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I wanted to try and write a small 1 shot to see if the people like my writing style. seeing I have a serious case of dyslexia I just wanted to see if it was possible to make a logical story (without to many errors in it). Also I aint English so my grammar aint perfect…..

Anyway I would like some reviews with some useful info so not something like

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Also if I get some good reviews ill try and write a story I have had on my mind for sometime now (with a decent plot and something I haven't seeing on this site before)

This one shot of how I view the Rin'negan (except for the chakra control increase just needed that for rasengan and shunshin)

Seeing ppl want me to continue ill give it a shot thanks for positive replys

On to the story

"the second match is between Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Neji will the contestants please come to the area, Shikamaru and Temari please go to the waiting room and wait for you next match" As soon as Genma stopped talking a small tornado of leaves appears with Sasuke and Kakashi in the midst of it. "Yo, I hope we aren't to late?". Not looking surprised to see Kakashi make it just time in Genma informed him of the situation "You are lucky the Hokage place Sasuke's match as last or he would have been disqualified by now, Kakashi" giving no real reply besides looking sheepish to Genma they also went in to the waiting room with Shikamaru and Temari. When Naruto and Sasuke passed each other there was a quick word switch between them "I want to fight you so be sure to win, Naruto". At the same time in the stadium started talking about the chances of the 'dope' beating the 'hyuuga genius' or of his luck to even get into the final round of the exam. None except of few of the rookie nine even gave him a second thought of winning.

Down in the area Neji and Naruto where taking there sides to start the fight. Seeing Neji is so found of physical abuse he tried to taunting Naruto like he did with Hinata "you look like you want to say something to me" he said while wearing his infamous Hyuuga smirk. "I will win" was the only response he got from Naruto. "that will only make my win better when you find out you have absolutely no change of winning" was the action Neji takes while sliding into his Jūken stance and activating the Byakugan. "Stop chattering and let's begin" Naruto roared while flaring his Chakra to create small whirlwind throwing up dust around him. "now, second match begin" after that some people in the stadium started to cheer the fighters on.

While Naruto and Neji where having a glaring contest in the centre in the crowed Hyuuga Hiashi and Hanabi the father and sister of Hinata where having a small conversation. More like Hiashi parsing Neji of being the most gifted Hyuuga even more so then Hanabi's sister.

"a fart ain't gonna help you win this one Naruto you better have something up you sleeve" where the thoughts of Kiba from his spot in the stadium next to Hinata. While she thinking more along the lines of "Naruto-kun, I hope you win".

With a charge Naruto ran up to his opponent and started a short bout where he was basically toyed with by Neji it ended with him rolling backwards to avoid his tenketsu being closed of.

"You would better give up and back down now, you don't stand a chance against a Hyu…" Before Neji could even finish his sentence Naruto appeared right in front of him with his right leg 1 inch away from his head with his body twisted to get the full force of his body behind the kick. With no time to take action Neji skidded along the ground to a stop 45 feet away from where he started. Quickly standing up and looking at Naruto he looked at something he didn't expect with in his determent eyes where 5 rings starting just outside the pupil and getting large the further they get away from it (AN: if you don't get my explanation its the Rin'negan that the leader of Akatsuki has). "The beginning was a test to see what you could do and I am not impressed by it" was a arrogant reply to Neji's shocked face.

Flashback (how he activated his eyes):

While falling down the cliff his sensei just throw him of Naruto tried to desperately to stick to the wet side with his Chakra with no luck, a the top the cliff Jiraiya was looking at his falling student 'sorry you won't be able to stick to the wall with Chakra you don't have to control to do that at the speed your falling'. Then suddenly he did stick to the wall with Chakra which caught Jiraiya of guard he didn't expect the brat to have Chakra control like that. When Naruto was finally up again after climbing the wall he was glaring holes in Jiraiya's skull. When Jiraiya looked at the glare he was shocked to see those eyes the Rin'negan that did explain how he was suddenly able to stick to the wall.

