"Damn it Spence answer your phone." The ringing seemed endless as JJ drove around Quantico is no particular direction. Hanging up she dialed Garcia knowing the computer Goddess would have a better idea where he was.

"You have reached the supreme Goddess of all things electronic." Garcia quickly answered.

"It's JJ I need to find Reid." The niceties and formalities would take far too long for JJ to deal with at the moment.

"Well sweetie that's an easy one he's staying with me and Morgan."

"Thanks Garcia…wait…we'll talk about that little piece of info you just let slip later okay?" JJ smiled to herself.

"Sure Jayje…Morgan's place." Garcia smiled glad that her friend had picked up on the hint to her newly developing romance.

"Thanks Garcia."

The knocking on the door woke Reid from a fitful sleep filled with images of drugs, Hankle and JJ walking away.

"Ah… Coming… hang on." Reid walked to the door, opening it without hesitation.

"Hi." Before him stood JJ half smiling but looking more like she wanted to cry. "Can we talk?"

"Of course. Ah come in." he stepped aside to allow her to enter.

"I need to say something and I need you to just listen without saying anything and I know that that is going to be hard for you but I really just need to say it. Do you think you can do that just sit there and let me say what I need to?" She rambled as he longed to reach out and touch her hair to pull her close and feel her against him to allow his lips to brush up against hers and forget all that had torn them apart.

"Yes" he could feel his heart racing and the stinging in his eyes told him that when she said goodbye he would never stop crying.

"Spence, I'm not sure where to start and somehow the beginning seems like the wrong place. I miss you so much it literally hurts. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can still feel your arms around me. I still hear your laugh when the team is joking around and sometimes when I wake up for a split second I think I can smell you as if you had slept beside me and then I wake a little more and its like it is the moment I lost you all over again. I still wonder how this all happened and how to go on without you. And when I do when I think of my life without you it feels like I've had the wind knocked out of me. It's hard to breathe without you, Spencer. I don't wanna."

For the first time she looked up to meet his eyes that were now filled with tears.


"No. Let me finish. I don't even know you anymore Spence you're this man that I can't picture myself without and I don't even know you. But I want to Spence. Please I know that I was awful to you but I need you to forgive me…I need you to love me"

"I do JJ. I do love you. And you're I am different but I'm not a stranger. And JJ I need to love too."

"Please don't ever leave me again Spence." Her eyes were pleading.

"I will do everything in my power to spend the rest of your life with you…Marry me?" This time it was very much a question.

"Yes, Spence I will marry you…but first we need to get to know each other again."

"So a long engagement it is then." He smiled at her. It was a smile she had longed to see for so long that for an instant she hesitated not wanted the image to disappear. When she could no longer wait she leaned in and captured his lips with hers.

"I love you JJ."

"I love you too, Spence."

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