Full Summary: When the city of the Ancients was uprooted and moved, it threw things into turmoil for the inhabitants of the city.

But they were not the only ones affected.

Two teams, on a survey of a planet, missed their check-in with Atlantis and have no idea what has happened to it.

All they know is that they've dialed home, only to find that there's no answer at the other end of the line.

Now, thinking that they're the only members of the Atlantis Expedition left alive, they must find a way back to Earth--while surviving Pegasus without any back-up or means of getting supplies.

They will live by their wits and it is almost assured that they will lose lives if they don't stay sharp.

These are the Abandoned and this is their fight for survival.

A/N: Over the past few weeks, a Stargate: Atlantis role play has been created and moderated by me over on the Techiedom forum (see my profile for a URL) and it's zipping right along so quickly and so wonderfully that I couldn't resist asking my little RP minions for permission to create a novelization based on it. Now, when I say 'based', that means it's being cobbled together from forum posts and expanded upon to fit a more traditional fanfic format. The plot is primarily mine (uh, hi, admin. of the forum, maker of all things awesome, remember?), but the characters and much of their dialogue is derived from their owners, which are as follows:

The characters Timothy Sampson, Bennett Hall and Lydia Winter belong to me. Chris Perkins and Jason Campbell belong to Reyclou. Liana Wolfe belongs to Liana Wolfe. Riley Hunter belongs to Pretzel. Jamie Harris belongs to nwfairy.

Now. Buckle up. We're launching a new Stargate spin-off, bitch. It got off to a bit of a rocky start, but we've hit our stride now, so stick with me and watch the drama unfold.


There were probably worse ways to spend the day than wandering the seemingly endless lush green fields of M3X-009, sneezing one's head off.

However, if there were, Doctor Lydia Winter couldn't find them.

After a full two days of being trapped in the tiny village of the Piran, waiting out a nasty storm, the sun was disgustingly cheerful about its return to the sky after such an extended absence and the pollen seemed to be taking perverse pleasure in being more prevalent than before.

It was for this reason that Winter sneezed so violently with every few steps she took. These were not just ordinary sneezes, these were patented Lydia Winter Full Body sneezes. These were the sneezes that made the marines--Williamson, Hall, Mason, Ramstead and Pierce--laugh to themselves because it appeared as though the senior scientist on their little team was suffering from a small, abrupt seizure every few moments.

These were also the sneezes that caused said marines to get small pebbles chucked at their heads for their insolence.

You did not make fun of a woman like Winter's allergies if there was anything small and tossable within immediate range.

Of course, she had accidentally pegged an engineer...who was currently glaring at her and looking like he wanted to toss something slightly larger and more pain inducing at her head... Perkins was his name if she wasn't too terribly mistaken. Though she might've been…

It seemed to her that of all the members of the two teams she was currently offworld with she only knew one person beyond just being acquainted with their faces. She was going to have to rectify that…and she would start now.

Winter waved at the tech somewhat sheepishly, perfectly aware of the fact he was wearing the 'vengeance' look, and hoping she wouldn't have to invest in itching powder remedies any time in the near future. One enemy on Atlantis was enough--especially when that enemy was Rodney McKay--she certainly didn't need another...

And techs were lauded as being terribly creative when it came to revenge...

Maybe a quick handshake and smile would smooth things over before she burned a bridge that wasn't even built yet.

Besides, it never hurt to have someone who could conceivably become a trustworthy minion on your side...

She started across the field, intent on adding to her blossoming evil empire. She noted that his posture grew rigid, as though he were preparing himself to do battle with some sort of terrible monster and not have a friendly little chat the woman in charge--or at least, the woman in charge until they got back to the city.

Winter was about to speak when he cut her off.

"Doctor Winter," he began, "It must be hard to examine the local geology when you throw your samples around."

Though outwardly she laughed, inside Winter seethed.

Great. Sarcasm. Was there no end to it in this damned galaxy? Must there always be a McKay haunting her--even when McKay wasn't actually around?

"Nowhere near as difficult as it must be to--"

A sudden, loud buzzing filled the air, chilling and precise. It thrummed across Winter's nerves like a high C on the violin, played near enough to pierce her eardrums.

Winter's reply died instantly her throat only to be replaced with another word, shouted anxiously. "Darts!"

Jason Campbell--a former Captain in the air force and a current astrophysicist for the expedition--was the only one with enough sense to shout, "Scatter!"

Naturally, the desperate shout from a former military officer--in addition to the sound of the rapidly closing darts--was enough to get everyone moving. Every member of Atlantis personnel started running as though the devil himself were at their backs.

Winter was no exception. She started sprinting into the grove of trees nearby, Jason somewhere to the left ahead of her, the new guy and several others behind, wracking her brain and trying to get over the disorientation that followed the changes of scenery.

They were all supposed to be heading towards the two Jumpers that the teams had arrived in, parked in a clearing not far from their current positions, but that was before the darts had popped out of nowhere and started streaking across the sky.

Now, she had only a very rudimentary grasp on where she was heading and whether or not there would be a Jumper waiting...

If she miscalculated by a few feet...

Well, she'd just have to not miscalculate, that's all...

