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Mike yawned as he turned off the t.v. He was watching the final mach of the hoenn leagues. A kid with a Meowth had been the winner. Mike noticed all the destruction that had been left from all the fighting.

"Is it over?" Mike's mom called from the kitchen, coming into the room.

"Yeah, but what I don't get is why people don't use pokemon for their own purposes, good or evil," His mom put her hands on her hips.

"The teams use pokemon for evil purposes," Mike stared at her.

"You mean all those losers who basically only want to kidnap more pokemon?"

"Well teams Galaxy, Magma, and Aqua-"

"Had goals that, when you go right down to it, only meant for them to awaken, then steal a pokemon." Mike interrupted his mother. She thought for a moment, and realized he was right.

"Well, you're thirteen, and don't have a pokemon yet, so why don't you go to Sandgem and get one?" Mike shrugged. He knew it was just another way to get him out of the house. He left, and began walking. He left twinleaf town, and headed onto the road to Sandgem. Some pokemon jumped at him, but he shot them glares so hard that the already small pokemon quickly backed off. Eventually, he showed up in Sandgem.

"What's the point of becming a pokemon master anyways?" He asked no one in particular. He reached the lab in no time, and headed inside.

"Oh, it looks like the final person has finally arrived." Rowan and two other trainers turned around at his arrival.

"I got a call from your mother saying you'd be on your way here. So sit tight and let Jimmy pick his pokemon." A young boy ran up to the Chimchar and picked it up and wrapped it in a huge hug.

"I choose you!" The small pokemon's eyes were bulging as the air was squeezed out of is lungs.

"No, I want that one." Mike said, stepping forward. Jimmy stuck out his tongue.

"Too bad." Mike glowered at him.

"Okay then, use ember Chimchar." Chimchar, who was more than happy to escape Jimmy's clutches, fired some small flames in his face. Jimmy dropped he pokemon instantly.

"We're going to have a talk!" The kid said to Chimchar. It took a step backwards, and it bumped into Mike's leg.

"This Chimchar doesn't want to go with you. How about you join me little buddy?" Chimchar nodded eagerly and climbed up to his shoulder.

"Give me back my pokemon!" The little boy shouted, stomping his foot.

"It appears that Chimchar would like to go with Mike. Sorry Jimmy, but forcing a pokemon to do anything, especially go with a trainer it doesn't want to, is inhumane. You can have him Mike." Rowan said. Chimchar jumped high into the air, and landed on Mike's head.

"Here's your pokeballs, as well as your pokedex. Now Jimmy, which pokemon will you pick besides Chimchar?" Mike accepted his stuff and left. He heard Chimchar's stomach rumble.

"You hungry little buddy?" He asked. It nodded slowly. Mike reached in his pockets. All he had was a little change.

"I don't have any money," he said sullenly. He noticed a clothes shop. A light bulb went off in his head. He ran inside of the store.

"Let's see... I need something that'll help me be unrecognized..." he muttered to himself. He found a cape. It didn't cover his face, but Mike grabbed it because it looked cool. He threw it over his back. Chimchar ran up to him, holding up a mask with holes for some eyes and a mouth. Mike picked it up.

"Good job Chimchar. Let's go," he said. He put the mask on, and headed for the door. There was only one guard there, and he was leaning against the wall, sleeping. Mike walked out of the door with the stuff undisturbed. He walked across the street, to the pokemon mart. When he got inside, he grabbed the biggest bag of pokemon food he could find. He walked up to the register and dropped his food on the counter.

"Nice clothes. How can I help you?" The register was young, like fifteen or sixteen years old.

"How about you give me this food?" Mike said.

"Okay... that'll be fifteen dollars." Mike glared, then released his pokemon.

"Use ember on everything." Chimchar fired the embers in every direction, and the building was lit on fire. Everyone screamed, jumping out of windows and kicking down the doors. The place was like a burning barn, and it was crumbling to the ground. Mike stayed calm and pulled all the money from the registers and put it into a bag. It was meant to be for the customers to carry what they bought, but Mike thought his use was better."Alright Chimchar, let's get outta here." He said to his pokemon, who was shooting ember attacks the entire time. That would explain why the fire spread so quickly. He returned his pokemon, and jumped out of a window. Outside was complete chaos. He quickly snuck out of the immediate area and took off his mask and cape, and called his mom.

"Oh, so you got your pokemon?" She asked.

"Yeah! And you know what? I'm actually excited to begin my journey!" He replied.

"That's great sweetie. Good luck!" His mother hung up. Mike grinned widely. His life was going to be fun.

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