Flashback end:

In the stadium people where wided eyed by what they just saw the yellow urchin pull of, the only thing they saw was him falling and then appearing just inches way from the Hyuuga and kicking him right in the face. Lee that entered the stadium mid Shikamaru's fight with Temari was screaming about the flames of youth burning brightly. On the other hand Gai was surprisingly quite and looking at Naruto's eyes. The other Genin which where all near asked Kakashi what those eyes where. "Kakashi-sensei what is going on with Naruto's eyes?" quickly pulling him self together after seeing his 'dope' student pulling of a attack on a genius and then seeing those eyes said the first thing that came to his mind "Rin'negan" with a voice like he couldn't even believe it himself. Seeing that Kakashi wouldn't be saying anymore useful info Gai pick it up decided to tell the Genins what was going on. "the Rin'negan is 1 of the great dojutsu's like the Sharingan and Byakugan, it is said that the founder of the shinobi and inventor of the jutsu had those eyes there isn't much known about what it can do, it is most youthful of our young friend to have it".

Seeing the Hyuuga's learn about the bloodline limits because they see it as important to know what other people can do Neji know what he was looking at (though also the Hyuuga don't know what those eyes do seeing it was thought to be lost long ago). "So you have a bloodline limit as well ill take it up a notch then" said Neji while reactivating his Byakugan and taking another Jūken stance. Which made some Hyuuga's in the stadium gape for a branch member shouldn't be able to use that stance "now you wont be able to beat me anymore". Not believing the boost Naruto flash forward again this time appearing with his leg sideways in the position for a flying kick close to the stomach of Neji. When he was about the hit Neji started to spin like a top en a layer of Chakra began to surround him "KAITEN" was what Neji roared form the inside as the orb before it started to push Naruto away. Thinking quickly Naruto flash away from the spinning dome of Chakra so he wouldn't be thrown away by it, he appear at the place he first started. After stopping the Chakra flow and stopped spinning Neji started to boost about his power again "like I said you cant beat me the kaiten is the Hyuuga's ultimate defence it is unbreakable". "ultimate you say the let's see if it can stand my …" flashing away again and appearing a bit away from Neji with both arms aimed forward with a HUGE spinning orb of Chakra "ULTIMATE RASENGAN" Naruto roared as he tried to slam it into Neji who was quickly spinning again and forming his kaiten. The impact of the attack made the stadium shake too the people in it, it felt like a earthquake. As the power behind Naruto's attack grow larger and more violent it also started to gain ground and push Neji back who was still spinning as if his live depended on it (which it did). When the rasengan exploded it started to push the spinning Neji to the stadium wall where he was basically stuck between a rock and a hard place (AN: that was the saying right?). Not wanting to kill Neji Naruto stopped pushing power into the attack, a trail was visible where the attack just rushed by and at the end was a exhaust Neji. "I have to say it is indeed the ultimate defence as you claim it to be you stopped my strongest attack but at the cost of all you Chakra, I think Ill show you my bloodline limit real strength" doing 2 quick seals Naruto slammed his hands into the ground and 2 clouds of smoke appeared with a small bang. Out of it stepped 2 men 1 large about 6 feet and 1 just a bit bigger then Naruto both had the Rin'negan active as well.

Everyone in the crowed was stunned by the attack just pulled of by the 'dope'. Sasuke was trembling with anger or was it thrill to fight Naruto nobody knows. Kakashi on the other hand had to pick his jaw of the ground after seeing someone other then Jiraiya and himself doing that technique. Hiashi didn't know what he was seeing and rubbing his eyes believing he was seeing things, first a branch member using kaiten and then someone beating the kaiten it was just unbelievable for him.

