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I awoke with a start and decided to write a new song.

My name is Violet Stanford. I'm from New Jersey and I'm a songwriter living in New York City with my boyfriend Kevin O'Donnell. When I first moved to New York, I got a job at Coyote Ugly, a bar. Night after night, I used to get up on the bar counter with the other coyote's and sing. One night, a customer got up on the counter when I was singing. I was trying to get him off the counter when he touched my hip and suddenly him and Kevin got into a fight. That night I lost my boyfriend and my job.

Me and Kevin meet at a club I went to after not having much luck on finding anyone to listen to my songs. The bartender pointed out a guy who he said was the music manager. So I gave him my tape, turned out he worked in the kitchens instead. He found me working as a coyote and that night I decided it was payback time. So I auctioned him off. That's how our relationship began.

After I lost my job and Kevin, my dad was walking one night to his compartment at the tollbooth when a car hit him and broke his leg. I told my dad I was going to move back home and he told me over his dead body was I moving home. He told me that my mother, who I thought was scared of the stage, came pretty close to the big time and after I was born, my dad didn't tell her how good she was and she gave up on her dream.

After that heart to heart, I finished working on my song, sent it off and was asked to perform at the Bowery Ballroom. I freaked out as I began to perform, but Kevin saved the day by switching off all the lights, so I could begin to perform. My dad began to start dating his nurse and they moved in together, Cammie is engaged to Al, Lil and Lou are together, Zoe is graduating from law school in a couple of months, Rachel is still a New York bitch, Gloria and Danny are happily married, me and Kevin are great and 2 of my songs, "Can't fight the moonlight." and "Please remember." have been brought and performed by LeAnn Rimes.

I began playing the keyboard when Kevin came over and kissed me.

"Morning." He said in his sexy Australian accent

"Good morning." I replied smiling

"Are you sure you're up for the trip to South Amboy? You still look sick." He asked

"Kevin, I'll be fine. You're just scared to have lunch with my dad."

"Well there is that as well." Kevin said grinning

"I'm going to go get ready."

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"Maybe you are." Gloria said

"Maybe I'm what?" I asked confused

"Pregnant." Gloria said staring at my stomach

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