Chapter 14- Pleasure

"Love is born with the pleasure of looking at each other, it is fed with the necessity of seeing each other, it is concluded with the impossibility of separation."


Hinata's POV

"So... where are we heading today?"

Sasuke closed the door behind us and we started walking, no set destination in mind. "I don't know. We could... spend time in the park or do something else."

Although surprisingly not bothered by the fact we skipped school, I felt refreshed of the day that was open for us to do anything. I wore a content smile, almost skipping beside Sasuke with enthusiasm while admiring the beautiful, bright, and sunny morning.

What a nice turn up of events compared to my previous depressing lifestyle.

And all because of Sasuke...

"Hn. You look happy." Joy flooded my heart as soon as I heard Sasuke's velvety voice and I blushed, looping an arm around his.

"Let's go to the park. It's been a long time since I last went there."

"It's a date then." Inwardly pleased of the genuine happiness radiating from me, especially since he was the sole reason, Sasuke gave a lopsided smirk and wrapped his arm around my waist, tugging me to lean on him. I laughed and tilted my head, wondering all the while if this was what it felt like to have a boyfriend, specifically Sasuke.

If it did, I wouldn't really mind falling in love with him, just like this.

I mean, we couldn't act like this as friends forever... right? Because... our feelings just didn't want to stay the same. They continued to grow without stop.

Sasuke led me hand-in-hand to the neighborhood park, our feet crunching along the grainy sand as we bypassed the kiddie playground. With the swing sets coming into view, I smiled cheerily, reminiscing on the good old days when I used to swing on them all the time with my beloved brother. Wasting no time to reach them, I eagerly tugged Sasuke behind me.

He obliged to my request with not so much as a quirk of his brow and seated himself on one while I took the swing next to him. Then, we pushed our bodies to swing higher and higher, relishing the wind breezing passed our faces, making a complete mess of our hair. My heart raced with euphoria as I lifted my eyes upwards, becoming lost in the mesmerizing white depths of the cloudy sky.

Not a single care in the world troubled my thoughts.

ching ching ching

The sound of an empty swing twirling and bouncing lightly chimed in my ears. Glancing to my left, I was surprised to see Sasuke had leapt off his swing - and at such a great height, too! He straightened himself from his successful landing, his mouth twisted to form a smirk of pride from the awed expression on my face. At least, Sasuke didn't hurt himself...

"Why don't you try and jump off yourself?" I blanched from that dangerous idea and shook my head vigorously. He chuckled and cocked his head to the side, crossing his arms. "I promise I'll catch you." The soft tone in his voice swayed my resolve, yet... there's still the possibility of squashing my body into grounded meat and breaking my limbs beyond repair. I wasn't excited to die so soon.

"W-will I get hurt?"

"C'mon." He rolled his eyes in exasperation. "It's only one jump. Sissy." What nerve! Adopting an expression of feeble anger, I stuck my tongue out and Sasuke smirked, amused of my childish reaction.

"I'll show you..." Gulping, I took a deep breath and exhaled, gathering all the courage I possessed for this one terrifying leap. My heart pumped heavily in fear while Sasuke patiently waited below me.

Okay, this was it.

With my eyes shut tight, my teeth clenched hard, and my lungs frozen still, I let go of the chains and felt the exhilarating rush of my body propelling forward.

With the forceful wind whipping against me, I fully expected my fall to be utterly painful and deadly, but...

A powerful set of arms captured me into his bodily embrace instead, saving me from meeting my harsh end with life on the concrete ground. The first thing I saw after my eyes flew open - Sasuke's trademark smirk gracing his handsomely young face - the 'I told you so' face.

"See? What did I tell you?"


My heart wouldn't stop racing - its erratic speed wearing out my overworked lungs. I gasped for the desperately needed oxygen and immediately wrapped my arms around him, reclining my entire body into his arms, his warmth, his everything...

My grasp tightened on him, waiting for my heartbeats to regulate back into its normal pace as I nuzzled my flushed face into his shirt. Steady, steady... breathe in, breathe out...

"Poor thing..." Sasuke cooed, patting my head. "You're completely traumatized, aren't you?"

My lips pursed into a thin line, as I tried to suppress the ugly scowl tugging at my mouth. "You... you... you..." I wanted to say something - anything - to vent my anger out on him. What he made me go through was unbelievably terrifying! For that one instant, I swore I felt my soul literally split from my body - departing for the heavens above.

It was not a pleasant feeling.

"I-it was because of you, I thought I was going to die!"

I furiously wiped away at the twin rivers flooding my cheeks, tasting the hot salty tears in disdain. "I w-was... sniff... r-really scared..."

