Yoshizilla: Well, here's something that I always wanted to try... an F-ZERO fanfic! Since I love the series now (and the fact that I'm a HUGE racing game fan), I might as well write something to show my affection for it. And now, I finish that note up, and I hope that you all enjoy the fanfic!

And I also apologize if the story's too short - I promise to all of you great viewers out there, the next time I write an F-ZERO fanfic, it will definitely be longer than this. And also, do tell that my next fic will be longer than this since this is my first F-ZERO fic. I hope you enjoy, regardless of this!

Disclaimer: All of the F-ZERO characters and related miscellaneous belong to Nintendo.


The atmosphere was cool, the buildings were lighted with neon lights, the night was filled with many fireworks, and loud cheering from many eager and watchful audiences were heard as the F-ZERO racers zoomed down on the road, all of them turning on the right curve. Only one more lap to go, and the victor of the race would be decided.

Captain Douglas Jay Falcon took this to mind as he sped past Beastman. He then rammed the Blue Falcon into the Hyper Speeder, causing it to fall off the racecourse and explode. Captain Falcon then jumped over a ramp and thrusted the controls forward, the Blue Falcon landing hard on the racecourse.

As he turns to the right and then slides down the left downwards, Captain Falcon spun around in the Blue Falcon, attacking the Space Angler. Leon struck back by ramming the back of the Blue Falcon after it spun, damaging the engine. Captain Falcon zoomed over the booster, and he then swerved to the left, appearing next to the Wild Boar. He spun around again, destroying the weakened Wild Boar.

As the remaining racers all turned to the left, Captain Falcon used another of the Blue Falcon's energy to zoom past the leading racers and snaked through the tunnel. He then went over a ramp ahead and turned to the right, zooming over another booster and sliding down the right. He then turned left once more and zoomed over the ramp, landing on the other side. Captain Falcon thrusted the Blue Falcon forward by using the last of the Blue Falcon's available energy, and turning right and crashing into the right side railing, the Blue Falcon started up again, and it went over a booster, turning to the right and passing the finish line.

The eagerly watching audiences cheered loudly as the Blue Falcon steadily stopped on the racecourse, and Captain Falcon emerged from the cockpit, waving to his adoring fans. He grinned, and he got back into his Blue Falcon, taking off again, while the cheering audience watched.