let Launchpad in. Unfortunately, the masked mallard neglected to gather his cape, which was draped across the seat. When Launchpad sat down, he failed to take notice of the hero's cape, and he practically choked the mallard.

"LP, would you mind lifting your butt just a scootch, so I can breathe again?"

Launchpad hoisted himself up and apologized.

"Sorry, DW, but I didn't see your cape when I got in."

As the pressure was relieved from around the mallard's neck, Darkwing sighed, rolled his eyes at Launchpad, and gathered the purple material and neatly placed it on his lap. Once the passengers were seated, Officers Charlie and Annie took their respective places, Officer Charles in the driver's seat and Annie in the passenger's.

Darkwing asked in complete shock and horror, "Is Gosalyn all right? I mean, is she still unconscious?"

As Officer Charles started the car and drove to the hospital, Officer Annie answered all of Darkwing's questions to the best of her knowledge.

"I'm not sure actually," Annie responded while biting her lip. "We'll get a full report when we arrive at the hospital."

The mallard looked out the window and shook his feathered head in complete disbelief.

"So, they think that Gosalyn killed exactly who again? And then she attempted to commit suicide? Yeah, right!"

"The deceased is Christine Quackenbridge, the wife of Mr. David Quackenbridge, and the gun was found beside the suspect." Charlie said as he was trying to concentrate on the road.

"So! Anybody could have shot her! Lisa, who is David's daughter, or even David himself! Anybody could have planted that gun right next to Gosalyn and then drugged her later. I mean just because there was a gun found next to Gosalyn doesn't mean that she shot her. Whose gun was it? Where would Gosalyn even get a gun? None of this is making any sense!" Darkwing said as he was pounding his fist into the palm of his other hand. "And what possible reason would Gosalyn have for killing Mrs. Quackenbridge. Ya gotta have a pretty good reason for killing someone. Nope! I'm having a very hard time believing any of this nonsense."

As Charlie stopped at the light at the corner of East Farnsworth and Feather Streets, which was now only a block away from their destination, he suddenly spoke.

"Details are very sketchy at best right now, Mr. Darkwing, but the leading investigator found one of Gosalyn's feather fragments on the trigger of the gun."

"So, who's to say that it wasn't planted there?"

Annie turned around and looked at Darkwing's sad blue eyes through the black metal cage that separated the front seat from the back.

"I want you to know that Charlie and I will do everything possible to help Gosalyn. But as fellow law enforcers, you know we can't approach this case filled with rage and emotion. If we're gonna be any good to Gosalyn, we need to examine all the facts and circumstances, weigh the evidence, and make a proper determination. Only then can we build our strategy to get your daughter out of this mess."

The light finally turned green and Officer Charlie proceeded to the hospital parking lot.

"We'll do everything possible for your daughter; we just need you to fully cooperate with us, Darkwing Duck." Charles said as he pulled into his desired spot.

Darkwing said nothing as he just sat and stared at the cage in front of him. The hero focused his blue eyes on the metal cage before him, as it hit him what Gosalyn's life would be like behind bars.

Grizzlikof was fully enraged as his boss, Director J. Gander Hooter, arrived at Happy Harry's House of Diamonds in his black, government issued, Ford LTD Crown Victoria, complete with all the bells and whistles.

"Director Hooter, Darkving got avay before I could fully question him. Ve should have the Saint Canard PD put out an APB on his whereabouts and have his tail feathers immediately brought in here for questioning.

"Now, now, Agent Grizzlikof, I don't believe Darkwing Duck is responsible for the disappearance of the contents of this safe, but it would be very interesting indeed to hear his explanation of what transpired here tonight."

J. Gander sighed as he looked around the once, full vault and looked at Grizzlikof. "An APB won't be necessary as I already know where he is, and I will question him myself."

As the tired director turned and started to walk out the door, the agent asked, "Should I have the lab boys come down here and give the place a look over to see if there have been any clues left behind?"

J. Gander didn't even bother to turn around and just waved his hands as if swatting away a fly, and said, "Yes, I guess so. They won't find anything, but just to be completely thorough and cover all of our bases, let's go ahead and see if they can shed some more light on the subject. Who knows? Maybe this time they actually left something of theirs behind."

Author's Notes: The Ducky wishes to apologize if this chapter seemed to be a wee long with the details of how Officers Charlie and Angora approached Darkwing Duck and Launchpad. During many lunches at Louie's (the local watering hole in beautiful and MOST scenic downtown Trenton) the ducky interviewed me friend, who is a Trenton City Police Officer. He described the way he would approach the situation when taking family members to visit their loved one who is a prisoner and in the hospital. Ya gotta remember that the hospital is not a secure, locked down prison, so the police officers have to be extra cautious since the family member may help the prisoner to escape. The procedure described in this chapter is standard protocol that is prescribed by the New Jersey State Police and is followed by all law enforcement agencies.