Her lungs burned and her legs started to ache, but she pushed onwards anyway.

That damned Jumper had to be here somewhere.

Minutes stretched by as though they were hours, screams, guns going off, pandemonium coming from all side invaded Winter's senses until finally, the explosion from a drone that had popped seemingly out of nowhere colliding with one of the darts sent a wave of heat over her skin. It stole her breath, but nowhere near as much as seeing one of the Puddle Jumpers that she had been so desperately seeking dropping its cloak right in front of her.

The door to the Jumper was open and a shout burst from within, "Get in and hold on!"

The moment that the Puddle Jumper shimmered into view, Winter changed course, much to her kneecap's dismay and pushed herself to the limit. Every muscle in her body protested the movement and the drastic change of trajectory, and the scientist was--like most of the science team of Atlantis--far from being an athlete, but she made it through the Jumper doors, tripping and landing on her knees hard in the process.

Cursing the tears in her uniform pants, she got to her feet just in time to see another of her teammates getting scooped up by the dart that had flown through the gate.

Equal parts terrified and furious, Winter took her anger out on the nearest available target, turning to the woman in the pilot's seat.

"What the HELL were you thinking, keeping the Jumper invisible?!" She huffed and puffed, hanging onto the pilot's seat. "You were supposed to be READY for the team's arrival, not hiding in the smegging weeds!"

Several things happened simultaneously then, forcing Winter out of her tirade. The thump of another scientist collapsing to catch her breath behind her was the first thing which yanked her out of anger--followed by another motley little group collapsing once they reached the safety of the ancient ship; the second was the shout that came over her headset--

"This is Campbell, we lost Ramstead. I'm going for the other Jumper."

Winter snapped directly into bitch-in-charge mode, turning to help her teammate off the floor and into a seat while shouting into her headset, "Campbell, you idiot, you'll be killed! You're not a pilot!"

Her headset crackled to life again. "I'm not a good pilot, but I happen to excel in making things explode -- which might be a useful skill right about now. And I never said anything about FLYING it."

Winter turned back to the Captain occupying the pilot's seat, only barely registering the nametag on her uniform--J. Harris--before she realized that the other woman was tapping her own radio.

"Campbell there's a moon that's circling Piran, I'm sending you the coordinates. Put up the cloak, and concentrate on getting there. I'm going to double back and draw away the attention away from you and meet you there. Do you understand?"

Captain Harris hit the button to close the door of the Jumper almost casually, causing Winter's blood to boil. "Hold on, this is going to be one bumpy ride, folks."

Winter would have shoved Harris out of her seat and taken control of the Jumper if she'd possessed the Ancient gene. "Draw attention AWAY from HIM?! Excuse me? You have a Jumper full of civilians, he is on his own, now is NOT THE TIME TO PLAY HERO, Fly girl! You have a responsibility to get this team to safety!"

Winter gestured at the nameless engineer she'd whacked with a rock not-so-long- ago, "You! Start the dialing sequence for Atlantis--and don't give me that 'how dare you order me around' look, Mister, we don't have time for it--"

Winter tapped her radio again. "Campbell! You're civilian now, you take orders from me! Don't do anything stupid--we're going to try getting back to Atlantis!"

Even as Perkins moved to start the dialing sequence, Captain Harris roared angrily, "How dare you suggest I'm trying to play the hero card? It's logic, you stupid woman; I'm a trained pilot--I can get away from the darts easily; he can't! And Doctor Winter," Captain Harris laid a delicate stress on the word, "do you think it would be a good idea to fly into Atlantis under Dart fire?! One blast could take out the entire control room!"

Harris suddenly twisted in her seat, using the Jumper's controls to avoid a shot being fired by one of the Darts. Winter nearly fell into the other woman's lap but righted herself.

The Captain looked up at Winter, her expression hard as steel, even as she maneuvered the Jumper. "I'm the only one that can fly worth anything here; and I'm going to have to use every trick I've learned. You want to take control--fine. Do it outside of a combat situation. Now, sit down and hold on!"

As much as Winter detested being powerless--considering their current situation, she had no choice but to defer to Harris' barked orders.

"Alright, fine; we'll draw the darts away from the gate, slip into cloak and double back...but the second we can lose them, I want us back at the gate! We can't play cat and mouse all damn day..."

Gnawing her bottom lip until it turned crimson, she hit her headset, trying to keep both temper and anxiety under control.

"Campbell? Change of plans..."

"Bad timing, Lydia..." was the reply from the other end, followed by a low, dull hum that could only be…

Winter's eyes bulged. The reception on her headset was clear enough for her to hear Jumper Two's weapons powering up. A glance out into the clearing where the other ship hovered confirmed her fears.

"Oh...oh no. No, no, no, no, no. You did NOT just bring your weapons systems online!" Winter grabbed hold of Harris' arm and started shaking her. "Fly. FLY! Get us the hell out of here! NOW!"

When half of the other occupants within the Jumper looked at Winter oddly, no doubt wondering what the hell the scientist had been smoking to cause so many drastic changes in mood and opinion in such a short period of time, Lydia flailed her arms.

"You don't get it, when Jason Campbell is behind the wheel, SHIT EXPLODES WITHOUT BIAS!"