Pursing her lips, Isabelle watched the pair retreat into the distant darkness. Her glittering nails still rested against her brother's straining arm; he was completely silent, stock still and taut as a bowstring, yearning to follow them.

"If you ask me…" Isabelle trailed off, suddenly not wanting to interrupt Alec's reverie.

But he glanced at her, eyes fractionally wider in a voiceless motion of approval to continue.

She took a small breath. "If you ask me," she repeated, "it doesn't really look like anything."

He said nothing, just waited for her to clarify herself.

"I mean, Clary. And Jace. For what it's worth, I don't think it'll…" again, she floundered to a halt, hating this awkward side. It rarely showed itself, but when it did, there were bound to be issues. Just what was she trying to say? She didn't think it'd work out?

Alec's dark blue eyes were hooded for a moment, then he looked straight at her, eyes glittering in the lamplight like her nails. He touched her shoulder wordlessly, with a wan smile.

Ehm, maybe a weird spot to stop. Set right after Jace and Clary double back to Magnus' after Simon is ratified. Total brother-sister moment. I like the idea of a slightly awkward Isabelle, and all the things that they wouldn't need to say, being so close. Why is there no section for Miss Cassandra Clare's works?

Tally is going to pretend she didn't post this before all the stuff she meant to have up weeks ago…