"Mood swing," Sasuke cursed under his breath, but nonetheless had squeezed in response to my body still trembling from that heart-stopping experience. Unlike most people, I didn't feel the adrenaline rush coursing through my body. Not a single ounce. All I could concentrate on was the fear that tormented my various shreds of humanity. Sasuke's hand currently rubbed my back with soothing motions, although a bit slowly as if he was thinking about something. "...are you on your period? Cuz I swear you never get angry."

I nearly growled from irritation. It's always that one excuse when a girl gets angry wasn't it?

"I can't believe you..." Turning away from him, I leaned on the metal pole and sighed, not really in the mood to look at him. But against everything, Sasuke was right. I recently received it minutes before eating breakfast this morning. And the first day killed worse than monstrous stinger bees. Stupid cramps...

"Don't be like that, Hina..." I felt his hands rub my shoulders affectionately until they lowered to clutch my waist, tugging me into a hug. "You're hurting my feelings..." Though Sasuke's voice spoke of hurt, it was interlaced with tease. He snuggled his cheek to my own and waited patiently for my response, preparing to be persistently whiney if I rejected him.

The urge to kiss-and-make-up was enormous, but Sasuke didn't deserve to be forgiven so easily.

"You hurt my feelings..." I grumbled, pouting faintly.

"Not my fault," he scoffed, point-blank. "You could've chosen to ignore my taunt, but you went for the bait anyway. You should be blaming yourself, not me. I'm innocent." Oh, just knowing he deliberately stretched out that specific word proved to me he wasn't taking this seriously.

"Innocent, my butt..." I felt Sasuke's face twitch, his smirk betraying his amusement.

"Maybe you should calm down," he suggested, pulling me down to lay on his lap after taking a seat on the swing. Suppressing the urge to verbally lash out in anger, I fidgeted to get more comfortable. Then, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before sighing to relieve the irrational stress accumulated in my chest. Next curling my fingers to grip the ropes, I felt Sasuke's hands envelop my own not one minute later. Firm, yet warm...

Raising my eyes to the white cloudy sky, I sunk back inside Sasuke's embrace - the gentle rocking of this swing soothing me.

Looking back on how intimate our friendship had grown compelled me to sigh in content, my heart pulsing by the force of happiness. I wasn't one to be affectionate, but Sasuke surprisingly couldn't keep his hands off me. Not that I was complaining, it's just - I enjoyed the attention Sasuke willingly gave to me.

There were times he made me feel like I was being loved and wanted and sometimes I liked to return the treatment. Sometimes made me forget we were friends in the first place...

The mid-morning breeze suddenly picked up and blew around us, the cool temperature succeeding in chilling me. I reclined into Sasuke seeking warmth and he laid his chin atop my shoulder.

"Cold?" he whispered, his breath heating my ear.

"Mm-hmm." I nodded, feeling his arms lower until they wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to his body. Then, the soft caress of his lips brushing my bare neck caused my face to blush a pretty scarlet. "Thank you..."

"Hn." A faint smirk was evident in his quiet voice. "Anything for my Hina."

The pleasant, yet possessive tone in his statement didn't disturb me a bit. Actually, I'd grown pretty much used to it by now - to the point it felt natural hearing it from Sasuke.

Leaning my head into the crook his neck, my face glowed with contentment. Sasuke's warmth encased me from all sides. Hearing his breathing, his heartbeats... It's like he's a second skin to my body. Without his touch, I'd feel so awkward and lonely.

But knowing Sasuke treated me as his one and only - although a bit possessively - gave me a strong sense of security.

The park was silent, nice, and peaceful.

I liked it here, very much. No one else was here, but the two of us.

We entered the more commercial part of town, leisurely walking down the street hand-in-hand with Sasuke doing the leading. Peering at the many open shops, I followed him loyally and wondered why the civilians were eyeing us so strangely.

No, correction - the female population was totally smitten at the sight of my handsome companion. And I could understand why they were so easily affected. Unfortunately, I too had succumbed to the spell. The curse of falling for Sasuke Uchiha.

Despite it all, I felt proud he was my friend.

A firm squeeze to my hand snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Hey, are you hungry?"

"Huh? Oh... um, yes. Thai Food?"

He rewarded me with a knowing smirk, and pulled me into a familiar street. "You just read my mind."

Once we stepped foot into the restaurant, a waiter politely seated us at a booth and handed us each a menu. Sasuke and I made ourselves comfortable, cuddling close.

"Ino, your waitress, will be right with you." I smiled at the mention of my friend's name and thanked the man before Sasuke dismissed him with an apathetic grunt. As we scanned through the menu wordlessly, Sasuke had his arm curled around my waist, his hand stroking my hip absentmindedly. I sighed, leaning on him and resting my head on his shoulder, relishing the mutual silence.

