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Chapter 3: The Hollows Will Play

Ichigo was knocked out after his little adventure on FFdotNet. His inner hollow thought of him a total wimp now. What a shame, if only he knew what Ichigo had been through.

'Come on, you can handle a life threatening gash on your shoulder, but you can't handle some stupid little stories?' Hichigo asked as his voice rang in Ichigo's mind.

-+Ichigo's Subconscious Thingy+-

"Shut up; if you're so brave, go look at it yourself!" Ichigo said a he turned away. "I'll give you full control for fifteen minutes. You can read as much of that crap as you want. I'll tell you one thing; they'll scar you for life." Ichigo said as Hichigo let out a laugh.

"You underestimate me partner, I'm not weak like you." Hichigo said as he took control.

-+Subconscious Thingy End+-

Hichigo, now in full control, stood up from the bed and turned on the computer. Rukia was fast asleep, taking more of Ichigo's pills really kept the fanfics away, according to her.

'I warned you.' Ichigo rang in as Hichigo scoffed. He opened up the history to FFdotNet and looked up his name. He skimmed through stories with him and Rukia. He didn't even bother with HichiHime. What made his eyes almost bulge out was a slash yaoi that never mentioned its evil in the summary. He read the limes and clicked off.

"What the hell are these?" Hichigo asked as he skimmed through yaoi poems and limes.

'Keep going, you haven't even reached the worst part yet.' Ichigo rang in as Hichigo sighed.

"I still don't see how this will scar me." Hichigo said as he saw something on a fanfic summary that read "Hichi Lemon". Hichigo clicked on it in curiosity. "I'm a lemon?" Hichigo said in confusion as he skimmed through part he found boring. He skipped three chapters. "I still don't see the part where I become a lemon." Hichigo said as he actually starting reading the chapters.

'You'll see soon.' Ichigo rang with a sigh.

"WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?" Hichigo yelled out as he read a lemon with him and Ichigo. "Who dares to even write this!? It's disgusting!" Hichigo said as he closed off his nightmare and turned off the computer. He felt his stomach twist and turn as he vomited on the carpet.

'What the hell!? Do that in the trashcan!' Ichigo rang in angrily as Hichigo reached for the wastebasket.

"The words, they won't get out of my head. They won't leave!" Hichigo cried out as he vomited into the wastebasket. "Why do people even think those things? I would never do that with you, how can we? We share a damn body!" Hichigo yelled in anger as he vomited.

"Now you know how I feel. Time's up." Ichigo said as he took back control. He wiped a bit of vomit from his lips as he looked at the mess Hichigo had made. "You could have at least tried to hold it in. Inverted bastard." Ichigo cursed as he went downstairs to get a washcloth.


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