Seeing 2 people appearing in the stadium that where not in the match Genma wanted to call the match in Neji favour even though Naruto was clearly winning but summoning people to help you just ain't allowed. "Seeing Uzumaki Naruto has summoned 2 people out of the matches for help he is here by disq.." he was stopped by Jiraiya appearing next to him. "You can't disqualify him Genma for using his bloodline". from in the Hokage seat Sarutobi spoke his mind on this issue "mind explaining that Jiraiya-kun?". Seeing the need to reply Jiraiya was about to answer if Naruto didn't interrupt him. "People thought my bloodline was extinct so people don't know what it does so I think I need to explain what is does I guess", "please do so Naruto-kun" was the response form the aged Hokage seeing it as a order Naruto explained. "My eyes have only 2 abilities the first it enhances my control of my chakra and allows me to have a affinity to all 5 elements, this allows me to use a sealless shunshin to attack with as you have seen and the rasengan with is a attack that needs a lot of control. The second ability is to allow me to transfer my bloodline to death bodies…"

Up in the stadium the people where wide eyed about the last remark. Team 7 then toke a closer look at the 2 people he summon and to there surprise and horror the larger of the two had a large familiar looking sword with him and the smaller one looked kind of like a girl.

Sakura being the smartass (or loudmouth how you want to see it) made the connection "those are Zabuza and Haku who….". Sasuke came to the same conclusion just didn't voice it was wondering the same thing how was that possible?".

"my bloodline kind of resurrect them met with eyes." The Zabuza body walked over to Naruto and started to talk in a much heavier voice then Naruto's where he left of. "They share my brain so we are in a saying 1 and the same for instance talk to 1 of us and we all will know it we also share sight so we can see what the other sees" now Haku toke over "also we keep the abilities that the body use to have jutsu, bloodline limit, taijutsu you name it all except personal knowledge so it ain't of use in interrogation also I can't take a body that has a dojutsu like Sharingan seeing the controlled persons eyes will always be the Rin'negan. Also all bodies need to be killed at once seeing 1 can revive the other there is no 'main' body though there can only be 6 of us at the same time for we need to discard 1." Silence rang thought the audience after that information was said. After that said Genma decided to restarted the match seeing Neji was still able to continue although low on Chakra he didn't give up yet. "please continue", Naruto still being the idiot as before "my bloodline doesn't do more then that" "I mean the match idiot". Up in the stance everyone face vaulted because of Naruto's response. He only had the dignity to grin sheepish and scratch behind his head. Neji having recovered a bit quickly ran to him in when his back was turned to him when he was almost there en ready to strike a massive zanbato almost smashed right into him. "didn't I just say we all see what 1 sees like you I also don't have a blind spot". The Haku Naruto quickly ran through some 1 handed seal for his jutsu "HiJutsu, Sensatsu Suishou" suddenly thousands of ice needles appeared around Neji who used a quick kaiten do survive the attack. "I think I forgot to tell you these 2 body's are of the 2 missing-nin that attacked us a our

A-rank mission 1 of them is A-rank missing-nin Momochi Zabuza and the other was a boy named Haku he had a bloodline limit that allowed him to control water and ice" said H.Naruto (AN: Z.Naruto Zabuza / H.Naruto Haku). All 3 Naruto's walked to Neji and toke 3 positions around him. "You can't" "beat the" "three of use" said the Naruto's 1 finishing the other. Quite frankly it was freaking Neji out he was out low on Chakra against 3 enemies he had to give up he didn't have any other options he would have to swallow his pride this time.

Putting his hand op in the air Neji signaled his defeat.

To say the crowed was stunned was taking it lightly the village 'dope' just beat the Hyuuga genius with little trouble.

HiJutsu, Sensatsu SuishouHaku's ice needle attack that he used against Sasuke .

ULTIMATE RASENGAN: used by Jiraiya against Pein it's a oversized rasengan the size of Jiraiya himself.

Kaiten:Hyuuga ultimate defence, release chakra while spinning to create a dome to reflect attacks.