"Pick something," he stated softly.

"Okay." Granted, Sasuke and I neglected to come here since two months ago. Though, I hadn't forgotten the delicious meal I ate last time. I was considering which type of stir-fry I felt like having when a familiar female voice spoke.

"Aw, you two on a date? Hee, hee! I knew you guys would end up together. Both of you were a relationship just waiting to happen!" Snapping my attention up at a grinning Ino, still beautiful even when wearing a plain apron, my heart bubbled in joy and at the same time embarrassment from her declaration.

"E-eh?! No, we're not–."

"You're here to take our orders, right?" Sasuke cut me off brusquely, glaring at the blonde girl.

"Tsk. Grumpy, grumpy..." she mumbled before whipping out a notepad, pen poised at the ready. "Fire away."

Before Sasuke could issue them, since I received the impression he already knew what I wanted, I cast an inquiring gaze at Ino. "Ino, isn't it a bit too early for school to be let out? What are you doing working this early in the afternoon?"

She smiled slyly, placing a hand on her hip. "That should be my question. I may not look it, but I'm nineteen. I graduated a year ago." Oh, so she's no longer a high school student. That made her two-three years older than us. I was dubiously surprised since she looked very young - young enough to pass off as a high school student. "And you two, cutting school for personal time? Cute."

If Ino didn't stop teasing us soon, I might self-combust from humiliation.

"We would like to order two pork stir-fries and pepsi." I mentally cried in joy.

Sasuke saved me and now I loved him more than ever.

"...coming right up! You have to wait a little, though. I'll go fetch the drinks." Dismissing herself after giving a dazzling wink, she scurried away to deliver our orders to the chefs.

Once she left, it was finally quiet - except for the outside conversations buzzing around us. No conversation transpired between us until waitress Ino appeared with our drinks, but even when she left us to ourselves again, Sasuke and I barely talked.

No tension. No awkwardness. Only comfort.

"Here's the bill," Ino chirped, handing Sasuke the receipt.

"Hn." Taking out a twenty dollar bill from inside his pocket, proceeded to slap it in Ino's awaiting hands. "Keep the tip."

"Heh. Thanks."

"Don't mention it," he frowned. Then, Sasuke turned to me, ruffling my hair a bit. "I'm going to the bathroom." Huh? What? I remembered correctly he went ten minutes ago, so why...?

Catching the indecipherable glance he sent to a preoccupied Ino, it quickly dawned on me.

"Don't take too long..." I beamed softly. He scoffed, concealing the upward twitch of his lips and he nonchalantly sauntered away.

Who would've thought - Sasuke wanted me to spend more time with Ino.

Nobody would really notice the concern he secretly felt toward my unhealthy sociability with the female species. However, I failed to discern the second motive behind his thoughtfulness.

"We've gotta stop meeting like this." Ino exclaimed smilingly, plopping down on the booth beside me. I scooted over to give her some room. "I don't want work to be the reason why we see each other all the time. Give me your cell phone number so I can call you up and we can decide where we're going to hang out. Does that sound like a deal?" Withdrawing her cell phone from within her breast pocket, Ino slid the electronic device to me.

Shooting her a small smile, I picked it up carefully and admired the slim bulk of her glossy, navy-blue motorola flip-phone. Stylish.

"We'll have all sorts of fun together. Like, for instance shopping. It can be an all-girls day out, just you and me. Ooh, wait till we go to the mall! I'm gonna buy the cutest outfits for you and the prettiest of shoes!" The blonde girl happened to glance at my attire and grimaced, wrinkling her nose in distaste. "God knows where you got those hand-me-downs– You know what!" A gasp escaped her lips, her azure eyes widening as if she was immediately struck with a marvelous idea. "We can bring Mr. Jerk Face along! We'll need a guy's opinion on your new modified look. Hee hee, you'll look so gorgeous - I guarantee you're gonna be a total knock-out!"

I giggled softly, loving the lyrical sound of her exuberant voice droning on and on and on...

Sooner did I realize I gained a new best friend in Ino.

Third Person POV

"We're finally home..." Sasuke threw himself onto the couch and stretched, then proceeded to fold his arms behind his head.

"Where is Fugaku?" Sitting down in-between his outstretched legs, Hinata saw him roll his eyes and shrug, indicating he really didn't care at the moment. Giving him a small smile, she asked, "What do you want to do now?"

