I've been here quite a while, haven't I guys? Well, if you consider a little over a year to be a while anyways. I have good news, but unfortunately I also have bad news. My profile has been hacked. Everything inside of my account is a huge jumble of multi colored, mixed up, coded, and utterly destroyed data. This happened right after my last post; I just managed to get this announcment posted. I cannot continue my stories on this profile at all, as I'm not sure if logging on will harm my laptop. I was so close to 200 reviews, too. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, it meant a lot to me.

Now for the good news )

I am not going to just give up on my writing over some random fag who thinks he's smarter than how much money I have. My firewall protected me from multiple trojans (very, very nasty looking viruses), and I can still operate. So, I have made a new profile, with a new pen name and everything. The name is ZeroRush (the persona I adopted as I started getting involved in gaming clans and such) and I will continue to write Thieves: Nobility there. I will start it from the very beginning, but with some edits.

- Every chapter, from one to whatever chapter I'm on now will be completely edited with more description, detail, and lenghtened out. Be sure to re read as I post; every chapter is basically a completely chapter in itself, the events just play out the same.

- Chapters I originally thought of adding, but somehow didn't, will be included. This will create a stronger story that the one on this profile should have been.

- More intertwining story paths, so you can see your favorite characters (or not so favorite) more often, building their character even further.

Please review every new chapter I write! I still want to reach 200 reviews- it's just a lot farther off in the distance now.

I should probably have an updated version of chapter 1 up tomorrow afternoon. Be sure to update your Faves/Alerts, as this is the last one you will be recieving for this profile.