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He ran his finger down my cheek, leaving a trail of icy coldness along my cheek. He frowned to himself and turned away from me, his gaze lowering to the floor. "I can't take it, I can't stay here with you." He whispered in a low voice. I stared at his back in horror, wrapping my arms around my body, trying to keep my legs from giving out. "What do you mean? But… Ed- Edward, I love you…" I felt a tear streak down my face, running down the line where his finger had been. He scowled and shook his head. "No! You can't love me, we're not meant to be together! It's only hurting both of us. I have to go away from here." I let out a shocked breath, finally collapsing to the ground, letting the tears fall. "Edward, no… You can't go. I'm nothing without you. You can't do this to me again." He looked down at me and crossed his arms. "It has to be this way." With his jaw set, he picked up his coat from where it was thrown over the chair and strode purposefully out.

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