He gazed at her thoughtfully, replaying in his head how wonderfully their date went. As much as Sasuke enjoyed it with the one girl he crushed on, his thoughts would constantly warp on something a lot more distressing. Like, how to convey to Hinata his feelings and claim her as his own. Words had failed him before, so why not action instead?

With Hinata's submissive nature, it shouldn't be too hard.

Ignoring the inquisitive expression on her face, a slow smirk etched its way onto his face and he sat up straight, catching Hinata off guard. "What do you want to do?" he asked suggestively, leaning forward to curl his arms affectionately around her torso. Sasuke's lips twitched upwards in a smile when she automatically relaxed in his hold and reclined into his body, scooting closer to tuck her legs comfortably between his own.

"...hmm... I... I'm not sure..." Pleased with her compliance, Sasuke nuzzled his face into her neck, sighing deeply when gusto of heat encased his smitten heart. Warmth crept onto her cheeks when his nose and lips tickled her sensitive skin. Her sighs were soft, her heart a flutter with fondness. "...a-anything you want, I suppose..." Hinata felt him smirk after Sasuke felt her pulse jump. Beyond this point, all friendly pleasantries - out the window.

"Anything...?" His husky voice oozed with desire, making Hinata shudder in excitement. She knew that tone. He used it on her before, but this time he might be serious. It wasn't like Sasuke to force himself to express affection. Roaming his leering gaze down her curvaceous body, Sasuke decided he definitely liked what he saw. "Mmm... there's lots of things I want to do to you..." Very enjoyable things, he mused.

Hinata moaned, instinctively closing her eyes when feeling his hands drift under her shirt, exploring her bare skin with a lustful curiosity. They then paused to trace the naked undersides of her breasts, relishing the soft mounds of flesh teasingly - gauging her reaction. When she didn't protest, but waited anxiously for what Hinata knew would come next, Sasuke gripped them wholly in his hands, evoking a sudden heat wave to wrack her body.

"Ahh! Sasuke...!" Shaky gasps ripped through her throat, the hot sensation of pleasure burning her lungs. What was meant to sound like a scold turned out to be a flirty whine instead. Hinata's erotic responses gave him incentive to fondle her breasts, reveling in the power he had to make her enjoy the torment. Her incessant moans were clear indication of that.

Sasuke might have inappropriately groped her before, but never like this. This borderlined on molestation. However, it oddly felt good. "Stop... p-please, don't..." Sasuke wouldn't hear for it, hissing a demand for her to be quiet. She writhed under his ministrations, biting back groans while struggling to break free - her attempts half-hearted. Only when he flicked his tongue out to graze the shell of her ear and spread his fingers to stroke her abdomen did her whole body become putty in his hands. Who was Hinata kidding? Of course she didn't want him to stop. Lust never felt so great until Sasuke came along.

Grinning ear-to-ear when she not only relented, but whimpered his name in sheer delight, Sasuke began nibbling her earlobe seductively, his hot breaths fanning across her cheek.

"Mm... you like that, don't you, Hina...?" Her breath hitched, the moans no longer stifled when he bit down on a sensitive spot of her neck, periodically sucking and licking her skin until Hinata was positive a bruise mark would appear. Eyes half-lidded with desire, face flushed from pleasure, and the erratic heartbeats pounding in her head and deafening her eardrums - Hinata wanted him. She wanted Sasuke too much; she couldn't pull the wool over her own eyes forever.

Though blinded by naivety, Hinata knew friends didn't do this. Normal friends wouldn't kiss each other lovingly, wouldn't express their friendship with such deep intimacy, or would even grope or pleasure the other as if they were lovers.

No, she knew all along. Ever since the sleepover at Sasuke's house.

The first time they met, Hinata was infinitely attracted to him. Not solely by outward appearance, but his cool and collected personality, too. And then getting to know him as a person, as her friend - this shy girl couldn't possibly be more attached to him. If anything, Hinata found his moody persona greatly amusing. And she couldn't deny that Sasuke was very sexy. Immediately did her blush darken. There, she admitted it! It was just too embarrassing for her to think about it...

Hinata jolted out of her thoughts when she felt a hand cup her cheek, tilting her face to finally look at him. She was met with Sasuke's smoldering eyes, drilling her the silent message that he wanted her - and badly. He wanted her to belong to him. Brushing his knuckles softly against her cheek, Hinata leaned forward and closed her eyes, granting him submission. This encouraged Sasuke to do the same. "Be mine," he murmured, licking his lips from anticipation. And then dipping his head low for their lips to touch, "Be my girlfriend..." They kissed.

