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You Can't Have What You Wish For

Chapter 10: A liar amongst us

"Well?" Asked Kurogane, persisting.

His hand was still damp from the shower, and his grip was loose. But Fai stood, his face turned away, struggling for a minute. Why hadn't he told them? Well, they didn't ask. But he could have saved their lives so many times, and made it much easier for them. Why? He didn't hate Syaoran, or Tomoyo, or Kurogane, but he didn't want to tell them that he was a magician. He wanted to start off new, so he wouldn't be judged just by the fact that he was a magician. But that was a stupid reason.

"I don't know," said Fai quietly, pressing the hand that wasnt secured to his side by Kurogane's hand to his face. "I..."

He trailed off, looking at Kurogane's face sadly. Kurogane looked at him seriously and then let go of his arm.

"I'm sorry," said Fai quietly.

"What?" Asked Kurogane.

"I'm a liar," said Fai sadly, looking at Kurogane in the eyes with obvious disgust at himself. He looked differant than he ever was. He was depressed, not smiling, and he seemed serious unlike usually when he was in a happy-peppy-let's-act-like-a-5-year-old mod. "A dirty liar. I don't deserve to live and I know it. I could have saved your lives but I chose not to. You can hate me if you want. I deserve it. I deserve not to be cared for."

"I don't hate you," said Kurogane, running a hand through is hair, annoyed, and glaring down at Fai. Fai looked up at him, expressionless. "And don't stuff like that about yourself. I don't like it when people have low self esteem."

Kurogane ruffled Fai's hair in an older sibling sort of way. Fai smiled at him and walked into the shower. Kurogane walked away from the door and into the kitchen where Tomoyo and Syaoran were busy cooking. Tomoyo was laughing at Syaoran's feeble atempt at frosting a cookie.

"Kurogane!" Cried Tomoyo happily, wiping flour off her face and waving.

"What are you making?" Asked Kurogane in discust, looking at the frosted cookies.

"Cookies!" Said Tamayo cheerfully, arragnging the cookies on a huge platter and shoving them under Kurogane's nose. "They'll taste great!"

"Get that away from me," said Kurogane, backing away, looking at the cookies with disgust. "Get that awful sweet junk away from me. Don't you know what that crap does to you?!"

"Oh lighten up," said Tomoyo.

"Where's Fai-san?" Asked Syaoran. "Is he in the shower still?"

Kurogane nodded, hearing the steady pound of water from down the hall. They carried the cookies into the living room and set them on the coffee table, waiting for Fai to come out of the bathroom.

"Is he alright?" Asked Tomoyo, leaning her chin on her hand and looking at Kurogane worridly. "Fai-san. He's been acting awfully strange after we got out of Midori. And he's been really distant."

Kurogane looked at Tomyo in surprise. She saw everything, observed what everyone was doing silently while everyone went on with their days. She's always been like that, ever since they were in elementary school. She mostly payed attention to those she cared for. When she and Kurogane were small, she always knew when he was sad. She always cheered him up. She was always watching, observing.

"Oooh! Those cookies look like they taste good!!"

They all turned. There was Fai, his hair dripping wet, his cheek bandaged and he had taken off his bulky jacket and it was now hung over his arm. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and his long black pants. He walked over and sat next to Kurogane at the end of the couch, smiling. Kurogane had never noticed before but Fai was really... really... skinny! God! That boy needed to gain some weight! And how didn't he, with all the sweets he ate?

"Tamayo-chan and I made them ourselves. Syaoran-kun helped too," said Tomoyo, smiling. "Well, Ikadakimasu!"

"Ikadakimasu!" Repeated everyone in sync.

Fai took a cookie with a smile plastered on his face. He took a large bite, frosting sloppily smearing all over his lips, replacing the blood. A smile suddenly popped onto his face, his eyes widening.

"Tamayo-chan! Tomoyo-chan! Syoaran-kun!" He cried out, taking another bite of his cookie and smiling. "These are really good! You should try one, Kuro-bun!"

"No," said Kurogane blutly.

"But Kuro-puu, your own sister slaved away on this with her own hands-"

"No way am I going to shove one of those sweet things into my mouth.

"But It tastes soooo good!!" Cried Fai, fake crying again.

Kurogane just groaned. Tamayo was smiling at their antics but turned to look out the window. It was dark now and it was at least nine thirty.

"If you guys want, you can stay here tonight," said Tamayo awkwardly.

"Really?" Asked Tomoyo exidedly, grasping Tamayo's hands happily. "Oh, thank you very much!" Syoaran looked at Tomoyo in shock at her sudden outburst. Tamayo and Tomoyo were becoming very good freinds. "Are you sure it'll be alright? Where are your parents?"

"I don't have any parents," said Tamayo, smiling sadly at them all. Tomoyo let go of her hands and Tamayo slowly took a picture frame from the coffee table that used to be facing down. "My mother and father died last year in a car crash."

"I-I'm sorry," said Tomoyo, looking down, squeezing her eyes shut. "For your loss."

"It's alright." Said Tamayo happily. "Are you okay sharing a room with me, Tomoyo-chan? And can Kurogane-san, Fai-san, and Syoaran-kun share a room?"

"Okay!" Said Fai happily.

"Oh, great," said Kurogane, groaning in annoyance.

Tamayo smiled and pressed the picture frame back down onto the coffee table. She took the empty cookie tray off from the table and left with Tomoyo. Kurogane turned to the smiling Fai and the serious looking Syaoran.

"You can take a shower," he said simply to Syaoran.

"O-Okay Kurogane-san," said Syoaran, surprised by Kurogane's sudden harshness.

He walked away quickly and Fai and Kurogane were alone in the hallway. Fai smiled and turned inot the room they were staying in. Kurogane groaned and followed him.

"Did Kuro-pii make Syoaran take a shower cuz he wanted to be alone with me?" Asked Fai excididly.

"Actually, yes," said Kurogane seriously. Fai's eyes widened in surprise. Kurogane put his hand on the wall Fai was leaning on and cornered him. Fai gulped. "Who are you?"

"Wh-Who am I?"

Kurogane nodded, looking Fai seriously in the eyes. Fai looked away, biting his lip, searching for an plausable awnser. Who was he? He was Fai D. Flowright. He was a magician. He was next in line for the throne in Celes. He was a murderer. He was a man. He was a child. He was a lot of things. But... Were any of these things an appropriate awnser?

"Fai," said Fai slowly, his voice dry. "A bad omen. A murderer. A prince of a country. A hated magician. A... A person."

"Is that all?"

Fai nodded slowly, uncertian. Kurogane shook his head and leaned forward, his nose almost touching Fai's. Fai's heart was beating uncontrollably fast. What was Kurogane doing? Was he going to... Fai could feel Kurogane's slow and steady breathing on his cheek and Fai felt himself blush.

"I don't think so," said Kurogane turning his head to the side so their nose wouldn't collide. "You're not hated. You're don't deserve to be hated."

Kurogane leaned forward and pressed his lips to Fai's.

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Fai: (leaning forward, but suddenly stopping.) Kuro-tan, your breath smells like sushi.

Kurogane: (backing away slightly) What?

Fai: Sushi. Did you eat some?

Kurogane: (thought mode.) Oh No! He must have found my secret sushi stash!!

Kurogane: U-Uh... how would I get my hands on sushi? I mean... we don't have any money!

Fai: Oh yeah! (laughs) Silly of me.

Tomoyo: (bursting in) Hey you guys! I just found a closet chock full of sushi!

Kurogane: No!! My sushi!!! Gah!!!!