Welcome to the final chapter. Sirius's point of view again.

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WARNING: Gets very graphic towards the end (it is Sirius after all). If you no likey, you no ready.

I Love Her

I love her because she loves me. She sees me for who I really am. She knows me at my barest moments. She is a comfort when I need comfort, a strength when I need strength, a level head when I need logic, and a friend when I need friendship. Most importantly, she is my lover.

I love how realistic, how calculating, how courageous she is. She will be a great asset to the Order when she comes of age. I love that she wants to help any and every way she possibly can. I love that she is so giving, and I love giving back to her. She is way too good for me.

I love how she makes me feel. When she's around, I feel like I'm twenty-one again, and Azkaban never happened. She never acts like a teenager. She is a woman, and I treat her like one. She makes me feel recklessly dangerous. She can make me hard with just a look.

I love how she makes me act. She brings out that Black reckless streak. With her smile, she makes me want to draw her close and snog her in front of the entire household. I usually settle for a quick session in the closest closet. It starts the foreplay for the night early.

I love how she reacts to me when I press her up against the wall. I love the feeling of her hips grinding into mine. Her silky lips send shivers down my spine. I love her desperate kisses trying to use the time we have. I love her shallow breathing, the way her skin reacts to my touch.

I love it when 11 'o clock comes, and my door opens to reveal her white, slender foot. The night clothes she's taken to wearing…show much of that lovely, white skin. I love the way she looks at me when she comes in, her eyes dark with passion that has been building all day. I love her strip tease, her seductive smile, the way her clothes part from her flesh. I love taking her in my arms and watching her skin react. I love the soft curve of her breasts, the length of her legs as they wrap around me. I love her passionate, furious kisses and how they feel against my lips, my skin. When she's on top, I love how she slides down on me, her moan of pleasure as her hips gyrate. I love flipping her underneath as we start to climax, and the way she breathes my name as she comes, coupled with my own moans of pleasure.

I love how she never wants to leave, but drags herself out anyway with whispered promises…I love her strength, her beauty, her frailty…

Others might judge us, but how can it be wrong when it feels so right?

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