Sasuke didn't even wait to shove his tongue through her closed lips, stroking and tasting every inch inside her mouth he could possibly reach. After yearning her for so long, Sasuke couldn't believe he finally had her. And he proceeded to taste her as much as he desired. Groaning from his aggressive entrance, Hinata returned the kiss with fervent eagerness, twisting around to slide her arms around his shoulders and massage his neck with delicate fingers. Then, burying her hands into his hair, scratched his scalp tenderly - earning Sasuke to moan deeply in delight. At this, Hinata's blush became permanent.

Her shirt rode up as he rubbed her bare back, tracing the spinal cord sensually, which caused Hinata to shiver under his strong hands. The two eventually parted from the kiss to breathe, taking deep and ragged breaths while gazing into each other's glossy, half-lidded eyes. Hinata saw her reflection in his black eyes, smiling in contentment before she raised a hand to caress his cheek, brushing it through his bothersome bangs in order to see Sasuke's face better. Hinata loved how she could manage to look into his intense eyes willingly and gaze on without apprehension. And this young man in front of her was the reason, too.

Sasuke's onyx eyes crinkled as if smiling, and he readjusted Hinata to straddle his lap - letting his forehead lightly rest against her own. Gripping her hips and molding her curves against his masculine frame, Sasuke kissed her deeply, which Hinata gave loving caresses in return. Soon, he lowered his face and began nipping at her neck, pausing to suck on her pulsing point - growling when she made the most erotic moan that has ever graced his ears. "S-Sasuke... aaah..." Her lyrical voice, meek and raspy and whimpering in pleasure - it really turned him on.

However, to his complete surprise, Hinata pushed him down to lie on his back, sprawling herself precariously on top of him. Smiling coyly at Sasuke's suggestive smirk, she bent down to claim his lips and he naturally applied more pressure into the kiss, smoothly running his hands up and down her back, causing her body to arch under his coaxing touches. He nibbled her bottom lip, their tongues lightly brushing through the partial gaps of their mouths; their shallow breaths intermingled, their separate heartbeats mixing together in feverish tempo.

She breathlessly spread lingering kisses along his cheek and jaw, giggling airily when she felt the vibrations of his grunts against her face.

"Sasuke..." Hinata wanted to say it. Now, before she would forget. He had to know. "I... I love you..." With her inebriated state of mind - desire as her intoxicant - she had said it out of spur of the moment. Though, the confession was, more or less, true.

Speechless, intrigued, and flattered by his girlfriend's odd behavior, especially her declaration of love towards him, he honestly didn't know what to say. But before he could even respond, Sasuke's face was painted a scorching hot crimson when feeling her lips touch his neck, her teeth gingerly nipping his skin. He gulped thickly, her tongue caressing his neck in ways Hinata could seriously rival an incubus.

"...y-you're... exceptionally bold today," Man, he loved how this girl could drive him crazy. Once she had pulled back, he chuckled upon seeing the familiar, endearing look of embarrassment coloring her face. There was no way in hell Hinata would disclose to him her period. She'd die of humiliation. "And another thing..." His hand casually slipped inside her shirt, groping her back for something that was notably missing. Hinata continued to wait patiently, Sasuke's lips quirked in amusement of the blank confusion present on her face. "You're wearing no bra."

It's as if Sasuke gained an ability to strip her naked solely with his gaze. Hinata immediately flushed, self-consciously clenching his shirt so tight her knuckles paled to white. She had been very comfortable without wearing those infernal garments that she had completely forgotten their absence. "Kinky," he mumbled, occupying himself by ravaging her neck. "Hn. Easier work for me..."

"...u-um... th-they were... ve-very un... uncomfor... r-really itchy, a-and... I d-didn't... nng..." Damn it, Sasuke's preventing her from concentrating on what she wanted to say. Annoyed at first, it didn't take long for the hormones to rise up again before Hinata immediately pulled him into another passionate lip-lock. Besides, whatever she planned to say a few moments ago didn't seem so important anymore...

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Here's a preview of Chapter 15:

"He's so unlike Hinata... how did the two end up compatible in the first place? It truly escapes me! The next thing I know, they'll be romantically involved without giving a damn of what I think." Ah, the number one stress of parental life - watching your precious daughter grow up only to be whisked away by a no-good boy. If only Hiashi could castrate Sasuke, all would be right in the world.

"Your daughter is a very delightful girl. After my wife, Hinata's the top female on my list. I wouldn't be surprised she's number one on Sasuke's also. What's not to like about her? She's very sweet and adorable." Fugaku began to hum tunelessly in a jovial manner, which truly disturbed Hiashi. What was his friend thinking at the moment...? "Someday, I'll be a very happy grandfather."

Literally choking in his coffee, Hiashi coughed and sputtered for air, seriously flustered with what Fugaku dropped the bomb into their conversation.